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Name: real names Kim... but my dad's been calling me fish for some odd reason O.o lol

Age: 19

B-Day: June 13

Place of birth and current liveage: i was born in Baltimore, MD. i miss maryland so much T-T *cries*... i currently live in  South Carolina

Intrests: I like to draw, been doing it for a long time, but i only got good just recently lol... im still trying to find a style im confortable with thats why my drawings are always different and have no similarities T-T.. comes with time i guess :3...... i LOVE roller skating been doing it for 16 years.. Working out is like a drug to me =F. i absolutly LUVERS MY TRUCKS, can't go wrong with a truck 8D. i like working on cars and trucks, getting all greasy and messy, im a garage bumb *thumbs up* :3 lol. i see nothing wrong with that lol :3

What are you like? : im laid back most of the time. don't take action unless i absolutely have too. im a smartass to no end :3. i think almost everythings funny. im pretty random sometimes. very big hearted. easy to get along with, you can litterally talk to me about anything and not offend me in any way :3. i guess you could say im like a milkyway, hard on the outside and soft on the inside XDD

Fav anime:  i likes Inuyasha of course :3... beach, fma, cowboy bebop, galaxy angle... idk the others but there are more :3

Fav Cartoon: SESSHOUMARU!!!!! :3

Fav color: o0o silver, black, white, blue, really dark red, aaaaand neon green :3

Your quote: insanity is the best medicine >:3






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Hey peoples thx for coming to my profile.


http://www.youtube.com/w atch?v=Vf3Ji-9tiJoColoringbannerforKamiofPunishment:SangoColoringBannerforKamiofLove:KagomeColorBannerforConceptKagome:FeathersColoringbannerforKamioftheHunt:Ayame


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Oddball has 3 stories

Kagome finds that Inuyasha mated Kikyo while she was in the modern era. She goes off in search of the jewel shards on her own and is restarting her life in the feudal era. A Inu miko youkai assists her. Demoness makes a deal with Sesshoumaru to travel with Kagome. Kikyo falls ill and could die. Will Kags find love in sesshy?
Rating: MA  -  Universe: Canon  -  Status: Incomplete  -  Category: Chapter Stories  -  Created: 07 Jul 2009  -  Updated: 28 Sep 2009
Genre: Action, Angst, Drama, Erotica, Friendship, Humor, Romance  -  Chapters: 11  -  Reviews: 34  -  Words: 57,461  -  Reads: 15,354
Kagome get in a fight with Sessh... can he patch things up??? Read and find out.
Rating: MA  -  Universe: Canon  -  Status: Complete  -  Category: Oneshots  -  Created: 16 Jul 2009  -  Updated: 16 Jul 2009
Genre: Drama, Romance  -  Chapters: 1  -  Reviews: 2  -  Words: 5,500  -  Reads: 4,874
thanks to Inuyasha kagomes heartbroken... Strange kami messes with both Sesshoumaru and Kagome!
Rating: MA  -  Universe: Canon  -  Status: Incomplete  -  Category: Chapter Stories  -  Created: 15 Jul 2010  -  Updated: 27 Jul 2010
Genre: Action, Friendship, Humor, Romance  -  Chapters: 5  -  Reviews: 5  -  Words: 11,203  -  Reads: 4,841


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Lava demoness: Kagome colored
  • Lava demoness: Kagome colored
  • Category: Fanart
r0o's Fear me
  • r0o's Fear me
  • Category: Fanart
r0o's Kami of the hunt
  • r0o's Kami of the hunt
  • Category: Others
r0o's Kikyo had to die
  • r0o's Kikyo had to die
  • Category: Fanart
evening wear WIP
  • evening wear WIP
  • Category: Fanart
  • Category: Fanart
Lava demoness Kagome
  • Lava demoness Kagome
  • Category: Fanart
r0o's kami of love
  • r0o's kami of love
  • Category: Fanart
  • .:Sesshoumaru:.
  • Category: Fanart
R0o's Concept Kagome: Feathers
  • R0o's Concept Kagome: Feathers
  • Category: Fanart
R0o's Kami of Love
  • R0o's Kami of Love
  • Category: Fanart
R0o's Kami of Punishment: Sango
  • R0o's Kami of Punishment: Sango
  • Category: Others
Kagome: Queen of hearts
  • Kagome: Queen of hearts
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80's Bubblegum
  • 80's Bubblegum
  • Category: Fanart
Halloween fun
  • Halloween fun
  • Category: Fanart
Who's there?
  • Who's there?
  • Category: Fanart
~Halloween Surprise~
  • ~Halloween Surprise~
  • Category: Fanart
~Flash Dance~
  • ~Flash Dance~
  • Category: Fanart
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Name Entry

Created On: 08/05/2010 21:07:34

Thank you for your sweet comment on my coloring of aiko's Corrupted! I'm so glad you liked it!

Thanks again,
Feedback from Oddball: your quite welcome :3
i always enjoy good artwork 8D
keep up the spoofiness!!

Aoi Mitsuki

Created On: 07/29/2010 16:13:03

Thanks for giving my fanart your love~! XD
It is warmly received


Created On: 03/10/2010 01:40:11

Goddamit I never wanna have to move again... pfft like that'll happen. Lets hope your plan works out though, I'm sure your parents will learn to let go eventually... if they're anything but insane lol
Jazzy xoxo


Created On: 03/09/2010 05:45:08

Pfft ahh the drama I've been stuck in since last week, oh and hello lol.
Back to my truthful tale , currently I've been living in a fricking motel, now that I'm back home since the floors have been half-heartedly repaired, well I've got a lot fo cleaning and a lot of adjustments to do, that's for sure
LOL, my ear infection, yeah it's slowly dying but now I have to get an influeza vaccination as well! It shucks
Ah well...
so how ru? drama at home still?


Created On: 03/07/2010 02:50:20
Edited By sesshyiskagomesman On: 03/07/2010 02:51:04

You need to update on Start Of A New Life and One Against The World. There really good.


Created On: 02/26/2010 04:50:46

Yeah me too. But it won't happen lol
Gosh when I thought things couldn't get worse I end up gettign an ear infection D8
It huuuurts lol, ah well, lets hope I don't need an operation XP
Ah well, we'll both live lol *hugglez*
Jazzy xoxo


Created On: 02/23/2010 04:31:47

Ah gosh, your life sounds very troubling at the moment... constantly arguing so that you have to leave, I feel sorry for you, I wish I could help you resolve this matter peacefully, sadly being halfway around the world I'm pretty much useless lol
Ah right... homework... I'm still hating that word, along with draft!

Oh well my life will be filled with boxes and books... books for school boxes as in packing up my stuff since the house gets repaired next week... which means I'll be living in a motel for 8 days! D8 *le gasp*
The horror!

Jazzy xoxo


Created On: 02/20/2010 02:52:13

Naww that sucks lol, you'll work it out eventually at least.
Yeah well school can be fun but right now it's just a big pain in the arse
hehe trying not to piss parents off... so far I fail at that nearly every day XD
Bloody hell, I can be perplexing sometimes.
LOL, ah well onwards to homework!
Jazzy xoxo


Created On: 02/17/2010 04:10:26

I'm okay-ish... school is very tiring *sighs* I need more sleep lol
Ah that's why you've taken sooo long
Glad to have you back lol
I did just hurt my back the other week at the swimming carnival it's better now but it's still sometimes sore.
So yeah, that pretty much summons how I am lol, what about you darling? How are you?


Created On: 11/26/2009 03:59:35

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