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A New Year's Challenge by VS

A New Year's challenge

A/N: This is my entry to kaoruhana’s New Year’s Challenge. I have never participated in a challenge and I have never written a chapter story before. So that’s a BIG first for me. Hopefully I will make it in time. This is going to be a light read. That means no drama, major twist in the plot or life changing message. Just something funny to pass the time! Enjoy!


Words: 1047




“You are fired.”

The hurried clicking of shoes echoed through the halls.

“You are fired.”

The sound of a slamming door echoed through the halls.

“You are fired.”

The pitiful cries of the former secretary echoed through the halls.




It was no secret that the position of secretary to Mr. Taisho was a much desired one. It was also no secret that a person could hold this position only for a span of 3 seconds to one week.

Well, the last one might have reached a new record. The employees were still arguing over whether the 3rd second had started when the all well-known words “You are fired” were uttered, or not.

It was not that Mr. Taisho had a utopic picture of how the perfect secretary had to be. No. Mr. Taisho was even so forthcoming as to not care about the gender. Be it female, male or diverse.

She, he or they should have a pleasant natural scent. Because any kind of perfume, fabric softener, hairspray or strong smelling soaps were strictly forbidden. He had a sensitive noise and reacted in an allergically way to anything perfumed.

The perfect secretary should also be able to move soundlessly around. Mr. Taisho didn’t appreciate loud typing on the computer, loud opening and closing of drawers, loud slurping of coffee and god forbid if he caught one chewing a bubble gum.

But all those requirements weren’t the problem. No. Most of the person who occupied the position of secretary to Mr. Taisho fulfilled those. They were mostly fired because of another reason.

To be the perfect secretary in Mr. Taisho’s eyes means that she, he or they should be able to know what he needs, before he himself is even aware of it. She, he or they should then take care - in an acceptable way - of this need and be furthermore able to understand his commands without him spelling them out.

In short, the perfect secretary was a good smelling, silently moving mind reader with the gift of premonition. No big deal.

“Useless fools!” was the only thought Mr. Taisho had left for all of his former secretaries. If he had to waste his time spelling everything out, he could just do it by himself.

He would have stopped searching for a new one some time ago. But it was considered prestige to have a personal secretary. He couldn’t take the chance to give his competitors a reason to think less of him and his company. Fools. All of them.

So, he should probably announce the position as open again. As if he hadn’t already enough on his mind. The end of the year was nearing and with it the proceeds of the year would be calculated and published. It was not that he was worrying. No. Taisho Corporation had been on the top for year after year. Yet, he made it a personal goal to surpass last year’s revenue.

Furthermore, there would be these bothersome visitations of family. Christmas. How he loathed these holiday days. If he had had any interest in visiting one of his relatives, he could do it on any day he wanted to. So why were there some special days that obliged you to do it? How bothersome.

And Christmas means to host a party for the employees. A party means a lot of people. A lot of people mean conversations. Sesshoumaru Taisho shuddered. Conversations. As if he was interested to listen to the nonsense babbling of others. But again it was considered prestige to be able to host a big gathering with expensive food and drinks for the hard working employees.

At least at the New Year’s party most of them were too drunk to formulate coherent sentences. And he could ignore them without being impolite. Luckily the third last secretary was long enough here to organize that gathering. Because he would not be able to find a replacement soon. He had seen the first outline of the invitation cards somewhere. Sesshoumaru would just sent them off himself and be over with. Who needed a personal secretary anyway?

Luckily he was a very organized man. And he demanded that from his employees too. That’s why there was a separate drawer for gatherings like the Christmas’ or New Year’s party. Walking up to that drawer he found a full file for the Christma’s party. Putting that aside the drawer seemed suspiciously empty. Only a torn and disgustingly stained piece of paper was inside. Taking it out, Sesshoumaru couldn’t believe his eyes.


/                                                                      \

I                          TO – DO - LIST                 I

I > Rent a room √                                        I

I > Order the food √                                    I

I > Show first draft of invitation card √  I

I > Decide color theme                               I

----------------------------------/                               I

                                       I 08.09.2018           I          

                                       I - Day of dismissalI

                                       I Fuck you!              I

                                       I I hate you!          I

                                       I Take that! Good   I

                                       I luck now, asshole!I

                                       I !!! FUCK OFF !!!   I




Okay. He was not panicking right now.  Why should he. It was not like he had fired that incompetent secretary before he was able to finish organizing the New Year’s party. And it was not like he had no experience at all organizing these gatherings. And it was not like that fool had taken off that piece of information he needed the most right now. Where the fuck was the rest of this to-do-list?!

Oh, he would give this fool a new position just to have the pleasure of firing him again. He would regret the day he decided to take him, Sesshoumaru Taisho, for a fool. That vermin would not be able to find a new job for a long time. He would make sure of that. Personally.

Feeling better after that inner outburst, Mr. Taisho left his office with a small grin on his face. That fool had forgotten to eliminate the next step of his list. Decide color theme. This decision shouldn’t be too difficult. He could do that. He would just see this whole affair as a challenge.


A New Year’s challenge.




Thank you so much for reading!   

[Sorry about the to-do-list. On my document it is perfectly fine but everytime I post it here it just get mixed up :/ ]



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