A Sentinel Mother by Demonlordlover2


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A Sentinel Mother




(n) a soldier stationed as a guard to challenge all comers and prevent a surprise attack

(v) to watch over or guard as a sentinel


(n) 1. a female parent

(n) 2. something or someone that gives rise to or exercises protecting care over something else; origin or source.

(v) 1. to be the mother of; give origin or rise to

(v) 2. to care for or protect like a mother; act maternally toward


Once there was peace between youkai and humans. Both had managed to climb out of their primitive shells and, for years, lived side by side with nothing more than curiosity for the different species between them. It was with the advent of civilization that the peace was broken. Buildings and huts, necessary for human life, meant forests needed to be cleared. Trees were cut and wild game was displaced to make room for markets and fields.

Those youkai blessed to be herbivores managed to overlook the proclivities of the other race. They even thrived. The others, predators all, could not be as magnanimous, as hunger pinched their stomachs while ears bled from the cries of their young. Finally, in desperation, those strong enough took down the ultimate prey in a bid for survival. Humans!

As blood fell in rivers while the youkai gorged on this seemingly unlimited source of food the Gods looked on in worry. A single youkai could be sated with a lone kill. The pack youkai, however, could decimate an entire village in a single night before moving on to another the next day.

Angered at being forced to hunt those that had once been allies, the pack youkai lost the shame and guilt in bloodlust. They buried their memories of peace beneath a mountain of bones and superiority. Until, one day, the Gods had enough. The humans would be killed off if they did not stop the slaughter.

Joining their will the Gods cursed the youkai gluttons. The worst offenders, the ookami and inuyoukai packs, were torn apart, fragmented. Where the packs were once strong, with many bloodlines running through their ranks, now only one remained. Their very natures altered to disallow the reforming of their once great armies. Trust was dependant on blood alone.

Where they had once hunted, they now became the prey. Unable to defend themselves while weakened, the ookami and inuyoukai fell to human vengeance. Even in their darkest hour, while their numbers dwindled, the youkai found hope. It came in the form of a human female.

The Gods had not completely forsaken the pack youkai. If they could refrain from their gluttonous ways, then redemption would be visited upon them. Whether or not they earned or accepted it when offered was the choice of all youkai.

A mark would be shown on the twentieth birthday of each vessel of forgiveness handpicked by the gods themselves from birth. There would be no second chances. It was a single opportunity for the youkai to regain their former glory, a chance for a woman to rise above all others of her race and take her place beside immortal youkai in equality.

This is the story of one such woman and the youkai she was chosen to redeem.

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