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i just love to read sesskag fanfiction. after i stranded on i finally landed here in dokuga and i find a lots of wonderful story. maybe i don't leave a review in word but i try to leave even it's a blank review. it is not that i don't want to leave a word, but i have a little trouble in it. i use my very old phone only to read dokuga fanfiction. and it is have difficulties when to write a comment. but i still can leave a blank review to the story that i like. so for the author who got a blank review from me i hope you bear with me. thank you.

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Created On: 10/27/2018 17:54:42

Glad you are reading my story Claimed. Hope you are enjoying it.


Created On: 08/17/2016 16:55:00

Hiya! Thanks for reviewing Cold! The words didn't show up but it's the thought that counts! A new chapter is out, hope you like it!


Created On: 08/08/2016 09:41:13


Thanks for review Frozen. I always appreciate it when someone takes the time to do so. By the way there were no word in the review, not sure if it is a glitch.

Thanks and Hope you keep reading


Created On: 07/25/2016 12:22:37

I thank you for reviewing Cold, but there weren't any words in the review. I'd love to know what you thought!
Feedback from Blommie8: im sorry i have a little box review problem. it doesn't open to me.
sorry for the late feedback.
i hope you'll update soon.thks

Tsuki Hime

Created On: 04/04/2016 20:57:35

I had noticed the blank reviews from you and had thought you had encountered any technical issues. But upon looking at your profile, it makes me feel even thankful for you. Even through the difficulties you're facing in writing, you still left a written review for me! You had really make my day! Thank you so much for reading my story!


Created On: 03/19/2016 08:54:12
Edited By vhfluffy On: 03/19/2016 08:54:46

I am glad you are enjoying Unmei ni koubi!
Feedback from Blommie8: i really enjoy it...

see your update soon please....

No Uta

Created On: 03/11/2016 18:28:03

Hi Blommie!

Thank you so very much for writing to me and for keeping Korekuta as well as myself in your thoughts. I apologize for taking this long to update. I've experienced medical complications which resulted in my 3-4 month absence. Your words warmed my heart. I will start outlining Ch. 21 tonight. I accidentally deleted your entry on my wall. I'm an idiot, sorry! I hope this finds you well & thanks again!
Feedback from Blommie8: no uta.....

just promise you'll finish it someday...


M-Angel 05

Created On: 12/03/2015 00:47:03

thanks for stopping by. Glad you are enjoying the story heat.


Created On: 10/27/2015 14:06:41


Glad you enjoyed the last chapter!

Feedback from Blommie8: i hope to see your update soon..thank you.


Created On: 10/24/2015 01:16:44


Glad you enjoyed the last chapter! I am going through the next update, so I actually may update a lot sooner then I planned to I regret nothing. Thank you for your continued loyalty and support in Blind Love!


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