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Hello! My name is Avi.

I'm pretty timid and hesitant to talk a lot with others, but once you get to know me and get me out of my shell I'm friendly and love getting to know others. I'm also hesitant about posting art and stories as I'm very self-conscious and my self-esteem isn't great.

I can be rather sensitive, but I'm not mean. I am an artist, but I've kind of taken inspiration to write a bit. I also have a bad habit of procrastination, so I apologize in advance! Any hiatuses or late updates could be due to the fact that I am a caretaker to my mother and spend a lot of time looking after her and helping her. By the time I'm finished, I'm typically too tired to write or draw.

I 100% support the canon pairing of InuYasha and Kagome. I have always loved the pairing. However, it's nice to have fantasies. I adore the idea of SessKag and it will always be my favorite pairing. I have also supported Kouga/Kagome.

I enjoy watching Youtube, especially Good Mythical Morning and anything that comes out of Hi5 Studios/Team Edge. They give me my daily dose of laughs.

I also greatly enjoy video games with my favorite franchise being Pokemon. But I also enjoy the original Spyro trilogy and Animal Crossing. Anymore I can get caught up in Breath of the Wild because it's one of the most gorgeous games I've ever played.

You can find me on dA as Avi-the-Avenger

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Avi has 2 stories

Strength is not determined by what you are. Love can be both a strength and a weakness. A cold youkai lord gets a lesson in love from a big-hearted miko.
Rating: K  -  Universe: Canon  -  Status: Complete  -  Category: Oneshots  -  Created: 10 May 2019  -  Updated: 10 May 2019
Genre: Friendship, Romance  -  Chapters: 1  -  Reviews: 4  -  Words: 2,789  -  Reads: 1,297
Trapped in her own era, Kagome is plagued with dreams about her friends in the past. To occupy her mind and heal her heart, she volunteers at a local park where she encounters a familiar face and learns the harsh realities of life and love.
Rating: T  -  Universe: Canon  -  Status: Incomplete  -  Category: Chapter Stories  -  Created: 29 Dec 2018  -  Updated: 21 Mar 2019
Genre: Angst, Drama, Friendship, Romance  -  Chapters: 5  -  Reviews: 17  -  Words: 14,978  -  Reads: 6,048


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