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Finallyfinallyfinallyfinallyfinally... I GOT my Dokugasona!!! YAY!!

Thanks so much to talented artist ShokunDAYO !!!

You are ROCK!!!



rosheemary is...

A SesKag shipper (But actually Roshee and Sessho shipper... ROFLMAO)


#hashtag #whatishashtag #somuchhash #and #toomuchtag

Come hug Inu Papa xD


Pat This Sesshomaru and you die

My name is Kagome, not Miko!!!


Kukukuku, my name is Naraku!



I love reading (especially manga)

I am a gamer... Playing Wartune, Dota, otome games, and computer games (hooked on One Piece Pirate Warrior 3 at the moment)

In brief, I'm an otaku and a geek

I love editing picture... Make people fatter 3:) and skinnier and put funny stuff :p

In brief, I'm mischief (said my friends)

I was a writer in FanFiction. But I deleted all my stories because my stories sucks and too much lemon. Well, the lemon beat the story and I don't like how my stories turned into.

So when I googling, I found this SITE!!

At first, Why Sesshomaru and Kagome?! I HATED crack-pairing. But... It was long ago... I am this Crack-Pairing shipper.. #throwinuyashatoantartica

And I'm the shipper of Rosheemary and Sesshomaru


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Moonlight Silk

Created On: 02/09/2016 08:33:54

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing MBSL!

Sesshomaru's Secret Admirer

Created On: 01/03/2015 19:30:54

Thank you for your review on "The Hime Tradition"! I am both amazed and excited that the chapter was able to pull on your emotions. I was soo reassured by your kind words too. Silly me, always doubting that readers would be moved by my writing.
Thank YOU for reading this far and sharing your thoughts. And I hope the future chapters do not disappoint you.
Feedback from rosheemary: You are very welcome

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