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[Girl/Males/Boy] On a Mission by VS

Girl on a Mission

Summary: (Written for the sesskag prompt event) She could hear wolves howling in the near distance. Deeply buried memories of pain and impotence were resurfacing. But she would not turn back. This letter was important and she had to deliver it. The time has come to declare her affection. She was a girl on a mission. **Revised**


A/N: This one shot was written for the monthly prompt event on sesskag.tumblr. Totally blaming the new Admin! ;) I present to you my first attempt at writing. Enjoy!

A/N 2: Fixed some minor issues. Thank you, Chie and Natalia, for pointing them out!


Prompt: Letters


A small girl was making her way silently through the dark. She did her best to ignore the creepy shadows and the sound of rustling bushes. She was even holding her breath as to not break the silence of the night. Yet, this silence didn’t last for long. She could hear wolves howling in the near distance. Deeply buried memories of pain and impotence were resurfacing. Her whole body begun to tremble and she had to stop briefly to regain her composure. ‘No,’ she thought, those memories belonged to the past and only there. She would not be afraid and return under her blanket. She was a girl on a mission.

A very dangerous mission to be exact. But it was an important one and she would succeed. Of that she was sure. The little girl spotted her prey on the other side of the camp. Like a huntress she made her way carefully over to where it was currently sitting. She had to be careful, otherwise it would detect her and she would be in danger!

Step by step, she made her way over to it. Suddenly, a loud crack echoed through the dark night. Holding her breath, she moved her feet from the broken branch. Never leaving the prey out of her eyes. It hadn’t detected her! The girl tried to contain her giggles. ‘Rin must be more careful,’ she thought.

Finally she stood in front of her destination. Rin pulled a folded paper slowly out of her sleeve and put it with trembling hands in the place between armor and kimono of her prey. ‘Mission completed!’ the little girl thought, as she run with a huge grin on her face back to her sleeping place. ‘Rin did it!’ Not long after that, her breathing had slowed down and she was dreaming of fields with beautiful flowers.


Unbeknownst to the little girl, her prey had cracked an eye open the moment she left her sleeping place. Curious to see as to what the girl was up to, he let her believe that she was still undetected. Seeing her coming nearer, he closed his eye. Shortly after that she placed something on his person. He was aware that his knowledge of humans and their customs was rather lacking. But surely this couldn’t be described as normal behavior, even for humans!.

After the girl fell asleep, he couldn’t contain his curiosity any longer and unfolded the paper.


To my Sesshoumaru-sama,

Kagome-sama told to Rin that we should always tell somon som one when we like them. And Rin likes her Sesshoumaru-sama a lot lot lot. Rin was only afraid silly Shippou says the rite word is shy to tell her Sesshoumaru-sama. Rin likes that her Sesshoumaru-sama always come back to Rin. Rin likes that Sesshoumaru-sama brings Rin always to big feelds filds with pretty flowers. And Rin likes to walk behind her Sesshoumaru-sama because Sesshoumaru-sama has pretty pretty hair and Rin would like som day to touch Sesshoumaru-samas hair if her Sesshoumaru-sama is okay with it.




Sesshoumaru stared at the letter, shocked. Never before had someone the audacity to lay claim on his person! But he couldn’t be angry with the little girl, because her letter brought an odd warmth to the region of his heart. This sensation was new to him. And to be honest, he didn’t want it to leave again.

Looking around the camp, his eyes fell on the three sleeping companions. And his expression softened. He had a place now where he belonged, a pack. His pack.


Rin was nervous and a bit afraid. She had completed her mission the night before and was now anxiously awaiting his reaction. But his stoic mask was perfectly on place and she couldn’t figure out, if he was angry with her or not.

After she saw him packing things up and leaving camp, she was disappointed. Her Sesshoumaru-sama didn’t like her! Sitting on Ah-Un Rin was first too depressed to register, that Sesshoumaru didn’t leave as much distance between them as usually. And the next time the wind blew, she felt something soft and silky touching her hands. Looking down, it was his hair. Forgotten was the little girl’s melancholy as she basked in the knowledge that her Sesshoumaru-sama liked her too and enjoyed the soft feeling of his hair.


His lips formed a small smile the moment he smelled the change in the little girl’s mood. Now she knew that she was his too. Sniffing the air once more, he moved in the direction his annoying half-sibling was currently camping. He had to visit a rather troublesome miko. If it was a human tradition to openly declare their affection, then he would participate. He had already waited too long. It was time to expand his pack and nobody would stop him now. He was a male on a mission.


Thank you so much for reading! <3


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