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Kagome is pregnant
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TOPIC: Kagome is pregnant
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Kagome is pregnant 1 Year ago Karma: 0
Hi ya’ll. I’m hoping you can help me find a story centered on pregnancy? Like Kagome is pregnant with Sesshomaru kids? Or perhaps a story similar to birth by cute baby?
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Knight of Disorder
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Re:Kagome is pregnant 1 Year ago Karma: 69
Safety in Deadly Arms, Rated MA. Can't remember the author and I don't have a link on hand. Kagome gets pregnant in the beginning and it revolves a little around her pregnancy.
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Re:Kagome is pregnant 1 Year ago Karma: 25
Here is the story that Knight of Disorder mentioned:

Safety in Deadly Arms by Angelic Memories. Rated MA as mentioned

Another story that I recall that involved Kagome being pregnant prominently throughout the story is Blood Stained by Madison. Rated MA. Pretty dark at the beginning and at some points throughout. But it's a good read.
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Re:Kagome is pregnant 1 Year ago Karma: 16
Safety in Deadly Arms by Angelic Memories: (MA)

Dream Child by Libracourt: (incest warning, MA)

Second Chance Child by LibraCourt:

The Breeder by TexanLady: (MA)

A Sentinel Mother by DemonLordLover2: (MA)

I'm not sure about some of them but hopefully, they qualify.

EDIT BY WICCAN: Added ratings to stories that needed them.
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Re:Kagome is pregnant 1 Year ago Karma: 25
Today I remembered Unforseen by Chie (Rated M). It's short, but it's a good one, and really sweet.
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Re:Kagome is pregnant 1 Year ago Karma: 26
Hope this is what you are looking for.

Heat By Teensie-sama
His beast overpowers his will to refrain from taking her and marking her (Rape). His decision, to kill her, fills him with regret he cannot fathom. Did he really love her after all? Rated MA
Sequel to 'IN HEAT' In Love By: Teensie-sama (Incomplete) Rating MA

Life Without By enjoylifeanddeath
Kagome has been sent back to her Era for Shippou, Rin and her own safty from war and assassins. What happens when the well closes, separating her from her mate. Rated T

Winds Of Change By Lady Kogawolf
Sesshomaru has made a bet with his friends. He has three months to bed the frigid Kagome and prove that he did it. However, when Sesshomaru comes through, he does something that he instantly regrets and changes his and Kagome's lives. Rated MA

Blood Stained By Maddie-san
After an encounter in the middle of the forest with Sesshomaru, Kagome finds herself put through sshomaru experiences some problem with his beast (Rape). Will Sesshomaru remain cold-heart, or can he realize that it isn't such a disgrace after all? Rated MA

The Battle of Heart and Land By MissKatt18
Six years after Naraku's defeat, the Eastern lands has declared war on the West. Sesshoumaru's mother learns of the their numbers and, concerned, requests the help of Inuyasha and the gang. However, not all is right with Kagome and Inuyasha. Rated MA

Baby Blues By TamashaToko
Thanks to a curse Kagome can now bear a child just by having contact with a suitable father which accidently ends up to be Sesshomaru. Rated MA
Sequel to Baby Blues,
Teen Blues By TamashaToko
Three years ago Kagome and Sesshoumaru were seperated and right after they admitted they loved each other. Now they are back and must face more challenges and deal with raising their three teenaged children. Rated T

Seven Days By Yashodoa
SesshoMaru has seven days to produce a heir and get a mate and Kagome is dumped at his feet, giving him no other choices. Rated MA

Supreme Power: Sealing Your Fate By brandypandyxxx
Sesshomaru is mad, he reads is fathers diary that say his mate, inuyasha mother gave him supreme power with her love. Sesshomaru come across kagome, in his maddness he thinks that she could give him power, so he takes her body, nothing, but his fate is sealed (Rape). Rated MA

Twists and Turns By Mystic Cereal
Kagome is betrayed by Inuyasha. What happens when a loony shaman impregnates Kagome with Sesshomaru's child? Who's the new guy? What Naraku doing? How is loony shaman connected to Kagome? Please give it a chance. Rated MA

Sesshomaru's Weakness By Inuyashasesshy4eva
Kagome has fallen into Sesshoumaru's hands and is somehow pregnant with his child even though she's a virgin. Takemaru and Sounga have returned to seek revenge on the sons of the great dog demon. what will happen? with love spark? where's Inuyasha? Rated MA

What she wants, She gets By Sugar0o
This about the joys of pregnancy between the miko and the tai, AU no edit, just humor. Chp 17 now featuring once oneshot: "She asked for it, So she got it" Rated MA

A Very Sesshoumaru Pregnancy By Kanna37
Every woman since Eve has wished that her male would know what it was like to suffer through a pregnancy. Kagome's wish for the same is going to be granted... lucky, lucky her. Rated T

Kagome's trust By Huntress of Flames 55
When Kagome is raped by Sesshomaru on the night of the new moon. Kagome goes home to the future as finds out that she is pregnant with pups! PUPS? Now one year later, she decides to go back to the feudal era. Rated: MA

Destined for Me By cindygirl
Sesshomaru was Lord of the Western Lands. He had been ruling for 224 years. But a law states that he must find a mate before he reaches 225 of being lord to the land. An old medalleon given to him by his fathers best friend will help him seek her. Rated: MA

Midsummer's Eve By Nova Alexandria
Due to the results of Midsummers Eve Kagome finds herself unexpectedly mated to Sesshomaru...unexpected events follow.
Rating MA

Midwinters Eve By Nova Alexandria
Kagome and Sesshomaru eagerly await the birth of their child. Meanwhile, a new evil is rising that threatens to destroy all of Japan and Inuyasha must deal with a woman far more fiery then Kagome ever was. Rating MA

Her Destiny By cindygirl
Complete AU, Kagome, a young prodigy, she gets pulled down an ancient well. The well however takes her back to the Heian era, 300 years before the start of the Sengoku Jidai! However, a youkai named Inutaisho kidnaps her! What will happen! Rated: MA

Unexpected Love By Huntress of Flames 55
But what's this old demon with miko powers comes in and impregnates Kagome and Kikyo with Sesshomaru and Inuyasha pups. This didn't bode well for them. Rated: MA

Dream Child By LibraCourt
Kagome has been having erotic dreams with Sesshoumaru as the main feature. She doesn’t really think anything of it until she is suddenly giving birth to a child that he says is his! Now she has to face new problems, some cause her to run Rated MA
(Warning: This fiction does have incest)

Bound To Love By Blood By Blood Series - 3 books - By brandypandyxxx
Book 1 - Bound To Love By Blood
Sesshomaru has a son, of pure blood. No mother. When the demon who is supposed to nurse his pup dies he goes looking for the miko! Everyone is shock, what is Kagome to do with a baby. Why is Sessshoamru watching her, will his pup bring them 2g? Rated: MA
Book 2 - Love's Bounded Blood
Kagome, Sango and Kikyo are pergnant and Sessho is there to see the one he is to love be born. The jewel and Naraku are being put on hold for new life, new lives with new power and growing love. Rated: MA
Book 3 - Blood Bounded Love (Not Complete, but she is still writing)
Bring on them baby's! That's right, its time for the kids to enter! But whats this, Naraku has a son coming to and Inuyasha has twins, one holy and one demon, and one of them is evil! Sango also gives birth in this book, but it is Sesshomaru and Kagome's kid that make its along await way into the world! Rated MA
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