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Hiya! My name's Trish and currently live in?Southern Indiana.?I'm 37 with?4 children ages 20, 15, 13, 5. Married to a wonderful man for 15 years. Absolutely love Inuyasha so it's a daily ritual to read stories and check out fanart. My favorite authors and artists are Kanna37, Forthright, Danyaelle, YoukaiYume, Technoelfie, Lady Shieru, Lady Sianna, Sugar0o, Animaker131, Lazy Jenny, Shadowsweaver1, Inukagomeluvrs, Sunlancer, Speedy Tomato, Heartless Ipod Ninja, Stella.?Check out their stories and art!

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Eldest Son
Second Chance
  • Second Chance
  • Category: Others
Sesshomaru contemplating color
  • Sesshomaru contemplating color
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It's him
Our first pup
  • Our first pup
  • Category: Fanart
  • "May I" color
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Dream of me
  • Dream of me
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May I
Eternal Sleep
  • Eternal Sleep
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Sesshomaru contemplating....
  • Sesshomaru contemplating....
  • Category: Fanart

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Lord of West and His Lady
Sharing Mate
Kitchen Kisses
My Only Daiyoukai
Here with me
SessKag Warriors
Kiss please
Sexy Sesshomaru
Will You Join Me Then?
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A Demonlord & Miko
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This Bitter Earth...
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[SessKag] Happiness Is
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Name Entry
Stella Mira

Created On: 02/07/2015 14:01:39

Hey, Trish!
It's been a while, girl. How be you? How are the hubby, spawns, and pets? I hope all's well on your side of the ocean.


Created On: 08/23/2014 09:50:38

Thank you for taking the time to read and review "Old Enemy, New Friend." I'm glad you liked it!
Feedback from TKE: Your welcome!!

Stella Mira

Created On: 06/03/2014 10:25:45

Thank you for staying with me all the way from start to finish, Trish! Glad you enjoyed this story with all its twists and turns. *luffs on you*
Feedback from TKE: So very welcome!! I love your stories!

Stella Mira

Created On: 05/25/2014 19:00:15

Hiya, Trish! How be you, love? How goes life, hubby, spawns, and...pets?
Thank you for always being such a darling with your reviews. They make my day! :3 *glomps you*
Feedback from TKE: Very welcome on the reviews, everyone is great and I'm enjoying the stories! *HUGS*


Created On: 05/01/2014 01:46:34

Thanks for your review! It was such a ridiculous write... I'm still shaking my head at myself.
Feedback from TKE: It's hilarious, made my night!

Stella Mira

Created On: 12/12/2013 17:38:19

Hey, Trish! How be you, love? *glompsquoshes you*
How are your hubby and the kids? I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving! Eat lots of chocolate, drink lots of booze, and go wild on Christmas!!
Thank you for always being such a sweet darling and bringing a smile to my face! *cuddlepets you*
Feedback from TKE: LOL....Thanksgiving was really good and we got a newfoundland puppy so its been exciting around here. Yep I'm looking forward to Christmas now. Glad I bring a smile to your face, that comment just made my day!


Created On: 09/12/2013 23:10:26

Thank you for reviewing Under the Light of the Moon and I'm very pleased to know that you enjoyed it.
Feedback from TKE: your very welcome!

Stella Mira

Created On: 08/30/2013 01:42:36

Hiya, Trish! How are you? How be your hubby and spawns? XD
Manly Kagome is a blast, yes? Poor girl is letting her lower half do the thinking for her.
Feedback from TKE: Heya, everyone here is great other than roasting every time we step I love the new Kagome....lmao!! Hope everythings great on your end!


Created On: 08/14/2013 14:32:18

You know what... it just occurred to me - I was in southern Indiana about a month ago - it's too bad we couldn't meet up and have a Sesshoumaru fest, lol! I only live about three hours from the border of Indiana and Kentucky. Maybe next summer we could get together and make everyone scream with our incessant Sesshoumaru watching - I'll bring my Inuyasha dvds since I have all the seasons and we can fast forward to just the parts with him in them.

Feedback from TKE: LMAO!!! Omg that would be a blast! I just bought the Final Act in english a few weeks ago and haven't even watched it I live about 45 min. north of Louisville in Seymour, not too far from Kentucky.


Created On: 08/14/2013 14:28:18

Yes... we certainly do, lol. Very tangled webs. And there will be a lot of webs in Nefarious - or should I say twists on canon and lots of tangles?

Feedback from TKE: lol...and all the better!!

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