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I apologize for any mistake you might find in my reviews...English is not my first language :)

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  Alysia DeMaggio


VS has 3 stories

As long as she was able to protect him, she would gladly do it. Even, if the enemy was a nightmare. And so she sang. Mori no fukuro ga iimashita … (Inspired by Sayuri’s art)
Rating: K+  -  Universe: Canon  -  Status: Complete  -  Category: Oneshots  -  Created: 24 Oct 2018  -  Updated: 24 Oct 2018
Genre: Angst, Friendship, Humor, Romance  -  Chapters: 1  -  Reviews: 4  -  Words: 1,427  -  Reads: 652
(Three shot) Part 1: This letter was important and she had to deliver it. The time has come to declare her affection! (Written for the sesskag prompt event) *Revised* /// Part 2: He would finally claim the miko for himself. But who would dare to interfere with his plans? /// Part 3: Today he would teach the hopeless daiyoukai how to deal with human females. “My name is Shippou-sensei and it would do you morons good, to listen to me attentively.”
Rating: K+  -  Universe: Canon  -  Status: Complete  -  Category: Oneshot Collections  -  Created: 16 Sep 2018  -  Updated: 16 Oct 2018
Genre: Friendship, Humor, Romance  -  Chapters: 3  -  Reviews: 14  -  Words: 5,401  -  Reads: 2,913
We usually judge people based on their outside. How they look, how they behave, what they say. But what if this person wanted you to have a certain picture of him? What, if he was able to hide his weakness of the mind? This is a story about Sesshoumaru and his inner side. A side that he guarded well. (Written for the sesskag prompt event) !!!Warning: Graphic description of self-harm!!!
Rating: MA  -  Universe: Canon  -  Status: Complete  -  Category: Oneshots  -  Created: 13 Nov 2018  -  Updated: 13 Nov 2018
Genre: Angst, Dark, Drama, Friendship, Tragedy  -  Chapters: 1  -  Reviews: 14  -  Words: 2,294  -  Reads: 630


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Created On: 11/04/2018 21:12:54

Thank you for pointing out those errors to me with 'Claimed', I went back to clean them up, but again there could be a few. It is difficult to edit your own writing. I should have sat on that chapter longer than I did, then reread it. I will try to do so in the future.
You're the best.


Created On: 10/27/2018 17:45:44

Thank you again for leaving reviews on Claimed. I am new to this site so I was apprehensive to post anything. Thank you for your continued encouragement .
Feedback from VS: You are welcome! I enjoyed your story so far and I don't believe that you should feel insecure about it. Keep up the good work!


Created On: 10/15/2018 22:31:21

Thank you for all the wonderful reviews on "A Feline Fiasco". I'm glad you're enjoying it! I'm definitely encouraged to chip away at it some more!
Feedback from VS: You are welcome! I'm so glad my reviews were encouraging! This story is just too funny.


Created On: 10/11/2018 12:26:41

thanks for the review. im all encouraged to keep posting now
Feedback from VS: You are welcome! Don't give up! You are doing fine!

Moonlight Silk

Created On: 10/08/2018 08:16:35

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing MBSL!
Feedback from VS: You are welcome!


Created On: 09/20/2018 06:18:34

Thank you! We are definitely not perfect and I only pertray the fun elements of our relationship but it’s pretty close. Thanks for reading!


Created On: 09/19/2018 19:51:00

Thank you got your awesome review! Not many people go into a lot of detail and it really helps motivate me! I’m glad you like my OCs! They are actually kinda bases off me and my husband. A lot of questions will be answered in the next couple chapters! Thanks for reading! Also I update monthly (should have another update in the next week and half) just so you know when to check.
Feedback from VS: You are welcome! If your OCs are really based on you and your husband, then you two are truly a lovely couple!


Created On: 09/14/2018 19:46:36

Thank you for your review and in-depth commentary on "The Shoot!" I'm glad you appreciate my writing style, and I'm also glad you appreciate the over-the-top way I describe the characters' sexual abilities, especially Sesshomaru's. I would definitely love to be in Sesshomaru's position in the story, but I wouldn't have anywhere near the 'energy' needed to handle 16-28 women (Kagome, Sango, Kikyo, Rin, plus the 24 junior taijiya extras) at once or even one at a time over the course of a week. Sesshomaru is basically a sexual superhero here.

And I like how you reacted to my profile pic change! Maybe 'like' is the wrong word, if it was legitimately frightening you. The picture that was scaring you was a still of actor Willem Dafoe from a scene in the movie "Speed 2: Cruise Control." I thought it was hilarious, so I used it as an avatar. My AFF profile still uses it or another version of it. I changed it to a picture of Perfect Cell from DBZ, mirrored horizontally to create a Joker-like grin similar to Willem Dafoe's.
Feedback from VS: You are welcome!!! And thank you for leaving a note on my wall! I swear this other pic was bewitched!!! Those eyes were hypnotising...they were forcing me to bring my phone closer and closer to my face...


Created On: 07/29/2018 10:45:33

Thank you for both of your reviews and kind praise.

I'm glad you like Sesshoumaru in "Breakdown"! It was kinda hard for me to find the balance between a canon Sess and him making romantic gestures - in his own convoluted way.

As for "Even", the moment I saw the prompt I knew I was going to have Kagome protect Sesshoumaru - just so Sesshoumaru isn't always the one protecting Kagome.

I didn't think the two were connected, but it's all up to your interpretation!


Created On: 07/26/2018 08:28:39

Heh, I'm starting to think I've written more stories of Sess falling for Kagome first than the other way around.

I can try to remember to include translations, but it is not always very straightforward? In this particular case, I did not think translating kagemi was necessary, since the whole practice was pretty much laid out in the story. I'm sorry if my writing left the term still unclear to you. I'll try to endeavour to be better with the translations in the future.

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