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Well, I'm not the best at this type of thing, but I'll give it a shot.


My friends call me Nariko, my best friends are allowed to call me Nari. I'm around 5'9" tall, around 200 lbs (yeah. I'm curvy. So the hell what?), and my hair is a cool brown. My eyes are hazel, my smile is crooked, and my tongue hurts almost as much as my fist. I can be witty when I want. My middle name is 'eccentric', and my second middle name is 'egocentric'. Being a Renaissance woman is what I want out of life - to be the go-to girl, the one that can tell you about anything you want to know; the one that catches your eye, the one you gravitate to from the sheer force of her charisma.


Big dreams, but I'm committed, and I've got a lot of backbone. Got a challenge? Accepted. Criticism? Lay it on me. Advice? Appreciated.

I've learned one of the most important lessons of my life from a Disney movie, and it goes something like this; "Not everyone can be a good (insert title here), but a good (re-insert title) can come from anywere." And I believe this statement true. I'm learning to take each day one at a time, and to live in each moment like it was my last.


As far as my writing goes...well...hmn. I have a lot of passion in my mind, heart, and body that I have never given to another person, so I hope to transmit it into my writing. I work on one story at a time, though I'm considering doing a one-shot lemon to get my juices flowing for it again. But never two chapter stories at once. A drabble and a chapter story? Maybe. Dunno. We'll see.


It's summer, so I'm out of school, and only have work to compete with, so hopefully once my writing is flowing again updates will be more frequent.


And my arts...well, I mainly do pencil, and it takes me a long time because I try to put a lot of detail into my full drawings. Maybe I'll get photoshop this summer, who knows?


Anyways, you'll seen me around here, ya'll. Hit me up for anything.

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A land, healing from the ravages of a hard-won war with the dark hanyou Naraku. A new evil looming out of the shadows, threatening to tip a precarious peace between humans and demons that has persisted for hundreds of years. A demon lord with a heart encased in frost, and one Warrior-Miko that will set out to conquer all in the task Fate has set for be his lady.
Rating: MA  -  Universe: Canon  -  Status: Incomplete  -  Category: Chapter Stories  -  Created: 30 Jan 2012  -  Updated: 27 Oct 2015
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