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An avid fan of some masterpiece manga such as Cardcaptor Sakura, Skip Beat!, Ghost Hunt, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, Inuyasha, and many more.

Has been writing six fanfictions so far in Fanfiction.net. Strings Attached (Skiip Beat!), Lost in Her Eyes (Skip Beat!), Please, Don't (Ghost Hunt), Cursed Mirror (Ghost Hunt), Bittersweet (Ouran High School Host Club), and Your Spell (Ghost Hunt) but has yet to write an Inuyasha, since I don't have time to write more, and besides...


I love reading people's works than writing one *grin*


I ship Inuyasha/Kagome, Sesshoumaru/Kagome (I think I love this pairing the most), and InuTaisho/Kagome (as long as it written beautifully). I prefer the Sess/Kag fiction where it doesn't contain Inuyasha bashing, though I have to be honest that sometimes he grates on my nerves. Boy *eyes roll*


The first Sess/Kag fiction I read is Unspoiled by the infamous forthright and thus it leads me to the wonders of this unusual (or, should I say, the proof of 'opposites attract' law?) pairing in this Feudal Era Fairy Tale (or more likely Youkai Tale? Whatever.)





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Name Entry

Created On: 09/28/2014 17:08:59

Thanks so much for your awesome review on Nefarious! I am so pleased that the way I've changed canon makes sense to you. I try very hard to make sure I'm keeping things in canon-verse character but with different elements, so that was a very sweet comment you sent.

And yes, it is almost finished. I have just finished the next chapter and sent it to my beta, and she should have it back in a few days so I can post it. I am also working on the following chapter and hopefully I'll have the whole thing finished no later than the end of the month. But don't worry... I have a new Sess/Kag ready to go next, and when my beta read the first chapter she actually gave in and called me on the phone to exhort me to start posting on that one next. It will be a modern day A/U.. which I've never been all that fond of, because I like the original setting of Inuyasha, but I couldn't resist the idea when it came to me.

Anyway, I hope to see you reading my next Sess/Kag, and thanks for sharing the ride with me!



Created On: 08/23/2014 09:52:08

Thank you for taking the time to read "Old Enemy, New Friend" and reviewing. I'm so pleased it'll be on your list of re-reads over the future

Sesshomaru's Secret Admirer

Created On: 05/21/2014 19:28:47

*holding onto an oxygen mask*
Here! Here! Don't faint from lack of oxygen!
I'm glad to hear that you liked the battle scene! And to make you feel sorry for the Southern General...wow...I guess I was a bit harsh on him then. Oooops.
And ya....Takashi and Sesshomaru will need another virtual bear hug....soon. hehe. Will update soon! No worries!

Moonlight Silk

Created On: 05/18/2014 13:42:01

Thank you so much for the review on Object of my Desire.

Sesshomaru's Secret Admirer

Created On: 05/17/2014 00:02:50

I KNOW!!!!
Sesshomaru and Kagome are the PERFECT couple!
Oh well,I shall just dwell in my imagination and create another world for the two lovely couple! HUMPH!
And I hope this story, the "Masked Truth", allows you to dream with me!
Thank you for another lovely review! ^_^


Created On: 04/29/2014 09:13:05

Thank you for your review. It really made my day when I checked my e-mail first thing in the morning. As I wrote the story and began to incorporate the elements, I realized that it could be a wonderful multi-chapter story. But I have no time for that (I'm sure you realize that as you take note how many stories I have to complete). This is my first vampire story. And I promise you, there are good vampires Sesshomaru stories (Black Blood on Ff.net for ex.)

I share your love of historical stories (probably because I'm a history buff.) One of my favorite books growing up was the Children's Encyclopedia of History. Folklore is something I'm not that big on since I grew up more with fairy tales and the folktales my grandmother told me form India. But I'm glad that you liked the story's base. It was really fun to try to connect everything from the past to the future. There is a brief hint I make at the Bakumatsu era in Japan (literally a sentence), I wonder if you caught that?

I really am humbled by your review. This praise cannot be good for my ego. I do enjoy reading reviews from people who tell me they like my stories though. Thank you again


Created On: 04/27/2014 03:25:58
Edited By Suchiko On: 04/27/2014 03:26:17

Your review really made me giggle, lol. Thank you for that :3


Created On: 04/26/2014 19:19:11

Thanks for the review! Yeah, I think my brain subconsciously made that connection - if only I was skilled enough to create such an irritatingly memorable character!

Sesshomaru's Secret Admirer

Created On: 04/26/2014 02:36:14

I'm glad I could make you laugh.
I couldn't help laughing as I wrote it as well.
I can just imagine that this is how she would respond to realizing that the Western Land belongs to Sesshomaru.
Anyways, onto Chapter three


Created On: 04/26/2014 02:28:37

In response to your review for 'The Promise', yes, 'Tsukiko' means 'moon child'.

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