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My name is Zoe and I draw stuff. Yoroshiku :3

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Holy crap, thank you guys!


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Dokugasona: Lilly Akame
Kagome's Wardrobe
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Shanghai Sunset
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zettai shoujo
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Inutachi Head Doodles
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Fallen Angel, Rising Devil
Water God Sesshoumaru Complete
doodle 01
Inupapa and pup
You're It
Cross Your Heart
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  • Author: Kayka
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Concept Kagome: Feathers ~ Color: photofinish
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Shanghai 1930
InuYasha - Unspoiled Fanart 02
InuYasha - Unspoiled Fanart
Get Free
Drawable 6/27/2010
GB Kagome and Sesshoumaru
Swimming Lessons
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Name Entry
Lilly Akame

Created On: 12/09/2010 07:25:43

This is your one-shot

I'm really sorry if you don't like it! I just got writers block, and this was the only thing I could write! I do hope you like it though


Created On: 11/27/2010 11:20:20

I like to give credit where it's deserved!

Lilly Akame

Created On: 11/26/2010 23:41:43

Ooooh ok lol now I feel stupid! I don't know much about art haha

I don't like it, I love it!

Lilly Akame

Created On: 11/26/2010 23:20:38
Edited By Lilly Akame On: 11/26/2010 23:42:19

Its gorgeous! I loves it Can I see what the un-watermarked version looks like?
Thank you so much

Lilly Akame

Created On: 11/25/2010 04:06:37

Thanks so much!!

Lilly Akame

Created On: 11/25/2010 02:02:52

Hehe don't worry about the spam

Lilly Akame

Created On: 11/25/2010 02:00:50

Aww the sketch is soo cute! I love it, you don't need to change anything! Haha my headphones are always in my ears, so thats good as

My favourite colour is green

Lilly Akame

Created On: 11/23/2010 21:53:43

Haha I have straight hair and for pose it's up to you because I can't think of one Um I normally wear skinny jeans and v-neck T-shits

About the one-shot, what genre would you like?

Lilly Akame

Created On: 11/23/2010 07:01:55

Thank you so much!! Well I have blond hair, (with black underneath) that goes down to my waist with a side fringe, green eyes and I'm skinny, with curves (No idea if this helps lol). Is there anything else you need?

Also, what would you like your one-shot to be about?

Lilly Akame

Created On: 11/22/2010 18:01:32

Hi Your art gallery is gorgeous! In the forum there is a topic 'Dokugasona' where you exchange a Dokugasona for a one-shot, or a one-shot for a Dokugasona. I was wondering if you would draw me a Dokugasona and I'll write you a one-shot?

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