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I am a Sesshoumaru + Kagome pairing lover from way back. Need I say more. Occasionally I'll read a few other pairings that interest me but very rarely.

I love reading really good story lines from good writers with a sense of self, although, I can't write a story worth a damn. At least that is in my own opinion. Maybe one day I will attempt to write something just to see where it takes me---only if I have the gumption to do so. It will probably be a laugh on me.

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Created On: 09/15/2015 06:24:27

Hey! So glad you like my story 'threads of destiny'. thanks so much for your review. it'll be so much fun when Sesshomaru begins to see it. hehe. i'm sure he'll make his papa proud


Created On: 09/13/2015 09:12:15

Thanks for your question about Dragon Dancer! I actually found out that, Kun-Loon is name of the character. Kagome's mother was called mamma in the show, but I did some research and found out it was Kun-Loon. Sorry about the confusion, but I'd like to give the characters their due. She's a pretty cool mom for letting her daughter travel through time at 15 haha. I hope that clears it up for you! Also just a side note chapters 8-21 have not been revised so be on the look out. Some thing will change, but for the most part certain scenes get longer and have more action -Steph

Moonlight Silk

Created On: 07/21/2015 22:52:42

Great hearing from you. Glad you took the time to read and rate MBSL. About your query of inuyasha, Kagome recalled seeing a face in the moonlight. What she saw was a partial profile from right below the brows, she has no memory of his cute fuzzy ears.

Sesshomaru's Secret Admirer

Created On: 04/09/2015 19:46:03

I love your review on "His Milestones". First of all, I'll clear things up now by saying Sesshomaru will NOT end up with Hisa *shudders* I could never do that to poor Kagome and Sesshomaru would never settle for Hisa no matter how desperate. I am so glad you enjoy the chapter. Your kind words truly make my day. Thank you!

Moonlight Silk

Created On: 03/16/2015 15:40:44

I'm so glad that you are back. Thanks for all the reviews and the continued support, they mean a great deal to me.

Siera Serenity Star

Created On: 03/11/2015 13:03:14

Thank you for your review on Missing Me! I will be turning it into a chapter story.

Sesshomaru's Secret Admirer

Created On: 02/04/2015 12:51:21

That was too sweet
Thank you for the last review on "The Hime Tradition"!
I'm glad to read that you will be looking out for the sequel! And I totally melted when I read your kind words about my writing. Thank you, truly. And the fact that you read till the very last chapter is a huge encouragement!

Siera Serenity Star

Created On: 01/27/2015 00:58:41

Thank you for the Review on 'If This Is Kagome', and sorry for any grammar errors. And thanks for letting me know you like the lyric free versions. They've been read a lot but with no one ever reviewing I can't tell which one every likes better.

Siera Serenity Star

Created On: 01/27/2015 00:37:31

Thank you for the review on chapter 1 of Avalon : Secret of the Jewel, and yes you guessed right on Toga and his friends. And yes the stone coffin of Kagome's father Sir Kai was purposely left above ground with the stone arch statue behind it. It medieval times some royals and or knights had stone coffins that were built and sat above ground, this is how I wanted it portrayed for Sir Kai's. It eill also play a part again in a later chapter.

Siera Serenity Star

Created On: 01/26/2015 16:25:50

Thanks for the review in my Avalon : Secret of the Jewel!! ^_^

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