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Lady Lynn (Chapter 14) - Fri 13 Jul 2018

Things are making a little more sense.  I thought the battle in chapter two was too scripted to be a real battle, there was many signs that pointed in that direction.

Kikyo is indeed a fool.  She spread herself to thin with all these plans and if Sesshomaru was able to 'talk' to her...well that would have been an interesting conversation. And she managed to curse Rin...she's in so much trouble.

How was Ashanti able to wield Tessagia?  If I recall, only half beeds were able to wield the sword.  Did she use an enchantment on the sword to use it?  And if she was able to, why didn't InuYasha pick up on the fact his sword was tampered with?  Even if InuYasha doesn't know how to use magic in a sense, he can 'feel' that his sword has been tampered with...although he would be clueless on how it acts up from time to time.

Sesshomaru is going to be livid with Kikyo when he finally gets his hands on her for many reasons. 

How is Sesshomaru going to take the news that the dragon and Kagome are one in the same?

Selenityhyperion (Chapter 1) - Fri 13 Jul 2018

This story is AMAZING. I have been working on reading it for the past few days and have been absolutely awestruck. Amazing job - keep up the great work!!




Mutnodjmet (Chapter 14) - Thu 12 Jul 2018

Wow...chapters 9-14 were totally awesome, they were worth the wait.  I had thought that you had abandoned this wonderful story and that saddened me but you surprised me and now life can go on :)

I loved how you set the story up and bringing it back full circle to the beginning showing how Kagome became who she is now and the path to her original true destiny. I especially loved your portrayal of her showing how she became this fascinating and intriguing bigger than life being and yet you kept the true essence of what made Kagome...Kagome.  All the trials that she has endured, the people she has met, helped and inspired, and her personal growth in controlling her immense power, her fears and emotions makes her the best of the best.  

I refuse to believe that after Kagome defeats the dark god that her reward is to die and be reincarnated into a normal life.  I think that when she saw that vision of a memory from her guardian Sayaki, that that was another test to gage her reaction and to see what she will do knowing the final outcome of her life.  I think she may have surprised the gods when she reluctantly accepted that fate, adjusted and continued on the path to her destiny. She did not give up so I think that the gods will reward her with the original vision she saw of her future in the tarot cards and the runes.  Besides, the difference between Kagome and the other champions is that she was born with the shikon jewel inside of her, so that has to be worth something!?!

I love everything about this story, especially the plot and all the OCs...the little details of Norse and Japanese mythologies and the different countries and cultures.

Looking forward to reading the chapters with S/K interactions on a romantic level and finding out who the 8th guardian will be.

I hope RL will allow you to update sooner rather than later.  :)

Thank you for your creativity, all of your time, effort, research and hard work that you put into this exciting and well written story!!!

Excellent job!!!

teresa daniel (Chapter 14) - Thu 12 Jul 2018


Beelzebub (Chapter 1) - Thu 12 Jul 2018

Please keep going!!! I need to know what happens next! This is a great story, your writing style is really good. I can really picture what is happening. 

Cheyanna (Chapter 14) - Tue 10 Jul 2018

Yes!!!!! I’m so happy!!!!!!! Thank you so much for the update and I look forward to the next chapter!! ;) 

Himawari (Chapter 13) - Fri 06 Jul 2018

gah what a cliffy! i cant wait to the next chapter! i am addicted to this story! its so great and all the cultures youve put into it gah! i hope to see an update soon! :)

snow (Chapter 13) - Mon 02 Jul 2018

it feels like I have been waiting for ages for this story to be updated lol, I must say the chapters release are Very good, the plot thickens how will Sesshomaru take all of this? and Inuyasha? where did Kikyo go? I can't wait for the next installment please do update soon.  I love the way you shaped this Kagome, she has a backbone she won't bend to Sesshomaru I love it! please update soon :)

Ashley (Chapter 1) - Wed 23 May 2018

Just wondering when you're going to update it with a new chapter

Alesia (Chapter 13) - Tue 22 May 2018

Very entertaining  story I loved all of Kagomes travels though I do wish we could have bonded with all the guardians  a bit more.

Daniella (Chapter 13) - Fri 11 May 2018

Uhu, you're back, I can not wait for the next chapters!!!

Jacqui (Chapter 13) - Wed 02 May 2018

Awesome Story!! I really do appricate a the time you put into this story!!

Jessica (Chapter 13) - Sun 29 Apr 2018

Oh thank you so much for writing on this. This story is so good I hope you write more soon. 

Jean (Chapter 13) - Fri 27 Apr 2018

What a wonderful story, I love it! Wonderful characters and original plot. I love the detailed writing also. Can't wait to see what will happen next!

Toni (Chapter 13) - Wed 25 Apr 2018

can't wait for the next chapters   great story  

Lady Lynn (Chapter 13) - Tue 24 Apr 2018

I was re reading the chapter and more questions popped up.  First off, how could Kagome's former friends could tell if the reiki blast was Kagome's reiki since Kikyo did kill her. Even their 'story' had holes in it to be believable if the person was in their right mind to question it...but with the circumstances I can see where they failed to question the poisoned tale.

How is Sesshomaru going to handle the fact that InuYasha lied about several things and tied the west to these lies.  Its not going to to help the west or Sesshomaru's reputation at all.  Plus of the fact that Kikyo conveniently left the throne room to save her hide and didn't care in the least about her mate's safety nor Sesshomaru's safety either.

When the dai youkai from Japan finally meet the rest of the surviving youkai...the scrutiny Sesshomaru will face when they really nitpick his 'explanations' of the past and of course InuYasha's mouth isn't going to help  matters either.


Darkness living in Hope (Chapter 13) - Mon 23 Apr 2018

OMG! You are an amazing writer. I read your story in a day and lost sleep cause of it but it was so worth it! The way you wrote all your character and how you describe them was very easy to picture them want they would love like. (Saisei is my favourite guardian) I love the way you told of kagomes travels and how she was all over the world. 

I hope you update soon. We all want to know what’s going to happen to inuyasha and kikyou. And how the Japan youkai all handle the information the kagome has given them 

Lady Lynn (Chapter 13) - Sat 21 Apr 2018

InuYasha, you have no idea how much trouble you are in.  Don't except Kikyo to be there to bail you out since she didn't help her or your case by running away from the commotion. 

I wonder if InuYasha realized the huge amount of trouble he put the west in because of his lies.  Sesshomaru should had also put Kikyo under house arrest as well...but her being the dark 0ne's champion it will be difficult.

I hope Sesshomaru does the right thing.


Kat (Chapter 13) - Fri 20 Apr 2018

I absolutly love this story please please keep writing!!!!!!

Shayna Hilderbrand (Chapter 13) - Thu 19 Apr 2018

I am so happy you updated this story! I read your newly added chapters pretty much non-stop. I'm excited to read more. It's amazing how it has turned out.  Thank you!!

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