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Dream Child by LibraCourt

Chapter 1

Author Note: Due to a request I have decided to post my story on this site. I hope you all enjoy it and do let me know what you think. 

                                              Chapter One

Kagome sprang from her sleeping bag with a gasp.  It had happened again. She hid her face in her hands and groaned before unzipping her sleeping bag and crawling out of it. Standing, she took a quick look at the camp and its’ occupants before giving a sigh. She then walked over to her backpack and dug around until she found her bottle of water and after opening it she poured some of it onto her hand to splash it on to her face. Feeling more relaxed than she had a moment ago, Kagome returned to her sleeping bag.

She sighed as her mind drifted to the bizarre dream that had woken her up. It had started about two weeks before as nothing she really took notice of, but recently they had been getting more detailed, seemed longer, and was getting so much stranger. In her dreams, no matter what kind she would see the taiyoukai of the western lands, but he would always be far away or walking by and whenever she made a move to go after him she would wake up.  In her recent dreams of the past few days he had seem closer and he’d even stare her way from time to time. Her dream tonight had been the most shocking when he had actually walked up to her and given her a chaste kiss on her cheek. That kiss had felt so real it had startled her and she’d woken up.

Later in the day, Kagome and Sango both sighed as Inuyasha’s grumpy and ranting mood was starting to get on their nerves.  He’d been complaining almost since they had all woken up that morning about not finding any rogue demons. There had been more in the last year since they had defeated Naraku after a long and furious battle. It had taken everyone’s help to destroy the sinister hanyou and that had included Kouga and his pack plus Sesshoumaru.

“Inuyasha, let’s take a break” Miroku suggested “I think we could all use a rest”

Sango nodded “yeah I think that’s a good idea” she sighed “it seems like we’ve been doing more fighting in the last year than when we had been dealing with Naraku”

The inu hanyou had to agree with the taijiya before turning to see how tired his miko looked and gave a nod “fine, we’ll rest for a bit before we get going again”

“Excellent” Miroku smiled “then I suggest we use this time to fix ourselves something to eat”

A few minutes in they were all sitting down and having some snacks Kagome had brought from her time. Shippo was enjoying a lollipop while he listened to the adults talk and finding it boring. Turning his head he noticed that Kagome had fallen asleep and frowned. He knew she wasn’t getting much sleep at night and he was sure the reason for that was behind whatever kind of dreams she’d been having lately.  He had woken up every time when she’d jump awake, but he had been able to fall asleep quickly after. Apparently it wasn’t the same for the woman from the future.



Kagome yawned and stretched before opening her eyes after noticing how quiet everything had gotten. She saw that her friends were gone and she frowned, why would they leave her behind? That wasn’t like them. They would have woken her when they were ready to go again. She quickly moved to her feet and took a better look around; seeing no traces of her friends she didn’t know what to do.  After another minute of trying to think and not being able to come up with a reasonable explanation except for one, she was dreaming.

“How do I wake up?” she wondered aloud.

“An interesting question, miko” a deep and rich sounding voice asked.

Startled by the voice, Kagome turned around and was surprised to see the taiyoukai standing not, but a few feet from her. She found herself saying his name quietly and was more surprised when she saw him smirk faintly at her.

“You know my name, but I do not know yours” he stated, “we have battle countless times, but have never exchanged names or had a chance to talk”

She stared at him with a wide-eyed and stunned expression as her brain registered what he had said and found her self responding to him “I’m Kagome”

“Well Kagome” he said as he took a step forward “where is it you are from?”

“I shouldn’t tell you,” she said as she took a step back.

“And why not?” he asked.

She frowned and found she couldn’t think of a proper answer. In the back of her mind she had plenty of reasons, but one thing stood out from it all. This was a dream and anything could be said or done in a dream and you’d always be safe in the end when you woke up. Giving a sigh she shrugged “I don’t think you’d believe me even if I told you”

“Tell me,” he said, “I wish to know about you”

She looked at him confused “why? Why do you want to know about me?”

He took another step towards her “you are an interesting being Kagome, I want to get to know you. Now will you answer my question?”

After being silent a moment, she answered, “I’m from the future”

The taiyoukai said nothing as he walked up to her and slowly placed his fingers under her chin, lifting it so she looked at him “that certainly answers the questions I had about your state of dress”

She glared at him “what’s wrong with the way I dress?!”

He smirked and before placing a kiss on her lips he spoke “you reveal far too much skin”

Once again the kiss felt incredibly real and she found she couldn’t pull away, but after a minute he pulled back “your friends are calling”

Kagome’s eyebrows scrunched to show her confusion “wha-”

~End dream~

“Kagome wake up” Sango called quietly and she gently shook the girl.

The miko slowly opened her eyes and looked up “Sango?”

“Hey we’re ready to go now” she smiled.

Sitting up, Kagome glanced at the others “I fell asleep without realizing it”

“We’re all a little tired with all the fighting we’ve done lately” Miroku said “perhaps after this village we should return to the village and take a few days rest”

“That sounds like a great idea” the taijiya agreed.

It was then everyone looked at the hanyou and were silent as they waited for his say. Seeing he was out numbered he huffed “whatever, I can see I’m not gonna win here”

Shortly after the decision was made they made their way to the village where they encountered a group of five pig youkai.  It took some time, but before long the youkai were defeated and the group made their way back to Inuyasha’s forest and Kaede’s hut.  There they spent a few days were they just relaxed and spent time together.

During that time Kagome had many dreams where Sesshoumaru was there. She was curious why she was dreaming of the youkai lord, but couldn’t come up with a reasonable answer so she took it as being just one of those strange dreams. After all you can’t control what happens in your dreams or even the people you dream about. Though she did find it strange that dreams seemed to be progressing. It had started out where the taiyoukai was just there for a glimpse, but now it had come to where he spoke to her. Every dream was different and he always asked new questions. Most pertained to where she was from and what her time was like. He would also touch her in a way that wouldn’t be out of place while in every dream he always gave her a innocent kiss before she woke up. She couldn’t help it, but she had been losing her fear of the youkai lord and found she was enjoying his company. She had actually come to expecting to see him in her dreams. The unfortunate part of having these dreams was that she continued to wake in the night and was now starting to fall asleep during the day. She could tell her friends were starting to get worried about her, but she only answered that she was fine.

Kagome sighed as she laid back against the tree and tried to figure out what she should so she could actually sleep a whole night without waking up. She yawned as she watched Shippo and Kirara ran around in some sort of chase game and smiled. She enjoyed watching them run around and have fun.



Kagome opened her eyes and found herself in a wooded area with a stream that seemed to split the land. She stared into the water and smiled when she saw a fish swim by. She could tell she was dreaming and after watching the fish swim out of sight she looked around.

“Are you looking for something?” his voice asked.

She turned around and smiled when she saw him “more like someone”

“Have you found them?” he asked with a slight smirk.

“I have” she answered “it seems I dream of you a lot lately. I’ve come to expect seeing you”

“Have you now” he said as he approached her. He stopped just before her and leaned down to kiss her forehead “I enjoy hearing those words”

Kagome sighed as she found herself leaning into him “I find it strange I’m able to talk with you here”

“And why is that?” he asked as his arms wrapped around her to embrace her in what could only be known as a hug.

“You’d kill me in the real world” she answered, “you really don’t like my friends and I. You hate humans and you’ve tried to kill me in the past multiple times”

He backed up and kissed her cheek “I suppose you don’t have a great impression of me, but I do not blame you” he said as he led her over to a near by tree to sit down, pulling her with him and placing her in his lap “I hope I can get you to change your opinion of me”

She smiled and relaxed in his hold “well I’m certainly enjoying myself right now”

“That is good,” he said before silence filled the area. It was awhile before he spoke again “you are silent”

“I’m just tired” she replied, “I haven’t been sleeping well. These dreams have been waking me up in the night”

“Is that so” he said.

She nodded before changing the subject “there’s something I want to ask”

“And what would that be?” he wondered.

“Why do you fight Inuyasha?” she asked, “do you hate him, your brother, so much?”

He was silent a moment before answering, “I do not hate him. I have made him hate me”

She gasped and turned her head so she could look him “why would you do that?!”

“It is no longer uncommon to hear of a youkai mating with a human or even them having a child” he explained as leaned in to nuzzle her neck “but it is rare for the child to survive to become an adult”

“Why?” she asked, backing herself so she could feel closer to him, enjoying the feeling of the way he rubbed her head against her neck.

“Most can tolerate that a youkai and human pair up and fight together, but it is the blending of the species they don’t approve of,” he said, “most hanyou infants don’t live to see childhood and it is even rarer for them to live to adulthood”

“That is horrible to hear” she frowned “but I don’t understand why you made Inuyasha hate you”

“I could have trained him to fight and defend himself, but because his life would not be in danger of me he would not have fought as if his life depended on it” he answered “he would not be nearly as strong as he is today even with our father’s blood coursing through him”

“So you made him think you wanted him dead like the other youkai out there,” she stated, “so he would fight and grow strong enough to protect himself”

“That is correct,” he said as he began to suckle on her neck a moment before continuing “I could have protected him, but then he would not have learned to protect himself or been able to should trouble happen and I not there”

Her head went to the side to give him more access to her neck, taking pleasure in the feelings he was awakening in her “so you made him hate you so you could protect him”

“Correct again” he said as his hand moved to her rub her breast “are you enjoying yourself?”

She moaned out a soft “yes”

“That is good” he spoke against her neck “but I’m afraid I cannot continue, you must wake up”


~End Dream~

Kagome felt herself being shaken awake and opened her eyes to see a concerned Shippo. Looking around she saw Kirara off to the side, staring at her. She smiled at the kitsune “I’m sorry I didn’t realize I fell asleep”

“Are you okay, Kagome?” he asked worried “you sleep much more now than you used to”

“Yes I’m fine,” she answered, “I just the interrupted nights that are making me so tired”

He frowned, concern still showing “are you sure?”

“Yes I’m sure Shippo,” she said as she stood up “I’m sorry to worry you”

He said nothing, but followed her back to Kaede’s hut where they were preparing supper. He watched the young miko as she sat with the others and began to eat, seeing how tired she seemed. He wished she could get a full nights rest. If she didn’t she was sure to get sick he was sure of it. He was curious as to what she was dreaming about that caused her to be woken up every night. Whatever it was, it clearly not a good thing if she was being wakened up by it.

Miroku watched as the other ate “I’ve heard there has been more youkai attacks in some villages a bit far from here”

“How far?” Sango asked.

“It will take a few days to get there” he replied.

“Let’s go as soon as we can,” said Inuyasha “I’m tired of sitting around here”

The monk chuckled “of course, you’re way of relaxing is to fight whoever or whatever stands in your way”

The hanyou growled, “shut up” he turned his head and noticed that the girl from the future was sleeping again. For a while he stared in silence at her.

The others stared at the girl in silence as well. They were all growing more concerned about her and her increasing need to sleep. Sango frowned “maybe Kagome shouldn’t come with us”

“I am concerned for her as well” Miroku agreed, “she is not well even though she says she is”

“She fell asleep by the old tree as well before supper” Shippo mentioned.

Inuyasha never took his eyes away from her “she is still waking in the night”

“I wonder what she is dreaming about that causes her this unrest,” Sango said, staring at the girl.



Kagome smiled as she lay on the ground next to taiyoukai while he sat against a tree. She watched him as he watched her “tell me about your self”

“What is it you wish to know?” he asked.

“Everything about you” she replied.

He smirked “there is not enough time to tell you everything”

“Not enough time?” she wondered aloud, confused.

“You’ll be waking up shortly” he stated, “you may ask two questions”

“Oh” she said as she thought about her questions carefully “what were your parents like? I know your father was a great and power taiyoukai, but that is all”

He gave a nod “he was. Many feared and respected him for he could destroy an entire village without any effort”

“But what was he like as a parent?”

“Tough, but he was also fair,” he said as he reached his hand out to her and pulled her close to him “he was wiser than most took him for.  When I was old enough to walk he begun teaching me how to fight and how to rule fairly” he moved her to be in his lap and wrapped his arms around her “my mother was a cold hearted woman that did not show any emotions to anyone. Not even my own father.”

“But surely she must have shown to you” she said, stunned “she’s your mother”

He gave her a small squeeze “not even I got her affections”

Kagome frowned “well that certainly explains your behavior”

“Does it now?” he said before nuzzling her head “explain”

“How can you express something you’ve never been shown?” she asked, “answer is, you can’t”

“I’m not entirely sure of that,” he said.

“I am” she replied with a nod of her head “was your father affectionate?”

“My father wasn’t with my mother” he responded “the most I got from him was a pat on the head when I did something well and a good word.”

“What was he like with Inuyasha’s mother?” she asked.

He kissed her cheek “now, now I have let you ask more than two. You have to wake up”

She hopped out of his lap and looked at him “but I want to know”

“The answer is I do not know,” he said before softly kissing her lips.

~End Dream~

Kagome opened her eyes and looked around. Everyone was asleep and it was late. She frowned when she realized she had fallen asleep again. Standing up she walked out of the hut and sighed as she thought about her conversation she had with Sesshoumaru in her dream. She soon found herself smiling and thinking how great it would be if his reasons and explanations about why he was the way he was were real. She felt she could certainly understand him better if that was the truth about his up bringing.

An hour of walking around and thinking about her dream Kagome went back inside the hut to go back to bed. Laying in her sleeping bag she sighed, turning her head when she heard someone moving about. She gave a small smile “did I wake you?”

“No” Shippo lied as he approached her “you were dreaming again?”

“Yeah” she said.

“About what?” he asked.

She shrugged “I don’t really remember”

He stared at her a moment clearly knowing she was hiding the truth from him “can I sleep with you?”

Kagome nodded “of course you can” and made space for him in the sleeping bag. When they camped it had become a ritual of him sleeping with her in the sleeping bag, but since her dreams had started and she had grown more tired, he had taken to not sleeping with her, hoping that it would help her sleep better. Once he was in her arms, she breathed out a relaxing breath and put her arm over him. She was asleep in minutes and so was the tiny kitsune.



Opening her eyes, Kagome saw she was in the same place as before. Looking around she noticed nothing had changed and in fact everything was as it was before she had woken up. Feeling movement next to her she turned to see the taiyoukai sitting next to her, holding her to him “twice in one night” she said, “that’s new”

“I believe you have questions for me” he said.

Remembering her questions before she nodded “I want to know what it was like for you growing up”

“There is not much to tell” he replied.

“Then answer this question, why do you allow a human child to follow you?” she asked.

He smirked “she tried to help me when I was injured and couldn’t move after one of my encounters with Inuyasha. She didn’t fear me, as she should have. Once I was healed I was going to walk away until I smelt her blood in the air and I followed it. In the forest I found her small corpse and could smell the scent of wolves on her”

She frowned “that’s horrible!”

“Indeed” he agreed, “it was then that the tenseiga made itself known and so I tested my sword on her. She came to life in my arms and I have allowed her to be with me ever since”

“You let her follow you because you brought her back with your father’s sword,” she said as she tried to understand.

“That was half the reason,” he said.

The young miko then turned her head to look at him “then what is the other half?”

He stared at her “she reminded me of you”

She was startled by his answer and could only quietly say “of me?”

He gave a slight nod of his head “she did not fear me, same as you, she did not care that I was a youkai, same as you” he started listing off while pulling her closer to him each time “she has black hair, same as you, she is brave, same as you” when she was just in front of his face he gave his last one “her smile could brighten anyone’s day, same as you” he finished before placing his lips on hers in a kiss more passionate than the ones before.

After a moment she felt him pull back to allow her to breath. She looked at him through dazed eyes “so where is Rin now?”

“After the defeat of Naraku she found a nice village to settle down in” he answered “I go there to see her every so often and once in awhile she joins me on my travels”

“You care about her?”

He was silent a moment “she is everything I want to have and the reminder that Inuyasha has what I want”

She gazed at him in confusion “what does Inuyasha have that you do not?”

The taiyoukai ran his fingers through her long, wavy hair “he has you” he stated and pressed his lips to hers before she could respond.  Gently he used his teeth on her bottom lip to get her to open her mouth before taking full advantage and using his tongue to explore the insides of her sweet tasting mouth.

Kagome couldn’t believe the incredible feelings she was experiencing this most passionate kiss she had ever had. Technically she had only ever had one kiss and that had been with Inuyasha when he was about to go all psycho demon on her and the group. She was brought from that line of thinking when he pushed forward causing her to move back till she was lying on the ground and he was hovering above her. After what felt like a few minutes he eventually pulled away.

“You have to wake up” he said, simply.

“Huh?” she said.


~End Dream~

“Kagome wake up” Shippo said as he gently shook her.

“Hmm” she mumbled out in response “five more minutes”

Sango took a glance at her before turning to look at the monk “I’m getting really worried about her”

He walked next to the sleeping girl “I have to agree with you, something is wrong with her”

Inuyasha huffed as he crossed his arms “what do you expect when she hasn’t been sleeping all that well?”

“I suppose” the taijiya agreed, “I just wish we could help her”

“With what?” the hanyou snapped back “you gonna help her sleep?”

Miroku smirked, knowing the reason for his friend’s behavior and gave him a slap on the back “I can see you are very worried for Kagome as well, but do not worry it should not last forever”

“Kagome, wake up” said the taijiya as she gently shook her friend.

Kagome made some noise that could be taken as a complaint, but eventually she did open her eyes and looked at her friend “morning already?”

Sango nodded “yeah it is”

She pulled herself out of the sleeping bag “oh okay”

“Kagome, how are you feeling?” asked Shippo.

She thought for a moment and smiled “I actually feel pretty good”

“Are you sure?” Sango said in a tone that said the young miko should be absolutely positive.

“I feel fine” Kagome insisted before raising an eyebrow “why?” she looked over to Inuyasha, but noticed he wasn’t looking at her and she stood up “what’s going on?”

Miroku gave a small smile and walked over to her “we are concerned about your health Kagome since you seem to be sleeping a lot recently” he started out “and we talked about it last night when you fell asleep and we felt it best that perhaps it would be better if you stayed here while we went to the village to get rid of their youkai problem”

“Oh I see” was the only thing she said, but they could see the hurt look that entered her eyes.

Shippo was quick to hop into her shoulder and gave her a hug “we don’t mean to hurt your feelings Kagome. We’re just concerned for you and don’t want you to get hurt”

“Yeah I know” she replied and she picked up off her shoulder and set him down “I think I’ll go home then while you guys are gone”

Sango frowned “are you sure Kagome?”

The miko nodded “I’m sure, it’ll give me a chance to go to see my family and get caught up on homework I’m sure I’ve been missing”

“I’ll come get you when we’re done” Inuyasha said as he looked over at her.

Again she nodded “okay then”

The group became silent and after a few minutes they began to decide when to leave. Everyone felt it best to leave right away so they could get there and return as soon as possible so that Kagome wouldn’t be left alone too long. It didn’t take them long to gather what they’d need for the trip before they walked the miko of the future to the well and saw her off before heading out themselves.

“Let’s make this quick” Inuyasha huffed.

Sango nodded “I agree, I want to get back as soon as possible”

“I still don’t think it was right to leave Kagome behind” Shippo voiced from Miroku’s shoulder while every once in awhile looking back towards the village “she’s part of this group and we told her she couldn’t come with us”

The monk sighed “as we explained last night Shippo it would be dangerous for Kagome to come with us because of the way she’s been falling asleep so much lately. If she were to fall asleep when we get attack by a youkai it could get her killed”

“I noticed it was a little harder to wake her up today” the taijiya mentioned.

“I saw that to” Miroku agreed “perhaps when she goes home she’ll get the rest she needs and will be ready to join us again”

Shippo looked at the others “I hope so”

“She will” Inuyasha said confidently.

~*~ In the Future ~*~

Kagome frowned as she entered the house and went straight to her room after saying she was home. Once there she immediately sought refuge in her bed and under the covers. There she let herself cry in the comfort and safety of her room.

When she had been with her friends she had tried not to show how hurt she was, but the truth of it was that it had hurt a lot when they told her they didn’t want her to come along. Even if it had been for her safety it didn’t stop the pain she felt when she couldn’t go with them just because she was falling asleep a little more often. She frowned, why was she sleeping so much? That was something she couldn’t explain, but even though she didn’t voice it, she was worried to. She didn’t know why she continued to dream of Inuyasha’s brother or why she kept waking up through the dreams. Giving a small sob she began to cry harder till she eventually tired herself out and she fell asleep.

During the next few days Kagome spent her time going to school, doing her work, seeing her friends and hanging out with them, and then returning home to spend time with her family.  She also found she wasn’t waking up in the night and was getting a full, dreamless, nights rest while being in her time.

It wasn’t till almost a week later since she’d returned to her time when Inuyasha showed up when she’d come home from school. When they had returned to Kaede’s he had immediately jumped through the well and waited for her return. The hanyou felt calmer once he saw her enter the house, he’d been anxious since they had choose to leave her behind, but now seeing her he was thinking they made the right choice. She looked brighter and well rested. He found himself smiling as he seen her notice him “hey”

“Inuyasha!” she said in shock “when did you guys get back?”

“Just a little while ago” he answered, “I came straight here, but your mother said you were at school still”

She smiled as she remembered his words before they left and how he promised he would come get her as soon as they returned. She was happy he kept his word “how bad was it in the village?”

He shrugged “wasn’t that bad the youkai were just spread out” he looked at her “that’s why it took so long. The others are waiting if you’re ready to go”

Kagome couldn’t get over how nice and patient Inuyasha was being, but she could see from the way he was acting that he, and most likely the others, felt bad for what happened for what they did to her.  She felt her smile get bigger with how caring he was being “just let me get my stuff together and I can be ready to go shortly”

“Sure” he consented “I’ll wait here”

Even though she was sure she knew why he was behaving the way he was it was still strange to not see him being…well Inuyasha. Internally shaking her head she gave a nod to him and the quickly went upstairs to her room together her things.

Kagome had her backpack packed and with the hanyou they were back in the feudal era and in Kaede’s hut faster than could be believed. Everyone was happy to have the miko back and would barely give her any space to breathe. She had to admit that she was quite happy to be back with her friends, but the pain of knowing they left her behind still hurt and she had to admit, if only to herself, that she didn’t feel as part of the group as she once had. She didn’t feel the close connection she had had with them, but she figured that was because now they could tell a story of how they fought youkai in a village and she didn’t because they had told her not to come.  She knew she shouldn’t feel that way cause at the end of it they had done it for her safety and no matter what they were a group, friends, and the people who defeated the vile hanyou, Naraku.

Shippo smiled as he sat in the miko’s lap “we missed you Kagome”

“Yeah Kagome” agreed Sango “it just didn’t feel right not having you there with us”

“That’s okay” Kagome replied, “I actually slept at night and didn’t wake up at all”

Miroku sent her a smile “that is wonderful to hear, so you must have caught up on all your rest then”

“Yeah I did” she nodded “I’m feeling rested and ready to go”

“We’re happy to hear that” he said “the village we were at said there was a village a little further away that were also having youkai problems and asked if we could help them” he looked at everyone else “when would you want to go?”

“Let’s to tomorrow!” Shippo said excitedly. Seeing the miko of the future as good as before he wanted to get moving as a group together.

Kagome gave a small laugh and smiled at the kitsune “hold on Shippo, you might be ready to go, but I’m sure the others want to rest a bit before going on another trip”

“That’s stupid!” Inuyasha snapped, “we’ll leave tomorrow, we traveled far and for a lot longer when we were looking for Naraku”

“Inuyasha is right,” the monk agreed “and we’ve battled far stronger youkai than the ones we’ve been coming across since then so leaving tomorrow after a short rest should be nothing to us”

Sango smiled and nodded “yes you’re right”

“It’s settled then we’ll rest tonight and leave tomorrow,” Inuyasha stated with finality.

With everyone agreed they talked a little more before turning down for the night. The hanyou stayed awake most the night since he didn’t need sleep as often cause he was a hanyou he watched over Kagome through the night. He needed to see for himself that she was indeed well and that she was sleeping the night without any interruptions. It was decided between all of them that if she were still waking up in the night then they would begin to seek help for her to solve this problem and until it was solved they weren’t going to hunt youkai or go anywhere that could possibly put her in danger if she was still falling asleep during the day. But as morning came he found himself smiling that she had indeed slept the whole night.

Miroku was the first of the group to wake up and he quickly turned his attention to the guarding hanyou. He had known their friend was going to spend the night watching and making sure the future girl slept all night, but now he needed to know if she had “so my friend, how was the night?”

“Good” he answered, “she got a full nights rest”

“Then it seems that whatever was waking her up at night has stopped” said Sango as she joined them.

“Yes it seems so,” agreed Miroku “let’s hope it stays this way”

And it did during their trip to the village. Kagome slept at night and was able to journey easily during the day with them without feeling tired or napping unexpectedly. She admitted to them that her dreams that she had been having seemed to have stopped and while everyone was happy to hear that, she actually felt lonely. While she had been in the future, not having the dreams and been okay, but since being back and being reunited with her group again she found she was actually missing her dreams. For some reason in her dreams she had felt comforted and safe, but now she felt lonely and she missed the companionship of her night stalker. She found herself wishing to see him and talk with him again…she missed him.

Kagome didn’t have to wait long though. Not long after arriving in the village and speaking with the head leader to learn what kind of youkai they were dealing with they were attacked. It had happened so quickly that no one was truly prepared to defend them selves and the young miko found her self picked up by a snake youkai before anyone even realized what was really going on and Shippo fell to the ground where he hit his head and was out cold.

“Kagome!” Inuyasha called out.

She turned her head to look at him “Inuyasha! Help!”

The hanyou growled and began to charge toward the youkai, but soon found him self being thrown into the air after being head butted by a second snake youkai.

“Inuyasha be careful!” warned Miroku as he quickly took out a talisman meant to help him in fighting youkai. It was now his only way to fight since losing the power of the wind tunnel.

“Shut up!” Inuyasha yelled as he picked himself up off the ground “we gotta get Kagome!”

Sango quickly had her boomerang ready and was aiming it at one of the snake youkai. She watched as it killed the second one that had entered the village, but missed the one holding their friend. She watched in shocked horror as it hiss before it threw the girl so fast not even Kirara would have had time to get over there to save her.

Kagome watched as her friends tried to save her. She saw Sango kill the one snake youkai, but missed killing the one that had her. She was worried these snakes were fast and they were quite mean. Her body vibrated as the one holding her seemed to give something like a growl that shudder through its whole body before hissing. Suddenly, she felt herself hurling through the air so fast and she was so scared she found she couldn’t even bring herself to scream before she hit the ground and her world go dark.

Inuyasha’s eyes widened as he felt panic course through his veins when he saw she wasn’t moving “KAGOME!!” he screamed. Using tetsusaiga he finished the last snake off before running to the girl’s side “Kagome? Kagome, can you hear me?”

Miroku was by there side in a second as the others quickly joined as well “let me see her Inuyasha”

The hanyou moved back slightly to give the monk room to work and turned his sights to the taijiya as she held the knocked out kitsune “how is he?”

“He’ll have a good size bump on his head, but he’ll be fine” she answered.

“It seems so will Kagome” spoke the monk “she’ll be sore there’s no doubt of that, but she should be fine. It’ll be easier to tell once she’s awake”

Inuyasha frowned as he picked the girl up “let’s get her somewhere more comfortable”

The others agreed and it was the head master that lent them his home. No one spoke and concern could easily be read on all their faces. The kitsune woke up by that night, but Kagome had yet to even show signs of waking and everyone could only wonder when she was going to wake.



Kagome yawned as she opened her eyes and found herself in her room. Frowning, she got out of bed and got herself dress while trying to figure out what was going on. She had been sure that Inuyasha had picked her up already and she had been in the feudal ere. Mentally she shook her head and decided that she must have been dreaming.

 She walked down stairs and called out to her family. When no one answered she looked into the living room and found it empty. Guessing they must have gone out she went into the kitchen and went straight to the fridge to find her self something to eat.

“I’ve been waiting for you” a familiar voice spoke.

Kagome quickly turned her head to the sound of the voice and saw, sitting at the table, the western taiyoukai. She let out a startled yell and gripped the handle of the fridge to keep her self from falling over. Placing a hand over her racing heart she looked back at him “what are you doing here?! How’d you even get here?”

“It’s your dream” Sesshoumaru responded.

“My dream?” she said, confused. Realizing there was no way the taiyoukai could be here unless she was dreaming “oh I see”

He stood up and walked over to her “show me your world”

“You want to see my world?” she questioned.

“Yes I am most curious” he admitted “I know you are from the future now I would like to see it”

Seeing no harm in showing the taiyoukai around since it was a dream, she agreed, “alright, let’s go then”

Together they walked out of the house and Kagome showed him the shrine grounds, answering any questions he had about anything he saw. After he’d seen enough of the shrine she showed him some of the sights of the city, giving him information about some of the building he saw and other everyday stuff that they walked by like cars and bicycles. One thing the miko noticed was that there were no people anywhere to be seen or heard, but she assumed that was because it was a dream.

On their way back to the shrine Sesshoumaru place his hand on her lower back “tell me Kagome, how do males court a female in this time?”

She took a moment and thought about it “uum, well the guy lets the girl know he’s interested by asking her out on a date. In today’s time it’s not uncommon for the girl to even ask the guy id she’s really interested in him”

“Females ask the males?” he wondered.

She nodded “girls no longer wait for the guy to ask…well some do, but they will also ask a guy if they like them enough and are interested enough in them”

“I see,” he said “continue”

“Well there’s plenty to do around here” she said “movies, sight seeing, having dinner together, picnic, and just whatever a couple can think of doing”

He gave a nod “when is it considered appropriate to move the relationship further? And who is in charge of deciding that choice?”

“Oh uum” she was silent a moment as she thought the two questions through “the way things are in this time are really different from your time. I’m not really sure how to explain this” she sighed, “people today are a lot more open about their sexuality and there are so many ways for relationships to go”

“Explain,” he demanded as they reached the shrine grounds.

Kagome frowned a moment as she thought on how to explain the way her time work, but eventually thought of a way. She explained the different kinds of couples there were in the world. How there were people that just lived together while acting like a married couple and that there were people that preferred being nude all the time and had their own areas where they could do such things. She spoke that it was still a guy’s role to ask the girl for her hand in marriage, but that sometimes it could be the girl that brings marriage up and discuss it before agreeing to get married.

“It sounds more complicated in your time” he stated when she was finished.

“I guess maybe it is” she agreed as they walked back into her house and went into the living room “but it is the normal for us that we don’t even think twice about it”

“Explain child raising to me” he said as he sat on the couch and pulled her down next to him.

She found herself smiling without really knowing why herself “it’s a lot easier on women in my time because it’s safer. Death in childbirth is pretty much unheard of now because of the medical advances we’ve made”

“So a female dying in childbirth is rare?” he wanted to confirm. He used his arm that was around her to pull her closer to him as he moved to rest his head in the crook of her neck.

“I’ve never heard of a girl dying while giving birth, it’s really rare,” she confirmed, enjoying the feeling of him rubbing his face against her neck.

“Continue” he insisted as he placed a single kiss on her neck before nuzzling the curve of her smooth skin.

“Men take a more active role is raising a child,” she acknowledged.

The taiyoukai backed away from her neck to look her in the face, serious “how?”

“They’re more active in taking care of the children from the time they are born” she answered, confused as to why he was suddenly so serious.

“So you’ve said,” he commented “but how are they more active?”

“Couples share the responsibility,” she answered “in your time it’s unheard of for a guy to change a diaper or hold their children in public view, but in my time guys do it all the time. In fact there are families where the mother works and the father takes the part of raising the child during the day”

“Interesting” he said as he seemed to relax and went back to giving attention to her neck and his hands went to the side of her hips “why have males begun to do this?”

She shrugged “I’m not really sure when it started, but it has helped a great deal”

“Seems there is much to know” he said as he kissed her cheek “explain this to me”

“I don’t think I’m very good at explaining everything you want to know,” she admitted “I have no personal experience with this”

He pulled back from her and gave her a small smirk “you are doing fine, now continue explaining why males helping care for children helps a female”

“Well…” she thought as she gathered her thoughts “before woman used to kill themselves and I don’t think people really knew why”

“And in your time they know the reason why woman killed themselves?” he asked with a raised eyebrow.

She gave a single nod “yeah, well they have a better idea. They say that a woman experiences something in her body that causes her to get depressed and if left uncared for, it can get worse to where the woman tries to kill herself”

“And how does a male sharing the female’s role help that from happening?” he asked.

“It makes it so that they aren’t around a child every minute of every day” she replied “they get a break, but it also lets the child bond with their father and creates a closer bond. I’ve heard that children that have a good bond with their mothers and fathers are happier in life and lead decent lives”

“I see” the taiyoukai said, “it sounds like your time is quite knowledgeable on many aspects of life”

“A lot has changed since your time” she replied, thinking of what else has changed “woman are not just girls that cook, clean, and have kids, we are equals now and share the responsibility when it comes to anything. We talk and discuss every point in a relationship from deciding to date to deciding to have children and to how they are raised” she smiled when he placed an arm around her “medicine and technology have also become advance” she said as she found herself leaning against him with her head nestled on his chest “someone who gets the flu in your time would most likely die, but in my time it’s almost an everyday thing and nothing to be concerned about”

“That is fascinating,” he said as he had her move to stand up “come with me, show me your room”

“My room?” she asked as she looked up at him.

He smirked and leaned down to kiss her “yes, your room. I would like to see it”

“Why?” she questioned before he kissed her again only more fervently.

Sesshoumaru nipped her bottom lip and worked his way down to her neck where started to suckle on her flesh “your room” he repeated with a slight nudge and had her lead him upstairs to her room where he then led her to her bed.

Kagome blinked and suddenly found they were both naked. She looked at him and he turned his sights to her “is this going to hurt at all?”


He smirked “you shall feel no pain; only great pleasure” he leaned down and captured her mouth with his “this is your dream after all” and he lowered his hard cock to her pussy. He gave a small growl before he thrust into her, causing her to cry out at the pleasurable feeling. His mouth attacked her neck as he began thrusting in her tight channel hard, enjoying hearing her cry out for him. His thrusts became rougher, his hands gripped her hips and he stared to thrust harder. He gave a small grunt when he felt her walls tighten around him and heard her cry her completion before he reached his own.

“That was great!” she breathed out.

He smirked at her “we’re not finished yet” he stated as he pulled out “I want to knot inside you”

Kagome sat herself up “knot?”

He gave a nod while having her turn over and be on her hands and knees “it is something us male canines do when breeding”

She let out a small moan when she felt him slide back into her “why do they do that?”

“Males knot inside a female to insure reproduction and survival of the species” he explained as he started a slow pace. He grabbed her hips in a firm grip as he put more force behind each thrust and continuing the pace of a slow and hard thrust.

After a moment of him keeping the same pace the miko groaned out “faster” and breathed out when she felt him increase slightly, but it still wasn’t enough. She wanted more than what he was giving. She could feel something stirring within her and she felt was her release, but because of his slow thrusts it was eluding her “god Sesshoumaru, more!”

“More?” he asked as if confused, but he really knew what she meant. He chuckled “do you want me?”

“Yes” she panted out.

He growled slightly and gave a particular hard and deep thrust “say it!”

“I want you!” she cried out.

The taiyoukai placed one of his hands on he back as he began to rock back and forth, hard as he could into her and snarling as he felt himself swelling and his knot form inside her walls. He gave a few forceful thrusts here and there as he pounded into her repeatedly. A light sweat broke out between the two of them and he leaned over her so his front pressed against her back as his thrusts because short, quick and hard “do you like this?”

Loving the feeling he was invoking in her she found she could only nod, but he gave a hard thrust, ramming himself deep into her and ordering her to speak, so speak she did “YES!”

“Good” he growled and he nipped the skin on her back causing her to have her release. A few thrusts after and he joined her by spilling his seed into her.  He then gave a few lazy pushes to make sure he deposited everything he had before helping her to lay down with him beside her, still connected.

She gave a small yawn and sighed, “I really enjoyed that”

The taiyoukai kissed her shoulder “rest, we are far from done”

She nodded as she shut her eyes only one sentence was able to get past her tired mouth “this sure has been a long and heated dream”


~End Dream~

Shippo’s eyes widened before he turned to look over at Inuyasha and the others “she’s waking up!”

Inuyasha was by the young miko’s side before anyone could blink “Kagome!”

Kagome opened her eyes and tried to sit up before a wave of pain ran through her head and caused her to whimper, “oh my head, it hurts”

“Take it easy Kagome,” ordered Miroku as he made her lay back down “you hit your head pretty hard”

She groaned, “what happened?”

“Can’t you remember?” asked the monk.

She thought for a moment, but her head hurt too much “we were attacked, but that’s all I remember”

He smiled at her “that’s not too surprising it happened so quickly we could barely comprehend what was happening, but we do know that the snake youkai threw you and you hit the ground pretty hard”

Her eyes widened as she remembered her kitsune being hurt and she quickly sat up before a wave of pain reached her “ow!”

“Stupid wench” said Inuyasha as he placed a hand on her shoulder and made her lay back down “you shouldn’t sit up just yet”

“Inuyasha is right,” agreed Sango “rest for a bit longer”

“Shippo-” Kagome started, but was cut off by the kitsune

“I’m fine Kagome”

The girl frowned “how long have I been out?”

“Almost a whole day” Miroku answered, “we were starting to get worried, how do you feel?”

“My head hurts so much” she replied with a sigh and trying to focus on what she was feeling “I feel dizzy and tired, I feel very tired”

“Get some sleep then Kagome,” the monk said. He waited till he was sure she was asleep before turning to look at the others “this isn’t good”

Shippo frowned as he touched the girl’s face “I thought she was okay, she’s just tired”

“Head injuries are a very serious problem Shippo” Sango explained, “people are known to die from this days after they’ve hit their heads”

The kitsune’s eyes widened and panic entered his voice “but she’s going to be okay, right? Right? She’s just a little tired right now and after she rests she’ll be good as new, right?”

Miroku frowned “I think this is more serious than it looks Shippo” he looked over at the hanyou whose eyes had never left the girl “I remember Kagome saying that most injuries could be fixed in her time. They have ways of checking to see how serious an injury is. Inuyasha I think you should go ahead of us and take Kagome back to her time where she can get the help she needs should she need it”

The hanyou was silent a moment before he nodded “alright, let’s get her ready to go”


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