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andreana (Chapter 16) - Mon 21 Jan 2019

I can't wait for the conclusion !!! 

Brenna (Chapter 1) - Sat 22 Dec 2018

Please update!!!!

Lady Lynn (Chapter 16) - Sun 16 Dec 2018

Kikyo is in so much trouble with the west, funny thing her 'master' realized that and had her locked up.  Sesshomaru wanted proof of Kikyo's treachery, he has it and he'll be wondering why he didn't put the pieces of the puzzle together sooner.

Rose (Chapter 4) - Thu 13 Dec 2018

I just discovered your story and I reslly like it. It is very different from all the others that I have read.

Jennifer (Chapter 16) - Thu 06 Dec 2018

Omg!!!! What an amazing story!!!! I couldn't stop reading it!!! Please update quickly!!!

R (Chapter 16) - Wed 21 Nov 2018 I just read this over the span of a few days and I'm a bit blown away! The premise is so lovely, fresh, and unique; it's entirely refreshing to read something that doesn't rely so heavily on overused trope! As a reader, I feel so cared for when I read a piece where the author really takes time to write with great depth i.e. they write in a way that assumes the reader is intelligent by way of pushing use of complicated themes and plot devices. You have obviously taken great care to both research and thread mythology together to blend seamlessly with the original fandom. I also want to compliment you on your pacing. I'm impressed with how fluidly Kagome's adventures worked together - I felt neither rushed nor bogged down in content - which has left me feeling really situated in my understanding of her character. I look forward to you developing Sesshoumaru's character, as well, now that he's taken stage once again. Thank you for taking the time to write so well - I wholeheartedly appreciate the care, time, and patience you put into this for all of us in this community. I await the next chapter with bated breath! 


Pearl (Chapter 16) - Fri 09 Nov 2018

Oh my Gosh. ..I am addicted to this story.  I just spent the last three days reading everything you had posted.  I can't wait to read the next chapter.



Kat (Chapter 16) - Wed 07 Nov 2018


demon13o (Chapter 16) - Mon 05 Nov 2018

Really well written so far, definitely an interesting tale and cannot wait to read more. The polar changes in some of the personalities was shocking, but the years made it understandable. Certainly looking forward to the next chapter and the war.

SmilingFool (Chapter 16) - Sat 03 Nov 2018

This is truly an amazing story.  So well done and properly thought out.  I adore lore legends and all there is to magic.  Having bound everyone to the cause of saving the youkai, (Youkai, yoki are considered like sheep even in plural. The word youkais is wrong.  The only reason I know this is the fact that a japanese friend of mine made it clear to me every time I made the same mistake by bopping me on the head.)


Sad that Kagome has to die at the end perhaps the Kami will grace her with life after all that she has acomplished since no other champion could do what Kagome is doing now.  I read this story three times already I know your updates are sporadic but please when you have the next chapter up let kagome kick some arse. Oh I can't wait to see what Sesshomaru will do when he finds Kagome in his chambers with Rin.  I wonder what Kagome will find about the curse effect on Sesshomaru and why his soul was far off than the others.


Update soon.

Johann (Chapter 16) - Fri 02 Nov 2018

I'm so inlove with this story..hope you get to see this thru the end..tnx for sharing ????

Faith (Chapter 16) - Fri 02 Nov 2018

Wow such an amazing story!!! I can't wait for the next update!

Sesskagaddict89 (Chapter 16) - Thu 01 Nov 2018

Wow this story is truly captivating. I wanted to review a few times and kept saying on the next chapter I will. That was until I now find myself at the last chapter. Please keep updating. This is epic and should be continued for sure. You have great rhythm with your writing and I can't wait to see what happens. 

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 16) - Wed 31 Oct 2018

Oh no, please update the next chapter quickly, like now!

Jamie (Chapter 16) - Tue 30 Oct 2018

Holy hell...  so worth the wait!


Until that cliffhanger. 


Looking forward to seeing what happens with Rin! Hopefully your computer issues are solved soon! 

Mutnodjmet (Chapter 16) - Tue 30 Oct 2018

This story always gets me excited when I see an update.  It is just so awesome.

Won't Sesshomaru be surprised when he sees his Rin again and all because of Kagome.  :)

He will have to go along with the alliance now, don't you think.

I can't wait to read what happens in the next chapter...I know it's going to be good.

Thanks for the update and the time it took.  I really enjoy reading this story.

SammyJams (Chapter 16) - Mon 29 Oct 2018

that cliffy is going to kill me!!!! Please please update soon!

Black Phoenix (Chapter 1) - Mon 29 Oct 2018

I am in absolute love with this story! It gives me such Joy and pleasure to read it and even wants me to start work on mine again. I look forward to your next update!????????

Molly Hooper Holmes (Chapter 16) - Mon 29 Oct 2018

What next, what next, what next???!!! :::yelling like a 2 year old ;)::::  But really...what happens next? :O

sesshys_jaded_samuri (Chapter 2) - Mon 29 Oct 2018

Hi. First thing.  I really like this story, and I hope you continue to write it.  I am quite intrigued thus far at only 2 chapters in.


That said, I have to ask.  Do you have a beta? Do you have someone helping you edit and spotting grammatical errors.  I ask because as good as your story is, it is a little difficult to read with the number of grammatical issue I have spotted so far.  I keep having to stop and re-read sentences each time I come across one, and that makes it difficult to follow.


If you don't have a beta, I would be glad to help you out.  Just drop me a PM if you are interested.


Again, I hope you continue to write this, as it is very interesting.



Jaded Samuri

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