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Simply a daydreamer with an active imagination and little time to implement it. When not at work or volunteering at the animal shelter I can be found at my computer either drawing, reading, scans cleaning, watching anime, occasionally doing a little beta work or hunting down random bits of information for no purpose other than my own curiosity. If not there than I'm likely ensconced on the couch with a controller in my hands immersed in some game.


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November 28, 2010

Huge thanks to all who voted for my pic, you're awesome and I'm overwhelmed! :D


November 5, 2010

0.o Thanks go to whomever nominated my other pic here! Very sweet of you!


In other news I am almost finished with another pic, Sesshoumaru alone this time just needing to finish his hands and feet....they are the bane of my life in any pic. Hope to have it done in the next few days as long as I can grab some free moments ;)



A big thank you to all you voted for this pic, and a bigger thank you to Forthright for the inspiration! :D



August 1, 2010

Thank you to whomever nominated my pic, it was a very pleasant surprise when I found out!!


July 13, 2010

After putting up with my persistent rambling questions the endearing Miss Forthright graciously extended an invitation/suggestion to become a member here. I have visited at times, a lurker extraordinaire, so I suppose it was time to tighten the belt and poke a nose out into the sunshine, so to speak. We all need to be nudged now and then :D


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InuYasha - Unspoiled Fanart
  • InuYasha - Unspoiled Fanart
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Created On: 09/06/2011 22:03:22

Can I love you a little bit? Can I? Can I? I LOVE your artwork. I love it. I remember seeing the unspoiled artwork on deviantart and being all "WOAH" and now I have found you here! YUSH :3 *fistpump*

End immature rant. (L)


Created On: 08/01/2010 14:09:33

Awww I definitely agree with are good enough to be a professional. That comment on the artwork was definitely well-deserved Keep 'em coming! (LOL I am such a greedy person) I think I found another amazing artist to worship here on Dokuga!


Created On: 07/15/2010 02:59:42

I have taken your profile virginity.

You are ever so welcome dear! And we can clearly see all that hard work and practicing of yours has definitely paid off! I'm actually very surprised to hear that though, even though I should know by now that everyone has to start from somewhere, hehe. I thought you were a professional! But maybe you are...! Do you do any artwork outside the fandom? I'm sure with all that drool-worthy talent that you put it to good use!
Feedback from MelYanna: .
O.o should I feel violated?! XD

Well thank you for the compliments!
Professional? nah, more like a hobby I've done some things for friends but that's all really. Any artwork I've done that's been uploaded is at my deviantART account, if you're curious the link is in my About Me section

Thank you so much for "defiling' me and saying such lovely things, you made it a wonderful experience XD

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