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Dokuga Awards

Dokuga Fanfiction is an offshoot of the Yahoo award group, Dokuga Awards. Founded with the intention of supporting and encouraging authors and artists of the pairing Sesshoumaru/Kagome from the anime/manga InuYasha, Dokuga Awards has grown into a large community.

To further enhance the community experience, Dokuga Fanfiction was born. It features fanfiction and fanart in an accessible manner. Users can interact with their favorite authors/artists through reviews or the forum, and said authors/artists can upload all their material into one place on the net.

Current Period: 1st SemiAnnual 2014
Nominations Begin: Tuesday, November 30, 1999
Nominations End: Tuesday, November 30, 1999 at midnight
Voting Begins: Tuesday, November 30, 1999
Voting Ends: Tuesday, November 30, 1999 at midnight


There are a few rules of eligibility you MUST follow:

- If the work was posted at several different locations, the earliest date and time stamp will be taken and checked against the quarter's period of eligibility. Stamps posted within reviews can be used to date a work and/or its chapters. Also, authors and artists can be contacted to verify timeframes.

- You cannot nominate yourself. Doing so will result in the nomination not being accepted and a warning from the awards moderator aka me.

- Nominations are done blindly which means that only I will be able to see the fics that are nominated and by whom. Once nominations are complete I'll post the list of accepted nominations so you can read and enjoy them before voting.

- The work must be exclusively about the characters and/or the relationship between the characters of Sesshoumaru and Kagome from the Inuyasha fandom.

- You are only allowed to nominate one fic per category.

- Each fic is allowed to be nominated into maximum five different categories. I will take them on a first come first serve basis meaning that once a single fic is nominated into five different categories, each subsequent nomination will be rejected.

- The work must be in compliance with the definition of the category into which it was nominated.

When a piece of work is rejected, I will let the nominator know why. However, a list of rejected fics will not be disclosed.

NOTE: A nomination of prohibited work will be rejected. With respect to the First Place Winner Bans, stories cannot be renominated into the categories where they won the First Place award; however, they can be nominated into other, eligible categories. First Place Winner Bans are effected for three consecutive quarters.

The works of the moderators Sugar0o and Miss_Kagura are not allowed to be nominated to ensure the sanctity and objectivity of moderating the Dokuga Awards.

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