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Ninetails reporting in!

Im kinda new to the whole writing fics thing *well relatively* I did some back in 2004, but havent been writing since.

Hopefully i get some positive reviews and feedback to improve my works! currently only one story being written atm!

Please send me some positive feedback! I would love to hear from you all!


A little about me:


Ive always fancied myself a little bit artistic. Ive not had any classes for it, working mainly to improve myself learning by doing. The same goes for my writing. I wish I was a whole lot better than I am but only doing it will improve that :P

I love to read, its my favorite thing to do...other than video games.

I play a lot of league of legends / wow / minecraft

Im in the U.s. Coast Guard. I love my job, and am always working to improve in it.


if you play lol feel free to add me my u/n is Niinetails  <-- two i's is correct :D

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Kagome is dying. Did she realize this? Nope. Shes far to busy caring for others then herself. How will she continue on her quest? Regardless of the quest, how will she even continue to live?
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Created On: 10/11/2017 03:20:30

Thanks for the review on A Selfish Wish, I haven't done much writing recently but I am currently going through my stories to get back into the writing mind. I can't promise anything but I'll add that one to the list.


Created On: 09/23/2011 01:35:49

It helps....but copy/paste that. Edit the post before mine so you dont have to draw me. That's what I do....I merely edit my last post =] If u want to make an extra drawing, be my guest. I was only telling you in case you didnt know. =]
Feedback from Ninetails: pft maybe I want to do yours too!!


Created On: 11/17/2010 00:17:32

It was entirely my pleasure and thank you for the appreciation! It always makes me glad to know the time spent giving reviews are recieved and useful in some way or another! ^-^

Ah, i completely understand. I bet the only reason it felt rushed was due to the naraku arc, but i get your meaning. I agree that i prefer when the relationship is grown because, yes, as you said, he IS a demon lord. ^ 3^

*pet pet* i empathize thoroughly with your doubts on yourself, i feel them all the time too. And i'm not one to say i just look past it and find the good in my works, i them or practice to get better. Also, because if i don't draw it or write it them the images are stuck buzzing in my head and making my itch to do something. Perhaps you can think of it that way, you just want to get this story out, if not for anyone else then for yourself. And if that doesn't work maybe do something nice for yourself? i don't know *shrug* again...i cannot boast being good to myself for problems so i can't really give good pushes while not doing what i advise XP But cheer up! Even if you don't like your work now, if you keep at it, then someday you will be able to smile proudly at what you've done! *huggles*

I accept your love, no worries, and i give loves back *unleashes hearts with teeth--for human clamping of course* Again so nice that you liked my review and someday be sure to look forward too another! Though i am more of a 'wait until the end' reviewer, so it shall be rare otherwise to hear from me. ^-^

So appreciative! > 3


Created On: 11/12/2010 10:17:16

OMG Thank you so much for such an amazingly sweet review on my story, The Bridal Creed! I am SO glad that you took a chance on it. I can fully appreciate when people don't like a certain genre or story setting and avoid them. I personally am not a fan of tragic stories... I LOVE tragic angst in a story but I'm a sucker for a happy ending. I'll still read them, I'm just picky and I usually end up really liking even the tragic stories anyways. I'm weird.

So again thank you for taking a chance on it. I'm glad that it didn't let you down, and I PRAY that I keep entertaining you with it.

Thankyou for the feedback on the dialogue issue I've had. I had a couple of reviews now that have asked why there isn't more dialogue... they have all been very nice about it, so I know they arn't just flamers, but genuine curiosities. I hadn't thought about the amount of dialogue until someone said something, and I realized there really wasn't a lot. I personally didn't feel like it took away form the story, but if my reviewers took the time to comment on it, then I wanted to be sure.

At the earlier stages of the story it just didn't warrent too much dialogue, but as the story progesses and too the communication between characters, the natural course of the story is to have more dialogue. There will be some chapters with more and some with less. Its all dependant on the stroy.

If you see any issues to alert me to, I always appreciate the input. So please feel free to let me know, because I really do appreciate the CC. This was the first story I ever wrote, and I'm still pretty green, so I need all the help I can get! lol

Look for an update some time today or tonight. I just need to review and edit the chapter, and then I'll have it up.

Thank you again, my dear heart!


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