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Kagome's future was carved to be beautiful. She was marrying her childhood love and her life from then on would have been filled with happiness. But fate had other plans. ?"Maybe the reason why the ones we love are taken from us is because someone better will come into our lives.. Someone who will love us more.. Someone who won't hurt us and lead us on. And that person will right all the wrongs in our lives.." And at her worst, fate led her to Sesshoumaru..
Rating: M  -  Universe: Alternate  -  Status: Incomplete  -  Category: Chapter Stories  -  Created: 01 Jun 2011  -  Updated: 01 Jul 2011
Genre: Drama, Romance, Tragedy  -  Chapters: 4  -  Reviews: 3  -  Words: 13,889  -  Reads: 4,332


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Just Woke Up Sesshoumaru LineArt
  • Just Woke Up Sesshoumaru LineArt
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The Shanghai Warbler
  • The Shanghai Warbler
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Just woke up, Sesshoumaru? [colored]
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Passion -colored-
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Mokomoko colored
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I Want You Closer..
  • I Want You Closer..
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Just woke up, Sesshoumaru?
  • Just woke up, Sesshoumaru?
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Lord and Lady of the West
  • Lord and Lady of the West
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Created On: 06/30/2011 20:51:19

Work is *bleah* Me need me bishies NOW!! Meet you girls in the harem *cough cough* I think our collection is getting big enough for us to actually pick

thank you sweetie for the superduper lovely reviews on The Adventures of Chibimaru and Gang!! *BIG HUGGG* He is soooooo cute, isn't he?? *squeezes huggles pinches sesshy cheeks* LOL. He'd probably throw a royal tantrum and go, "This Chibimaru is not a toy" LOL.


Created On: 06/29/2011 19:49:08

I'm doing wonderful! New job, which is probably why I haven't been on until recently.

Oh yum, the bishies. ^^ I'm DEFINITELY playing that game sometime!

I miss you too!! And I miss our bishie chats~


Created On: 06/26/2011 16:39:28


I've missed you! It's been a while

Tell me what's been going on lately! Any new bishies to swoon over..??


Created On: 05/28/2011 01:53:42

OMG Elleeeeeeeee!!! *HUGGGGS* I missed you too!!! How have you been? Thank you for your lovely reviews You are soooo sweet as always!


Created On: 11/03/2010 22:21:03
Edited By DestinysTears On: 11/03/2010 22:27:17

Elleeeee!!! I'm so sorry for the late response!! Life has been SO freaking crazy as of late. But thankfully, it has calmed down some, so I should be able to get online more often now! ^^ I've missed you so much!! How have you been, dear?

Last time i checked, i was definitely not a Naraku incarnate, but I do think I just have an evil streak going here >:3

Starting a long message or any message for that matter from scratch just SUCKS. I always have to write it in Word now, or now that I have an iTouch I write it in the notes app. Plus it's better that way for me anyways. My electronics are too janky and slow for me to write it straight onto the message box.

AHAHAHAHA!! I've definitely noticed that. I bet he just tries to find every excuse not to put his clothes on, that tempting little bishie that he is! LOL!

Buy it!!! You should just put on sunglasses and a bat and a huge trench-coat. That way he/she will neeever know about your bishie fetish. MUAHAHAHAHA! ... *ahem*

LOL. "Yeah! That blonde guy dude one!" Haha, yeah it's like, they're sexy hot bishies! Does the name really matter? ROFL! XD

Oh and I saw that apparently you've found two LIVE BISHIES??? Oh my goodness. I will so look them up once I get on my laptop! (yeah... This itouch isn't exactly great for everything... lol)


Created On: 09/25/2010 03:43:39

GASPARD ULLIEL. *freezes and starts foaming at the mouth* OHMYGOSHNESS he is tooooooo cute. LOOK AT THAT SMILE!!! *foams more at the mouth and falls off chair* Such HOTNESS. *pours water over computer screen*

YES, YES there is an English-subbed version of Hakuouki's anime on youtube!! Let me give you the link, my dear!! You'll TOTALLY adore this~ They are all superrrrr handsome and droobalicious. They are based on historical figures, so you have Okita Souji, Saito Hajime and so on!!

LOL! My ex-chicken had the habit of being too friendly to everyone he sees, and that was when I had a hard time of dealing with those chicken thieves! But oh well, he got tied down again after I freed him, so good for him! Bishie goodness is wayyy better~

I ran a search of Glutathione, and oooh, so that's what it is! I've definitely heard of it, and yes, it is rather popular here in Singapore as well. Southeast Asia weather is awful...I am practically melting here, and it doesn't help that rain keeps falling out of nowhere. You would look sooo cute with a girlish bob!!

Aww my dear, 6 years is still young!! Don't worry My lazy pug must be sleeping on his favorite cushion in doggy heaven right now! We buried that thing along with him so he wouldn't miss it~ Dogs are just the most awesome creatures, aren't they? Do you like retrievers? I think Goldens are sooooooooo gorgeous.


Created On: 09/20/2010 12:07:47

OMGOMG I totally googled your Alexander and boy, is he hot!!!*wipes drool* Ahhh. The world needs more specimens of this sort! And we will all be happy and blissful~

Hakuouki has, sadly, no English version!! But the YAY!thing is that the anime on youtube, which is merely 12 episodes as of now for season 1, is English-subbed. HURHUR. Talk about an ultimate fangirl dream - it's an otome game (girl game) so the bishies are all designed for the girls!! XD Good taste you have there! That guy is Hijikara Toshizou, a real character in Japanese history actually, and he is...ahhhh. *swoons* Need I say more?

LOL at the saying you guys have!! How funny but at the same, pretty true too!! Tied chickens, huh...LOL! Usually they get fat and roly-poly though! XD Competition is always good; it keeps us ladies on guard at all times, and always ready to remain beautiful and attractive!

I'll give that Kojic acid soap a try if I get the chance to!! XD it sounds awesome! The translucent Korean skin is quite hard for us Southeast Asians to achieve eh? Even though I'm pure Singaporean Chinese, I am nowhere as fair as some of the Chinese girls from up North in the mainland. I totally LOL-ed at what you've said about your hair looking like a's actually how they used to cut boys' hair in Southeast Asian regions in the past eh? My Dad had that hair when he was little!!! HAHAHA. Have you thought of trying short hair?

Awww dearie, no worries, my ugly little boy died a long time back! He is the same age as I am, meaning he was born in 1987 too. So when I was three, he was three and so on. But when we hit 9, I was still a kid but he was old in doggy terms and he passed away then. So it has been many, many years, and sometimes I think of him fondly, but there's no sadness He's happy up there, I am sure!

LOL! Chihuahuas can be cute, and I like them, but not as dogs. They just don't seem dog-ish. Cute, but more like a ferret or something LOL. I totally support your Samoyed dream!! WOOHOO!! It has to be the MOST gorgeous dog.


Created On: 09/14/2010 12:40:17

Awww my cute walking GREEN HOUSE!! You remind me of a rose garden now!!

OMG now you totally made me want to watch True Blood!! It sounds really interesting, especially since it's to do with vampires! I've just discovered the otome game/manga/anime Hakuouki, and OMG Shinsengumi bishies all gathered in a reverse harem setting makes me explode with fangasms!!

Here's a link to a picture to ignite those bishie-loving cells!

*fans self* I can never look at Bishies without thinking of you!

Awww darling, I got my first kiss at 20, so I guess that's pretty late too eh? But it was nothing steamy or was this awkward umm-why-are-you-so-close-to-my-face kinda first kiss. HAHA. As for no first kiss at 21, well, it's not loser-ish in the least, my dear! You're so lovely and sweet, and I am sure it would be SUPERDUPER GOOD when it comes! But I have to be realistic and admit that I've never really had ummm...a steamy kiss or anything remotely steamy, not to mention mind-blowing. HURHUR. All that ideals I have are written into fanfiction LOL. From reading too much, not experience. LE SIGH. Gimme my Sesshy now!

LOL at cheeky instructors with keen senses!! I think it's cute when a man keeps talking about his girlfriend, but it's bad because you do realize how ironical the situation is? LOL. Finding a taken man cute...hrrrmph. XD

OMG! Comrade! I love whitening products~ Especially Kose's Sekkisei range and Shiseido White Lucent! But the price! OMG. It totally works against me. Fair skin is so pretty against black hair, so I'd say, stay fair! I am not too fair by nature Not dark, definitely, but I don't have the clear, translucent whiteness which I admire~

LOL oh yes, that's my ugly little pug!! He's happy in doggy heaven now, but yupp, men in black totally reminded me of him. Totally ugly, but in a cute way.

LOL get everything online, my dear!! XD It's a bit of a shame you don't read Chinese...the Chinese fandoms are faster than the English ones in translation, scanlations and so on, so you can get them first hand.


Created On: 09/11/2010 00:20:59

Sorry for the late reply, love!! How have you been? I totally got caught up with real life. ARRRRGH. It's such a nightmare. I wish I could hide in fandoms forever and be surrounded by bishies~ Thank you for reviewing Shanghai Don't we all love Sesshy when he goes into steamy kiss mode??

5pm - 9pm??? That's a terrible time slot!! 5 makes me want to sleep, 6 makes me want to eat, 7-9 makes me want everything but have review class!! LOL. But lucky you on having a cute instructor!!

Oooh speaking of oily/combination skin, I've heard that collagen actually helps by moisturizing the skin and hence cutting down sebum production! How true that is I don't know, but it sounds pretty good! AHH! A fellow floral scent lover~ XD I haven't tried Etude House before you know the brand Jill Stuart? I adore it~

Natural cucumber should be good enough for eyes, I believe! I use commercial eye cream though LOL. Like, L'Oreal White Perfect Eye. Are you the Asian girl who's into whitening or bronzing? I fall under the first category, so if you have any whitening product faves, do let me know!! We can totally chat about them~

Yup, My Beauty Diaries can be easily found in Taiwan!! They work wonders and the price is so reasonable too~ Speaking of gel liners...gosh, they last FOREVER. I've never really managed to finish using any makeup before...perhaps for the exception of one blusher which I used till I could see the base of the pan XD

LOL Doggies are definitely smart and lovable creatures!! It's super cute how your little Lhasa Apso is a breathing alarm late pug was EXTREMELY LAZY. He could sleep through a thunderstorm, and the only time you could really get him to wake up was when you announced that dinner was ready. LOL XD Talk about lazy!!

Oh YES, Elle darling, I'd TOTALLY prefer Yue over Naraku any time. Please bring Yue-san to my bishie party and we can totally have our wicked way with them!!! Yue is sooooo gorgeous *drooooools* XD XD XD Gin makes me want to smile creepily at him all day LOL. You got me cackling non-stop at your comment on the Love Confession!! OMG I have no idea but I think it might be a seiyuu thing, but the contents are extremely cute. It starts off with him saying, "I love you. I really want to be a better man so I can be with you." OMG. Like, fangasm much??? XD

Ooooooh you're now watching Bleach?? It's an awesome show!! I totally adore it~ XD Gin and Rangiku...well, they are 99% official now!! LOL but I'd be giving you spoilers from chapter 416 of the manga, so I shall not elaborate further lest I spoil your anime experience!! XD


Created On: 09/10/2010 02:49:52

Elle! ElleElleElleElleELLE!!!!


I've been away from you for so long! WAHHHHH. I iz a bad personzz...

How is NCLEX review? I hope not too horrible! And you better not be sick anymore... or else! *shakes fist at* Can't have my Elle being all ickysicky.

LOL! Your doggie is truly gay! We always say that my Italian greyhound would be gay if he happened to be human, but that's more because he's a priss than anything else. He doesn't even hump things... except for the cat, on occasion You certainly seem to be surrounded by gay organisms! LOL

You never had to suffer through Crapuseless? I mean, err, Calculus? Lucky! I had to do AP Algebra and Trig in my freshman year of high school. Though technically, it was a junior class.
O.o Never been able to polish your nails? That stinks. I haven't had real nail polish on for more than a day or two at the most in years. I can't wear polish for work, so it just seems a waste to bother.

LOL! Perhaps you are unable to feel gay vibes? I can't believe you missed it twice!

Yay! Sharing of bishehs! Yummyyummy! Let me know when you become bishie-rich and I will certainly be there, m'dear. And there's nothing wrong with being picky, as long as you can appreciate good stuffs when you see it! Hmmm... how expensive would one of these host bishies be?

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