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I also have an account on FanFiction.Net incase you're interested. :D I have other...interesting things on there.

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Sesshomaru is a famous freestyle moto-x rider, he's known for his insane style and his willingness to try anything. What happens when he opens up an academy to teach some of other top riders of FMX how to do his trade mark back flips? Insanity, that’s what! Sesshomaru/Kagome AU
Rating: MA  -  Universe: Alternate  -  Status: Complete  -  Category: Chapter Stories  -  Created: 07 May 2008  -  Updated: 26 Dec 2010
Genre: Action, Humor  -  Chapters: 35  -  Reviews: 126  -  Words: 159,391  -  Reads: 54,167
*drabbles* Strange things begin happening around Kagome. Things start getting weird when she's followed to the hot spring.
Rating: M  -  Universe: Canon  -  Status: Complete  -  Category: Oneshot Collections  -  Created: 20 Oct 2008  -  Updated: 03 Oct 2009
Genre: Humor, Romance  -  Chapters: 25  -  Reviews: 50  -  Words: 11,876  -  Reads: 59,014

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Created On: 12/27/2010 18:09:10

i just finished reading dirt and it was freakin amazing. the story made me want to go out on my friends bike and try to do all the crazy tricks. i really can't wait for the sequel.

XxXM. WatersXxX

M. Waters
Created On: 10/14/2009 00:24:40

Thank you very much for reviewing my fic, The Unknown Lady!


Created On: 10/11/2009 07:13:24

Hehe Glad I'm not the only one then! Woo, glad to hear it


Created On: 10/08/2009 02:52:00
Edited By RayRay On: 10/08/2009 02:54:15

Ohhh that makes sense and I can understand that! hehe I feel special There was a specific one, but the name of it now, for some reason, escapes me (which is gonna bug me, I just know it!) Are you still on (If so i can always check there...I think you had the same ones on there last I looked; plus others of course.) If I remember the name of the fic though, I'll let you know (of course now the name of it would choose to leave my mind!)


Created On: 10/03/2009 02:58:03

Oh my =o where did the rest of your stories go? I only see the two!


Created On: 09/30/2009 03:51:55

Returning the comment! Lol, I got to read the chapter, though a little late lmao but school had me backtracked! Eee the chapter was so good though~!


Created On: 06/21/2009 00:45:48

Hey there! It has been awhile indeed! Although no updates on Dirt yet, the best thing about waiting is getting to be super excited when there is one--and even better if the chapter is long so that's awesome ^-^ I'll keep my eyes out for it!


Created On: 06/06/2009 03:01:03

Hey! how have you been? Congrats on the awards (*voted for Dirt*) I stalked Dirt for updates today just to see since I get lazy and forget to see what has updated lol and then sat down to reread Sir Yes Sir and Shot Through the Heart, I learned that because I knew what happened I ended up reading them much faster than I thought o.o
But anyways, just wanted to drop a message and say Hi there!


Created On: 04/23/2009 17:05:14

I can tell you have! I was so shocked to see that it was updated merely because not that much time had passed O_O time flew by or something though, either way I had been tired and sick but forced my--by then excited--self to read the new update ^o^ I was so happy I went to bed with a smile after laughing so much!

I can't wait to read more either


Created On: 02/20/2009 20:20:05

Just wanted to let ya know I ADORE you stories. You are such a talented writer!

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