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Age: 24

Gender: Female

Eye Color: Almond Brown

Hair Color This Month: Blonde/Brown/Red

Length: Mid- Shoulder

Hair Style This Year: Growing out, awkward mid shoulder length

Zodiac: Aries

Chinese Zodiac: Dragon ^_^


I write because my life is hard; everyone believes this or has said it so themselves once or twice. My life is hard, I can't do this; I don't want to do this anymore! I write for people like that, I try to create a world where reality has no place but is always an undertone. I write to help people escape their own prison's. I write to inspire and uplift not only myself, but anyone who does the same. Escape; for the abused, the ignored and the forgotten. I write for them.

I enjoy reading books, drawing and creating both on paper and computer. I am not legit but I stand in a circle with my sisters under a full moon whenever I can. I am one quarter Irish; Hailing from Clan Kellogg, one quarter German, French and?Belgium.

My natural hair color varies in the spectrum between sunny blonde and beach-sand with a red-heads attitude and a brunettes brawn. I like to consider myself moderately intelligent even though it is hubris of me to say.

I am diligently awaiting the Apocalypse as I believe we are LONG over-due as we human's, since the dawn of our scientific motivation have been desecrating the lands and draining the world of its natural resources and inhabitants. We have become Tyrants of this planet without remorse or recall and have run this world into the ground. God said he would destroy the world first in Water which he did with the Flood; and Second in Fire, which he left unspecified. I believe 'Fire' will be of our own making and since fire has already been open on Israel it will only be a matter of time (biblical-speaking) until the World will be drowned in Fire.

I believe that this may not be the case, of course I understand the parallels and it could very well be true that we will destroy ourselves in Bio or Nuclear-warfare; however, I am morbidly inclined to 'hope' for the Zombie Apocalypse as it is nothing less than we deserve.

A race of people ruled by vanity; it would only be fitting to be destroyed by the morbidly disfigured images of ourselves. It is nothing less than we deserve for all that we have done to this beautiful\ and once long ago Paradise of a world.

P.S. Sorry if I got a bit morbid

Uummm.... I like carrots and top hatz. I love the colors of the sky during sunrise and sunset. I love to star-gaze and am very introspective... uh... Baby animals are my Kyptonite, especially baby cows >_>.

I'd love to sit in a pasture with a bunch of horses under a willow, by a lake or a stream and read a good book with a packed lunch. Of course, I'd also love to go two-tracking listening to AC/DC cranked up so loud it overpowers the roar of the truck, with Willy Nelson riding shot-gun.... but we can't have everything can we? ^_^.

A good story gets me every time, be it by book or voice, me or someone else; I really love a super long, intense story that covers every base from love to hate; anguish that breaks your heart and adrenaline that forces you to turn every page with vigor as a heated battle takes its peak! Karen Marie Monning (The Fever Series) and R.A. Salvatore (Drizzit Series) are only a few of my favorite authors and are on opposite sides of my book spectrum to point out the vastness of my interests.

Getting my blood pumping; when I feel almost weightless as adrenaline triggers that fight or flight reaction and I'm backed into a wall and my only option is to move forward or kneel before my failure. In that moment, I don't feel shackled by the molds of being classified as simply a "human being". I relish in that power, that flow of pure unabashed strength that only comes from your core being. Of course, I am not talking about a real life or death, bungi-jump off Niagara Falls; I'm talking pushing yourself past exhaustion, working until your muscles go numb and a single misstep could mean a ten foot fall or freezing icy water. That one moment when its only you, and every strength and weakness you own is between making yourself a stronger better person, or be knocked down to try again.

^_^ maybe I got? tad too deep? I'm quite goofy too, as I am sure is a result of few head injuries. But hey, being a child at heart keeps you youthful and beautiful on the inside. So now that I've revealed a tad of myself to you, I hope you would in turn share with me ^_^. I look forward to meeting you.

Wonder if I can get one of the many talented Artists of Dokuga to help me? (big cheesy, pleading smile) ^_^ if I am lucky.


SOMEONE LOVES ME!! LOL A very talented artist on Dokuga found me and drew this picture from one of my stories. I'm so proud of it, its so beautiful!! Nishimasako, drawn by Faylene! Thank you SO much!! ^.^




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Name Entry

Out of my mind!!!
Created On: 10/30/2012 11:42:58

Thank you for your comment on my Gollum-Sesshomaru piece! I'm so glad you like it, and happy to give a laugh X3 I appreciate the feedback, it feedz mah artistic souls!!!
Feedback from Azuka: You're very welcome!! ^.^


Created On: 06/15/2012 23:03:42

Azu Blue!!
Thank you so much for review on my pic!!!
ur too cool girl!!
Feedback from Azuka: You're very welcome, I enjoy your style ;D


Created On: 06/01/2012 21:41:22

Thanks! I'm glad you seem to like my drawings :3

I hope you are enjoying Kakuchuu!
Feedback from Azuka: You're the first person to post on my profile! LOL when I clicked on the link and it took me to my profile I was like > so thank YOU very much

I love Kakuchuu, and I love the way you draw

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