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I have a profile on and mostly doing fanfics on there but I'm trying to incorporate 2 loves stories into one and I'm seeing how that goes. This is my mibba page Post may be erratic since I'm in college right now. And hopefully a year from graduating from college. Please note I am posting Just Living My Complicated Life on both so it is not plagiarized considering I am the author on each site.

Life is good at points life is bad at points you just have to take what you have been given.

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Taisho Siblings from eldest to youngest (according to me and my stories):




Inu-Susana (Human, Riccardo's Twin)


Riccardo (Susana's twins)




Inu-Susana's Servants and Animals




Namid and Grusha


Yuko and Longwei


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Things for the heroine have always been tough and no one could tell her what was right or wrong. Her supposed adopted siblings left her after their training ended other than Ben Skywalker. Her biological mother died when she was only a baby so she went to live with her mom’s friend instead of Uncle who is still alive while she trains. Her adoptive mother only lived until she was 10 and was killed by bad guys. Since then she has trained under Luke Skywalker but has been captured a few times. Her love life isn’t much better as well. She has had only one serious boyfriend until he cheated on her, which was a horrible break up for them. She is dedicating herself to herself in order not to get hurt more especially since the main guy has been raping her under his watch. So what else is she to do? But a guy is determined to break that out of her since they have been friends before. How will this affect her? Can she just live her life even if she is half demon & half Jedi? Will she ever find her place? Or will she always be tortured about her life? Find out. Star Wars Original Triolgy © George Lucas • Lucasfilm owns Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, Han Solo, Chewbacca, R2D2, and C3P0 Young Jedi Knights Series © Kevin J. Anderson • Rebbecca Moesta • Boulevard • Berkley Jam • Lucasfilm LTD owns Tenel Ka, Raynar Thul, Jaina & Jacen Solo, Lewbacca New Jedi Order Series © R.A. Salvatore et al • Del Ray • Lucasfilm LTD owns Ben and Mara Jade Skywalker
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i gots to be the first to sign the wall!! I just gots to!

Hi! I am Kirai welcome to Dokuga!

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