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Hi there friends!  Welcome to my little space on Dokuga!

I'm a full time college student majoring in elementary education, while working part-full time as a manager/bartender/server/administrative assistant/jackofalltradesmasterofnone in a restaurant.

When I'm not at school, studying, working, or reading fan-fics, you can find me in the Dojo, training for a triathlon, kayaking, biking, paddle-boarding, running, swimming, or sleeping.  XD

I am a very friendly person, and I invite you to leave a comment on my wall, even if it's just to say hello!

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Created On: 01/20/2011 12:21:52

Thank you so much for the review on Pink Carnation.
Seriously, you have no idea how much you made my day. You got me all teared up, with a stupid big smile on my face. I needed that, thank you


Created On: 12/11/2010 21:00:11
Edited By Calophi On: 12/11/2010 21:00:37

Hi! I saw your review on a manga page asking her to write out the story in fic form, and I wanted you to know that this manga is ALREADY in fic form and she is basing the manga from it. The story is called Tears of the Fallen by ShadowsWeaver1 and it is complete.

FF.Net Link


Created On: 11/26/2010 22:39:15

Thank you for the sweet comment on my drawing! You're too kind


Created On: 09/28/2010 09:01:31

Hi thank you so much for your review on Love. Impossible. Lol, I do agree some parts were kinda rushed... but hehehe... I did intent it to be a one-chot.

Hope you'll read Down the Rabbit Hole when I finally get a chance to put it on here. I love constructive reviews!


Created On: 09/12/2010 09:19:50

Thank you for the sweet review on Pink Carnation!
Favorite Author? Gosh! That's too much

Unfortunately, I think I'll have to make you a bit madder at Inuyasha. BUT it'll be worth it, I promise =3


Created On: 08/25/2010 08:32:42

Thanks for the review on Blood Stained,
Sorry it took me so long to update!

*blushes* Well thank you. Gosh, I never knew what to say to compliments.


Created On: 08/17/2010 03:43:59

GRAH! I made a grave error, he's supposed to pose on a merry go round not ferris wheel ;A;


Created On: 08/16/2010 11:44:55

Thank you so much for the comment, now if you excuse me...I have to wrestle Fluffy butt here to pose in teh ferris wheel >D


Created On: 08/14/2010 23:36:50

Oh pshh... Not presumptuous at all! ::hugs::


Created On: 08/14/2010 04:50:46

Oh but I am! I only started drawing digitally two months ago which is why if you look in my gallery none of the pics have any consistency because I'm just randomly cobbling it together and hoping the end result doesn't turn out too badly!

Aw, thank you for faving!!

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