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I'm 23. i live near cleveland,OH. i love sesshoumaru and kagome pairings. I have 3children. I'm currently in school. I've been writing stories in general since i was 9, and fanfics since i was 13. even though i just started reading ma fanfics when i was 17 I've always written ma.

I go to my local community college which is Cuyahoga Community College. And right now i'm not working though i plan to be soon. I live with my sister and our 6kids and soon i'll b getting my own place by my self hopefully.

I can't drive so i pretty much walk everywhere or catch the bus. i had two dogs but my mother gave them away recently and i resent her for it. i believe in polygamy to a certain extent and i'm afraid of getting married only to realize i'm married to the wrong person. though i still want kids.

I'm a mentor and advocate to other young parents and i'm a helper to many different youth programs in my city. i detest day cares even though i believe they have a very good use. i'm in love with my boyfriend and am hoping to finally get a ring from him soon. i'm in da middle of learning 2 other languages japanese(mandarin) and hungarian. though i truly suck at them both i enjoy the classes and well there free tee hee *_*

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What happens when Sesshoumaru makes Kagome his mate ensuing changes within her that even he couldn't account for?
Rating: MA  -  Universe: Canon  -  Status: Incomplete  -  Category: Chapter Stories  -  Created: 11 Oct 2013  -  Updated: 11 Oct 2013
Genre: Action, Drama, Humor, Romance  -  Chapters: 1  -  Reviews: 1  -  Words: 877  -  Reads: 1,117

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Created On: 11/30/2010 08:44:42

Hey Ashante shavonne. Thank you for reading and reviewing my story Do You Believe In Second Chances . I will try to update as soon as possible!


Created On: 07/10/2010 12:46:28

Dear Ashante shavonne- Thank you for reading and reviewing "Angel". I am glad you are enjoying the story and will try and upload as fast as possible!

Thank you, and hope to hear from you again soon!

D.S Anno

Created On: 03/18/2010 01:20:44

Hi there! I just wanted to welcome you to Dokuga. And I hope you like it here as well as enjoy it. I'm D.S Anno, but my friends just call me Anno.

See ya later.

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