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A Tale of Souls and Swords by Peach

A Lost Soul

A Tale of Souls & Swords

~I do not own Inuyasha. This story is purely fan made.

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Chapter 1: A Lost Soul

The cell was dark and damp, the smell was absolutely terrible. A lone figure sat in the far left corner contemplating everything she has went through over the years. All the sadness, loneliness, and betrayal soured her mood completely. Not even the happier memories of her travels could cheer her up. There was one emotion she just couldnt shake no matter how much she tried, guilt. It ate at her, nawing at everything that made her.... well her. Her light, her dark, her heart, and her soul. She has lived a very long time and unfortunately for her she has a very long time to come before this life of hers is over.... that's is if it actually ever does end.

The small figure looked around her cell... there wasn't much here, just a small blanket and a pale. She has been in this cell for three weeks, five days, 18 hours, and 32 minutes now, but she will be leaving it soon. Her trial is tonight. The four lords of the territories will be deciding her fate. The time has come for her to pay for her sins. They will more then likely give her death but unfortunately for them killing her will not be easy... if even possible. Tonight is the night where everything will come to light, all her sins revealed but in revealing this it will only bring up more questions. Everyone thought she was dead. Everyone heard of her "passing" 75 years ago.

She looked nothing like what she did in the past. Her jet black hair now reached down to her mid thighs and her blue eyes were hidden behind a white cloth that is tied around her head. Was she blind? Hardly, but it was too much for her to look into others eyes and see everything they have ever experienced, ever felt, and all their secrets, in their life. Especially since she is mostly around demons. So she keeps her eyes covered and uses her minds eye to see everything around her.  Her figure was covered with a hooded robe so none of her tattoos or peircings were visiable.  Over the years of traveling the world she most defiantly enjoyed her time in India and that was where she discovered her love for it.


The woman pulled her legs into a lotus position and got out her cards from the inside of her robe. She was nervous about tonight and needed a reading to reassure herself. She cleared her mind and focused on her situation while she shuffled her deck of cards a few times before drawing 3 of them. Placing the 3 in front of her and setting the rest aside, she flipped them one by one. Her first card, the situation, had a burley man sitting on a thrown with a crown on his head, was placed upside down. The Emperor card. With this card placed upside down was not what she was hoping for... The lords were going to be stubborn and its going to be hard to get them to listen. She placed her hand over the card and focused on it. She could see glimpses of their faces, snarling and hateful... her only saving grace will be the Northern Lord. He was the wisest of them and quite the curious dragon. With a slight shake of her head she cleared her mind and flipped the next card. The card had a proud lion on it, The Strength card was placed right side up. A good card to have as her second, which was what she needed to solve the problem. She will need all the strength, patience and courage she has in this tiny body of hers to get herself through this. Finally her last card... The outcome. With a shakey hand she flipped it, The Eight of Swords... upside down.  She let out the breath she was holding.... She was going to be free. With telling her story she will finally be free.

There was a loud bang of the dungeon doors closing and it made her jump. She quickly gathered her tarot cards and put them back in her robe before standing up and dusted herself off. She waited patiently for the guards to show themselves. She could feel their aura approaching her cell. Their hostility was very evident and she flinched when they appeared in front of her cell, glaring at her but none of them said anything. The first guard unlocked her cell and the two other guards walked into her cell before grabbing her roughly. They dragged her out of her cell and through the dungeon. Their stride were long and fast making it hard for her to keep up.  She didn't fight it, she deserved it after all. They turned the corner and she came face to face to the huge double doors that consealed those who will judge her today. In truth, she was petrified, even though nothing could kill her. She knew there was a handful of demons behind that door that she knew she would have to face but didnt want to...she wasn't ready. The feeling of panick started to seep in as they marched closer to the door. She had to calm herself, taking deep breaths, she heard the guards next to her starting to chuckle. They were enjoying her suffering. Finally at the door, the guards open it. The demonic auras was suffocating.

The hate that filled this room was oppressing...she could hear all the snarling and hate filled comments as the guards conintued to drag her to the front. As they got closer to the front she was surprised to see Inuyasha and Kikyo sitting off to the side, she wondered when the brothers called a truce. When finally there the guards forced her to her knees in front of the four throwns before walking off to the side of the room. The growls around her stopped when one of the lords elegantly raised his clawed hand to silence them and gracfully stood up.

He was beautiful, no other male could compare themselves to the Western Lord. His moon spunned hair and bright golden eyes could make any female weak in the knees. With such a strong body structure and his height of 6'11 made him extremely intimidating. Lord Sesshoumaru was the most powerful demon in Japan... possiably the whole world. Lord Sesshoumaru was the youngest of the four lords looking no more than 25 even though he was a little over 800 years old.

To Lord Sesshoumaru's left sat the Southern Lord, Lord Daichi. Lord Daichi was a tiger youki, ruler of the Tora Clan of the South. The tiger stood strong at 6'5 with knee length black hair and sharp orange eyes. Upon his forehead showed a red diamond, the Southern crest. He sat on the Southern thrown wearing a white and gold kimono, displaying the southern colors. Lord Daichi is a fair ruler and loved by his subjects. He takes his job as lord very seriously and protects his people fiercely.


To the right of the Western Lord sat the Eastern Lord, Lord Shin. Lord Shin is a burley bear demon. Standing at 6'9, he had chestnut brown and his eyes were the color of the blackest coals. Lord Shin is the ruler of the Kumo Clan. You could tell by looking at him that he was utterly stubborn and a very rough fellow. Upon his forehead was the symbol of the East, a golden sun. He sat on the Eastern throne wearing a white and green kimono, the colos of the East. The bear youki was an aggressive ruler and quick tempered. He is known for being greedy and his land suffered for it but in the face of this new threat he joined an alliance with the other lords.

Sitting next to Lord Shin was the fourth and final lord, the Northern Lord Ryuunosuke. Lord Ryuunosuke was the oldest and wisest of the four lords. His clan was the most anicent of all the clans, his kind was one of the first youki. Lord Ryuunosuke is the leader of the Doragon Clan. The dragon was the biggest demon in the room standing at 7'5, he towered over everyone. He was a hard demon to miss not only because of his height but because of his striking purple locks and ruby red eyes. Upon his forehead was the Northern symbol, a white north star. He sat on the Northern throne wearing a white and blue kimono, the colors of the North. The dragon youki was a kind ruler but vicious when needed to be. Most of the North is occupied by the dragons, very few can stand the cold climate. For the most part the North stays neuteral in war but has had an alliance with the west for over a thousand years.

She quickly looked down as all the lords glared at her. The hatred rolling off them made her flinch and recoil back. The silence was making her antsy and she tried her hardest to not fidget and waited in quietly, keeping her head bowed. Finally Lord Sesshoumaru spoke, his voice so cold it sent a shiver up her spine.

"Tell me why I should allow you a trial when a disgusting human like you doesnt even deserve one?" He growled out viciously as his eyes started to tint red. All the demons in the room growled their agreement along with him.

"We should just kill her now and be done with it. The stupid bitch admitted to doing it. We don't need a trial!" Lord Shin rough voice shouted over all the growls echoing in the room. He flexed his claws wanted nothing more than to rip her apart.

"Yes we do...." All the growls stopped and looked over to the Northern Lord, waiting for him to continue. Lord Ryuunosuke looked around the room and sighed. Apparently everyone forgot a very important part of this situation.

"Explain, Ryuunosuke." Lord Daichi finally spoke up, curious as to what he had to say.


"Because what she said couldn't possibily be true. The destruction of the 7 villages happened 75 years ago. how could she possibly be the one responisble when she is but human?" He finished explaining but turned to look at her intensely.

"But what I want to know is, why is she addmitting to something she didn't do?" He stopped and waited for her to reply. Everyone in the room stopped and looked at the human wench kneeling in front of their lords, whispering amongst themselves.

"That is where you are wrong, my lords. I am the one responsible for all those deaths, all 463 of them." She said barely above a whisper knowing that everyone could hear her clearly. She kept her head down as anguish washed over her.

She will never forgive herself for causing all those innocent deaths, even though it was by accident. She hadn't meant to harm anyone, weither they were demon, hanyou, or human. she was a pure soul... or at least she use to be, now she was tainted by the world around her. That night she had just awoke her dormat powers and couldn't control them and because of it, 463 demons died that night. She has spent the last 75 years trying to make up for it by saving a life for every one she took.  Thinking of the past made her look down at the amulet around her neck. It was the only thing keeping her powers at bay. No one in the room could feel her miko powers. In truth she was the most powerful miko in Japan. Her story was a long one, one that before this night was over will be told and there was no time to wait. An evil more dangerous then any anyone has faced before has risen and she could feel him waiting at the edge of her senses. They didn't have much time before the god was apon them.

"Why do you continue to lie wench? If what you say was true you would be getting close to a hundred. You look no more then 20 years summers old." Lord Daichi asked, the look on his face completely confused.

She shifted uncomfortably, lifting her hands to the white cloth over her eyes and making sure to keep her head down. She start to say a soft chant, so soft that no one in the room could hear it. It was time to reveal herself so she started to undo the shadow spell concealing her features. Taking a couple of deep breaths to calm her nerves because she knew once she revealed herself she would cause a riot, especially with Inuyasha and his mate Kikyo. She suppose they were not going to be happy to see her. Thinking of Inuyasha, he looked old. older than she last seen him any way. He looked to be in his early 30's, he now looked like the older brother since Sesshoumaru looked to be 25. Kikyo naturally looked the same since she was still a walking corpse. She couldnt believe that Inuyasha mated her. She finally turned her attention back to the lords in front of her and braced herself.

"I do not lie, my lords. I am the one you have been looking for and you are correct, I am 95 years old. My story is a long one but one I am finally ready to tell if you are willing to hear of it." She bowed and waited with baited breath for their answer. All the lords looked at each other and you culd see that they were at least a little intrigued.

"Alright wench, we shall hear of it and decide your punishment afterwards." Lord Sesshoumaru finally conceaded and she bowed her thanks.   

"Now the question is where should I start?" she whispered more to herself than anyone else.

"At the beginning human." Lord Ryuunosuke answered for her and she nodded.


"It all started 80 years ago, when I was 15 summers old. Most already have heard of my story at that time, I was well known throughout japan." She shifted a bit to get more comfortable. Off to the side she could see Inuyasha's ears perk up and knew he was listening closely, so was his mate.

" I shall start by introducing myself then." She sat straighter and took a deep breath, making sure to keep her face hidden a little longer.

"My name is Kagome Higurashi and i am the Shikon Miko." There were loud gasp that filled the room, everyone either knowing her or had heard of her. Lord Sesshoumaru gave her a sharp look. She could see Kikyo tense and Inuyasha stand getting ready to give his opinion on this new turn of events no doubt. Even the other 3 lords reconized her name. Lord Sesshoumaru silenced the room before speaking again.

"Lies, the Shikon Jewel vanished and the miko is dead. We have witnesses who saw her fall to her death. This Sesshoumaru is gettng tired of your lies bitch!" Kagome knew he was starting to lose his patience and spoke up quickly.


"I assure you my lord, i am very much alive." Kagome finally lifted her head and pulled her hood down to reveal herself. Lord Sesshoumaru's eyes widened as he looked at her. Kagome released a little bit of her miko powers so he could feel them and catch her sent. All of these things will prove to him that she was who she claimed to be.

"IMPOSSIBLE!! I WATCHED YOU DIE WENCH!!!" Inuyasha finally jumped up screaming. She knew it was coming. Even Kikyo was surprised. Kagome didn't even bother to turn and acknowledge him.

"May I please continue my lord? We don't have much time." His glare shut Inuyasha up and he looked at her a few more minutes before nodding. Everyone focused on her and waited.... no one wanted to miss any details of this story.



*Thank you for reading... Next chapter will be of Kagome's past. Inuyasha's Betrayal and death of those she loved most! Until next time. ;p



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