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Hello, my name is Katrina.

The things you should know is that, I enjoy reading romance books, drawing, and writing when I am in good spirits. Sometimes, I get my ups and downs, but at least I try to find something to do, or something that will inspire me to get my mind working. And yes, sometimes we all do get writeblocks which we all hate that. At least, it didn't hurt to maybe ask for help, or ask for advice.  Most of the time I won't feel like doing any much. One of the reasons? Feeling down, sick, too tried, stressed out, or in a bad mood.


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Inuyasha/Cal (Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom. Crossover pairing)

Kagome/Zelman (Black Blood Brothers. Crossover paring)







Prince Lotor/Princess Allura (Voltron)


Manga Books

Barairo my honey
Kindan no koi wo shiyou 
Zoku kindan no koi wo shiyou
kindan no koi de Ikou
Midnight secretary

Midnight children
Haou Airen
Love Celeb

First Girl

Love monster
Mei-chan no shitsuji
Hana ni Nare

Gekka Mugentan
Wagamama na Butler
Kemono wa Hana no Yume wo Miru Ka
Kiss wa o Toki wo Sugite Kara
Yokubou to Koi o Meguri

Le Masque

Mangetsu no Yoru ni Akuma no Kiss



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  Youkai Yume
  Priestess Skye
  Angelic Memories
  Nisou Tenshi


Katrina has 1 stories

(Putting it on hold) Kagome being a vampire for many century's has being happily single. Even though she hated to say it but it was time to find a mate weather she liked it or not even though finding one won't be easy but who knows the one for her could be the person right in front of her.
Rating: M  -  Universe: Alternate  -  Status: Incomplete  -  Category: Chapter Stories  -  Created: 12 Apr 2009  -  Updated: 11 Jan 2010
Genre: Action, Drama, Romance  -  Chapters: 2  -  Reviews: 9  -  Words: 3,476  -  Reads: 3,437

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lady of the west
r0o's Fallen Angel Cover Art, Colored
Team 7 (for Passionate Crow Rat)
  • Team 7 (for Passionate Crow Rat)
  • Author: aiko
  • Category: Fanart
someone to protect ... ?
  • someone to protect ... ?
  • Author: Steph
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Nothing Else Matters
Gift for Rikayu
Lost and Found
Battle Design Kagome
His Moonflower
Armed and Dangerous
Our Wedding
The Demon of the Opera
  • The Demon of the Opera
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Cry Me a River
Pure love..
Sesshoumaru attacks


Name Entry
The Lovely Miko

Created On: 06/21/2011 15:18:09

I'll make your banner as soon as I know your two fav colors.


Created On: 08/22/2010 03:39:13

thank youuuuu. yes she is! in full colour and blueray quality too XD


Created On: 08/17/2010 02:31:54

reply to : I saw your commit which I didn't notice but next time I will be sure to check my profile for commits in case. Sometimes, I forgot to check.

But it seem while I was trying to figure out how to work it I accidentally delete the commit.

But I think you should use that character that I mention in your review. Maybe make her into a theft/assassin that does for a living and a is a single countess. It just an idea, you might have to do some research first about the character and watch a little bit of the anime. Since, there are only 26 episodes. It's good but near the ending is sad

my reply:

would you rather i reply you back through RM? hmmm probably. i'll look into thanks
Feedback from Katrina: Ah...I don't think it matters. One thing I would like to ask you. Do you also post your stories at fanfiction.net?

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