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Hello all!!!  Welcome to my profile! YAY!

I'm not a writer, nor can I draw very well... I do however, love to read and appreciate art. 
I'm a 22yr old woman from Australia who is Asian at heart. ^_^

Feel free to hook me a line, I don't bite... much. :3



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Name Entry

Created On: 06/07/2012 13:01:21

Thank you for the review on The Princess Warrior And I am going to search for the manga that you were talking about. Thanks again!!

Kagome Yuki Niwa

Created On: 04/12/2012 09:46:39

Hola! Thanks for your review on We're All a Little Mad! It's going to be an alternate universe set during the meiji era because that was when Western influences began to go over to Japan and you'll just have to wait and see if it's a dream or reality! ;3


Created On: 12/25/2011 10:09:08

Not helpful? You just gave me a g\reat idea, but it will be set into motion after a while, after the present Seshoumaru is more comfortable around his past self. First I have to figure pout what the hell is worng with Kagome...

Thanks for the review, btw, real helpful.
Feedback from Azumii: Aww yay I was helpful!! I'm so glad. I love your story!
Cannot wait for an update. ^_^


Created On: 07/04/2011 08:05:36

Thanks! They really are cute, cute, cute!! Lol. I will be spending some time there soon. Welcome to Dokuga by the way! I hope you have an enjoyable time here. I don't write here but I do like reading and the fanart is just beautiful. Hope to see you around the forums.

with best wishes,
Feedback from Azumii: No worries!! Hehehe thanks I do love Dokuga!

Duchess Of Darkness

Created On: 06/12/2011 01:17:40

Oh hell yeah, I'm first to sign your profile page *does a goofy dance*
Thanks for the review miss lady. I actually wrote the driving scene based on what really happened to me. My friend drives like a stunt driver. One time he scared me so damn bad I kicked his sorry a** up and down our street. I even wrote "ride at your own risk" in the dust on the rear window of his car.

Thanks again...
Feedback from Azumii: Hahaha yus finally a post on my page. :3 Feelin' the love.
Really? I can't blame you I drive like an old lady. hahaha. Can't wait for more of your story.

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