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The Breeder by Texanlady


Hey guys! New story! Don't want to get your hopes up about the updating schedule on this though. It's an idea that popped into my mind last night after reading "The Sentinel Mother" by Demonlordlover2. I liked her story idea but there is so much I wanted to change as I was reading it, so I decided to make my own story.  My story is very loosely based on "The Sentinel Mother", and I mean loosely.  Mainly I'm borrowing the idea of Sesshoumaru wanting to breed with Kagome and using the terms "Mother," and "Breeder".  The resemblences stop there. Do not expect Sesshoumaru to be nice in this story. In fact he's going to be down right mean. He will rape and abuse Kagome continually throughout my tale. The love between them will be slow coming. Anyways the idea popped into my head and I couldn't get it out so I decided to type it out. The next chapter of C&C will be up tomorrow.  I'll be updating this story sporadically until C&C is done.

Hope you guys enjoy!!

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha and make no profit from my stories.


........In all of time there shall be only one. One woman capable of bearing sons to a youkai with the powers of Gods. One woman who shall relinquish all the power the Kamis bestowed upon her to the one strong enough to claim her. This woman shall stand apart from time. She shall be of the past and the future, and from her womb shall come forth an army of sons to rule the world; strong sons, loyal sons, powerful sons. She will be known only as The Mother, and she will belong only to the warrior strong enough to tame her............

Setting down the scroll containing the ancient prophesy Sesshoumaru turned his gaze towards the window of his office. 'It can only be the miko that travels with my brother. I have watched my brother's pack for many years and they have spoken often of her origins. I myself have seen the strange objects and food items she brings back from her home. I know she is from the future. How many time traveling women can there possibly be? Not to mention her power. Even a pathetic human could sense the awesome power she contains, though it is obvious she has no clue how to use it other than firing those ridiculous arrows. The miko...this Kagome...she must be The Mother foretold in the prophesy.'

Standing Sesshoumaru moved to look out over his gardens and caught sight of his young ward chasing Jaken around in some silly game. He allowed himself a moment to take notice that she needed new clothes, as she had hit yet another growth spurt, before he focused his mind back at the situation at hand.

From the first moment he'd met the foolish onna that traveled with his brother she had captured his attention. Everything about her was so very...different. She stood out from the hordes of disgusting and pathetic humans that so littered the countryside these days. From her strange clothing to her outspoken nature there was no disputing the fact that she was worth more than a glance. When she had survived his poison attack he had briefly entertained the idea of taking her away from his brother along with the sword so he could perform a thorough inspection of the girl to see if perhaps she was more than human, but the loss of his arm had put a stop to that idea. However, ever since then he had made a point of learning as much about her as possible over the years, and now it had paid off.

After his father had passed he had begun re-reading every scroll and text in his family's massive library. While he had read everything in here before during his studies as a pup, that had been four centuries ago, and he could admit to himself that he needed to freshen his memory. Most ruling families kept such records, for youkai it was almost a necessity. With the longevity of their lives it was only natural that grudges or debts would be owed to others over time and records such as these were the only way to keep track of such things. Not to mention that many youkai hid items of great importance during their lifetimes and kept the locations in the journals that were shared only with family. He wanted to make sure that he knew all important information pertaining to his home and ancestry so he could be as prepared as possible. With the destruction of Naraku approaching there would certainly be a period of upheaval and chaos after the filthy half breed was destroyed. Sesshoumaru didn't doubt for a second that the other youkai lords would scramble to lay claim to whatever was left after the final battle. He, himself, intended to expand the Western Lands as much as possible after he finally dispatched Naraku, and taking the miko that followed after his brother like a lost puppy was merely another stepping stone he would take in his quest for supreme conquest.

It was a few months ago during another one of his reading sessions when he had returned to his fortress to settle Rin in for the winter, since she did not travel well during the cold months, that he had come across a scroll he had read when he was a very young pup. It contained a prophesy of a woman called The Mother. It was an ancient youkai prophesy that foretold of an onna that was gifted by the Kamis with not only substantial power but the ability to birth full youkai sons. It was said that she would birth immensely powerful sons to the male that was able to claim her, and these sons would help their father conquer the world. The moment he had re-read the prophesy his brother's miko had popped into his mind and he had known it was her, and thus he had begun to make his plans.

'The woman shall be mine. As much as I loathe humans there is no denying she is different, and far too precious to allow my fool of a brother to ruin. I do not like that I will actually have to mate her to ensure her life span is adequate for birthing me the number of sons I desire, but it is the only way. I cannot afford for her to die from some silly human illness after only a few years so I will lower myself to bind my blood and youki to her.'

Turning away from the gardens Sesshoumaru returned to his desk to collect the scroll and returned it to its proper place. When that was done he headed for the gardens to tell Rin he would be leaving and to behave while he was gone. 'Getting the girl is the easy part; it is taming her that will be the challenge. While there is no doubt I could easily best the girl in battle I cannot dispute the fact that the power of her soul is enormous. When the time comes to mate her if she will not submit to my youki during the marking I could very well kill her, and that I cannot allow. I know for a fact that she is a fierce and determined little thing so the only way to ensure that she is not harmed during our mating is to break her will, and in order to do that I must use her greatest weakness against her....Inuyasha.'

As he walked Sesshoumaru couldn't help but frown at this. 'I hate having to resort to such means. It is beneath me. Victory through manipulation is a tactic used by cowards and vermin like Naraku not this Sesshoumaru, but there is no other way. I could defeat the power of the girl's soul with my youki, but not without killing her. She must submit during the mating for me to achieve my goal so I will lower myself to deal in this manner this once.'

Sesshoumaru stood before his retainer and ward long enough to inform them of his departure and to give Jaken his normal threat to care for Rin before he gave the little girl a pat on the head with only the warning to behave before he took to the sky. Once he'd started to leave Rin at his fortress during the winter months he had taken to traveling alone so that Jaken and Ah-Un could stay with the girl as companions and guardians. While there were plenty of servants and guards in his home to care for his ward he had long since learned there was no such thing as too much protection and supervision where Rin was concerned. Much like the miko he was determined to own, Rin too was a magnet for trouble.

Taking only a moment to enjoy the sensation of the wind in his face Sesshoumaru considered the arrangements and bargains he had made in his quest to secure Kagome for his own. Once he had determined that Kagome was in fact the onna described in the prophesy he had turned all the considerable faculties and capabilities of his superior intellect to forming a plan to procure the girl for his own. After weeks of inner debate he had finally concluded the best and most efficient way to bring the girl to his side was to use his fool brother's weakness for the dead priestess. His decision having been made he had visited the ancient tree and source of wisdom his ancestors had visited for years Bokensu. As much as he hated having to as for help he knew that the ancient tree was the only one who would be able to tell him if his suspicions on reviving the dead priestess were true or not. Once Bokensu had assured him that his plan would work he had sought out the clay woman and struck a bargain.


"Dead one....this Sesshoumaru has a deal to make with you," Sesshoumaru said as he stepped from the tree line to halt the forward progress of the former priestess as she moved slowly and steadily through the night.

Without turning around Kikyo addressed the Western Lord, "And what business would the Lord of the Western Lands have with his brother's miko?"

"Are you his miko? I did not think you so foolish." Sesshoumaru knew that the creature before him was formed mostly of hate and anger, and he intended to use this knowledge to his advantage in order to achieve his goal.

Stiffening in anger Kikyo finally turned around to look Sesshoumaru in the eye. After a lengthy silence she asked, "What is it you seek from me youkai?"

"I seek to give you what it is you wish the most. I will restore you to life and your place at my brother's side. The place currently occupied by one that is most certainly not you. One who garners more and more of Inuyasha's love with each passing day. One who will one day truly replace you in his heart."

Clenching her fist around the bow in her hand Kikyo couldn't reign in her anger as she hissed, "That pathetic copy could never take anything from me. Least of all Inuyasha's regard for me."

Smirking cruelly he replied, "If that were the case you would not have tried to dispose of her so often...nor would you still be standing here."

Forcing herself to calm the darkness within her Kikyo asked, "Even if you could do what you say why would you wish to help me? What do you have to gain?"

Knowing that the truth would be the best course of action at this instance Sesshoumaru decided to answer her, though he would of course leave out crucial details that might hinder her willing compliance. "I desire the miko Kagome for my own. "

Kikyo's face showed her shock at his proclamation. "Why? All know you despise humans. What could you possibly want Kagome for?"

Refusing to elaborate Sesshoumaru pressed on, "My reasons are my own. Know only that I will obtain her at any cost....even if it means killing Inuyasha."

"Inuyasha's life is mine!"

A smirk forming on his lips once more Sesshoumaru continued, "All the more reason for you to aid me in my endeavor to take the girl from him."

Kikyo was silent a moment as she considered his words. 'Why would he want Kagome? I can't believe that he has suddenly fallen in love with her, the mere notion of one such as he falling in love is ludicrous. I despise my reincarnation and long to see her destroyed for daring to want the life that should have been mine, but even I cannot refute the fact that since Naraku has grown stronger she will be needed to help purify him. Not to mention my powers decline with every passing day as this body fails me. As much as I hate Kagome, my hate for Naraku and desire for revenge is far stronger.' Shaking her head Kikyo said, "It is possible that her help will be needed in destroying Naraku. " She would not admit she was not strong enough to destroy Naraku on her own.

Tilting his head to gaze up at the stars Sesshoumaru replied, "I am aware of the waning of your power. Your clay body is faltering, however if you agree to aid me in gaining Kagome I can change that. I can restore your life."

"That is not possible if you truly wish to take Kagome. The only way to truly restore life to this body is for me to claim Kagome's soul for my own...which would kill her," Kikyo said

Scoffing at the stupidity of the priestess before him Sesshoumaru continued, "You are more of a fool than I thought dead one. Even one with limited mental faculties such as you should know better. While it is true that taking Kagome's soul would animate that pathetic shell you call a body, it is most certainly not the only way."

Skeptical, but hope flaring within Kikyo asked, "And you know another way?"

"Indeed. It is simple really. While Kagome is your reincarnation her soul has grown to such a magnitude that the tiny insignificant part of it made of your soul means nothing to her in the long run." Pulling Tenseiga from his sheath he watched Kikyo's eyes widen as his sword began to hum and pulse with its awesome power. "This is a sword of life and healing. If I were to strike you with Tenseiga it would restore your body to life and draw the remaining portion of your soul from Kagome, leaving her with the remainder. She would be weaker, but not so much that it would kill her. You would also be returned to full strength. You could reclaim your position at my fool brother's side and aid him in defeating Naraku." Having said his piece Sesshoumaru waited to hear the priestesses answer. While it irked him that he had to explain himself to one such as her he knew she would not agree without fully understanding what it was he was offering.

Kikyo was silent a moment as she asked, "What is it you need from me?"

End Flashback:

And so his plan had been put into play. He had quickly outlined to Kikyo what it was she needed to do, and once she had agreed he had left her to see to it. He had returned to the camp to collect his ward, retainer and dragon so he could take them back to his shiro. He and the dead miko had agreed that he would wait for her at a designated location after she fulfilled her end of the bargain. It was imperative that neither Inuyasha, Kagome nor any of the others in his brother's pack become aware that the two of them were working together. Kikyo would play her part and bring his brother and the girl he would claim to him. Neither the half breed nor his future mate would know he was expecting them.

Thus he flew through the air towards the small valley he and Kikyo had agreed to meet at. She should arrive soon with his brother and the girl, and then the miko would be his. 'Yes...she will be mine and I will fill her womb with my sons. Come to me little onna. Come and fulfill your will be my bitch.'


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