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Just some random girls in 27th (yes, I still consider myself as a girl, cause I have an unchangeable opinion that 'woman' is a great word just for them whom had married... Hope I can change this status soon..) with still-learning english that fell in love with Sesshoumaru in second-opinion... Okay, fist time watching 'Inuyasha', I were just an innocent elementary schooler in 5th grade with not-so-innocent though about boys qualities.

Inuyasha? Nope, never like loud-mouthed tsundere main character type boy (except Kyou from Fruit Basket, I still didn't know why).

Miroku? Who is he? An elementary school boy that has not-funny joke habits to flipped a girl's skirt? A Big No No.

Sesshoumaru? Nooo!! He crushed the image of big brother I hope I ever had!

Kouga? Persistent enough to be hated..

Shippou? Didn't count. And until now I still didn't find him cute, I even try to search stories that didn't include him to be Kagome's adoptive son or anything... Just no.

Naraku? Yeah, very funny..

Naraku's bunshin boys version? Even funnier....

Band of Seven? ......they already dead.

Inu no Taisho? Didn't have enough screen-time to be adored.

Myoga? Jaken? Totosai? Ginta? Hakkaku? ....tsk.

Souta? My little brother! Adored him, but very little screen-time..

Kohaku? My 2nd little brother! Love him! Very polite and adorable... Just needs a little more brave heart..and he will be perfect!

Kagome's grandfather? He didn't like my gallant grandfathers, so no.

Sooo..., yes, I watched Inuyasha anime, I did like it ( but did't love it, like Digimon Adventure) , but no character had had a very special in my mind, beside, in my country, Inuyasha never run until the end of episode ( ep 167), just until half of it. until I rewatched very much later, and became addicted to fanfic...

Yes, I always loved clever-honest-quiet boys! in Digimon, I love Izumi 'Izzy' Koushiro, in Captain Tsubasa I love Misaki Taro, in Naruto I love Hatake Kakashi and Uchiha Sasuke, in Mobile Suit Gundam SEED i love Athrun Zala, in Fullmetal Alchemist i love Alphonse 'Al' Elric, and of course Sesshoumaru from Inuyasha! Although I still didn't like his action toward his only sibling..

I adored twins and triplets! Always considered that if Sessh-Kag is canon in Feudal era, they definitely have alot of set of twins and triplets! I graduated from Art and Design Faculty, so of course I have some sketch of them, just still considering to post it in this site or not...

I love romance but angsty fic! Even prefer the one with some build-and-learn to love after the marriage/mating! It has its romantic side and provides a real challenge to maintain the relationship to get better and better!


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Created On: 08/20/2019 13:07:27

Long time no see, sweetie! So glad to "hear" from you again, lol. Hope you're having a good time reading LAL (well, as good as it can be lol), sounds awesome to have your own soundtrack to go with it since music really amplifies the feelings!


Created On: 08/05/2016 17:02:45

Hehe, thanks, I'm glad you liked the one shot.

When my friend first gave me the pokemon prompt, my original idea was a good old fashioned crossover/fusion into the first generation video games where the main character, Red/Blue!Kagome, is challenging Elite Four!Sesshoumaru (He'd be Lance, because dragon pokemon and a CAPE), who is even more of an asshole than usual after to his great humiliation he has just been beaten by his idiot half-brother, Rival!Inuyasha.

Honestly I had a whole Excel file on which Inuyasha character would be which gym leader and what kind of pokemon they had. xD But I never got around to writing it and now I'm kinda glad I didn't because I like the idea of celeb!Sesshoumaru playing Pokemon GO even more. xD


Created On: 07/26/2016 15:56:45

No problem! And it's good, you're supposed to get out and about and leave the computer behind a bit in the summer! xD I've made mostly local day trips with my parents, for example today my dad and I took the dog to the beach. My friends invited me to visit next month, though, and we're going to go to a theme park together so I'm looking forward to that.

Yeah there was this thing on tumblr that I decided to participate in so I wrote an original short story. ^^; My betas are currently going over it so I can improve it based on their feedback.

As for the latest Miscellany short, I'm glad Kagome's position was relatable! xD When I originally published that one shot on tumblr I actually commented on it in the tags, saying "in which Kagome is me". I've heard people say it before too, that they're more comfortable with a bra, but I've never had any pain going without (though I'm not exactly tiny either at 32G/H...)
Feedback from Didie: Wow! Your another project sounds fun! And I am more than glad that you didn't 'abandoned' us on dokuga, too!
Hahahaha... I love Sesshou-mewth-ru and his way to returned his dignity in front of Kagome! He and Pokemon GO? Didn't cross my head even a bit! You are truly genius!


Created On: 07/19/2016 08:20:47

Hi, sorry that my reply is coming sooo late again. D: I feel bad, but when the reviews start to pile up it starts to feel like a chore to reply to all of them - and I'm sorry to confess that I'm a lazy person at heart. ^^;

Yes, I wanted to highlight in the chapter that Sesshoumaru is still grieving as well, a lot of the story is from Kagome's POV so it's focused on her, but Sess has suffered a loss too and I wanted to remind people of that for a moment. I'm so glad you feel I handled the scene well, it's always difficult to have Sesshoumaru experience emotional moments.

I'm so glad you enjoyed the chapter. I'm sorry I've been so absent, last month there was a trope week for my other fandom I participated it, and this month I've had a much scarier writing project to focus on - I've actually been stepping out of my comfort zone to write something original. But I haven't forgotten on LAL and will soon return to writing it when I get the other project out of the way, promise!

Hope you're doing well and enjoying summer! ^^
Feedback from Didie: Hello Chie-san! Thank you for always indulging me this.. don't worry I am very much the same as you.. I am a very moody person.. so when I wanted myself to be lazy, I will not do anything all day.. except playing with my cellphone and read Dokuga's stories.. hahaha...

Summer? Yes! I enjoyed it very much! Two weeks ago I went to my grandma house, summer family gathering is always so much fun! So I 'neglected' Dokuga for a while.. Even too late to realise that your Miscellany actually had been updated.. Sorry... I lost my time on my family and forgot to review it! Soon I promise I'll reread it!

You have another project? Ganbatte kudasai! Good luck on that! I'll patiently waiting for you to complete that and update your story!


Created On: 06/16/2016 14:08:42

LAL all ready now, I'll update it over the weekend, perhaps even tomorrow. So your wait is almost over!

Thank you for your sweet review! I'm glad you liked this one shot, I had fun writing it! The prompt from my friend this time allowed for such a funny situation! I felt a bit bad since it's been so long since the last update for Miscellany but I've been busy with a few other projects. ^^;
Feedback from Didie: Wow, I really really can't wait!! *giddy*

Yes, this one was fun! At first, I kinda thought that this one was the next chapter of 'Issues With Intimacy', hahaha... it just have the vibe... well maybe not in the end, because in 'Wired Crossed' he was more propper, if not, you maybe already wrote their make out session in the end if the chapter, or maybe he would mate her here and there...? LOL *good luck with that Sesshoumaru!*

Good luck with all of your projects!


Created On: 05/28/2016 11:56:41

It's all fine, there's no need for dogeza! xD I was confused for a moment but never offended so really, it's all right. Mistakes happen.

Take care!
Feedback from Didie: Ooooh....I'm very very glad! I was afraid this 'accident' would made you got enough of me and won't give feedback my review again... huks, that will be cost a lot of me...

Good luck to finish all your stories!
With gratitude,



Created On: 05/24/2016 15:14:20

Hi dear, sorry I'm late responding again! Anyway, I'm glad you liked the one shot. You're right, writing smut/erotica isn't at all my style -- but I have nothing against writing make out sessions. ;D

Hm, I see your point, I think it could be okay to have a "zing" in Sesshoumaru's heart. Jealousy is just a subject I think has to be tread carefully with... I mean I kinda went on this whole rampage but what I said still holds true, I think possessiveness is too often made out to be romantic in fics when it really is not.

And yeah I did get one review a while back saying Sess in LAL appeared OOC to them, but they also said they really liked my interpretation so all is cool as far as I'm concerned. Next chapter is around 2/3 done at the moment and the first scene is pretty focused on Sesshoumaru so at least there's that to look forward to, I guess?
Feedback from Didie: Oh, how I love you (and your stories of course) Chie-san! I can't wait for the new chapter that focused on Sesshoumaru! Yaaaay!!!! *hugs*

Well, the one who said Sess appeared OOC maybe already read too much ff with all beastly, cruel, and playboy side of him.. hahahahaha.. so far as I am concerned and I always try to stay true to his character in the manga and anime, I think he probably tuned more to your description/characteristic of him... and I love him like that! Well I do enjoyed almost all his ff character, but I appreciate more of the author who will stay the true.. well.. true as my interpretation of him.. Everybody have their own imagination of course..

I look forward for your next update!

Best regards,


*pssst.. I apologise I messed up your name and Madison in the first place, at that time, I wrote her story's review too.. so yeah.. *dogeza*
But I already change it now.. so.. forgive me?


Created On: 04/18/2016 16:06:06

Heh, you're welcome.
And I'm just as much as an old maid so.. -shrug-

I don't have other SessKag stories planned for now. I mean yeah, there is one old story idea in the backburner but that is for a longer fic and I don't want to commit to yet another chapter epic when I'm already juggling two. ^^,

Besides, at the moment I'm more inspired to write for Harry Potter. Having been writing SessKag for ten years now, visiting another fandom is like a breath of fresh air. More stories I haven't uncovered, more headcanons I haven't put down in writing, more ideas to explore. Not that I'd be ditching SessKag, this is such an amazing fandom! It's just nice to have an alternative when you want a change.

Miscellany, there'll be a one shot every three weeks at the least. I'm writing one every week for my friend's prompts, but I circulate evenly between my three fandoms.

I'm looking forward to Maru's art too, she's so talented and amazing.

I really don't know about Inuyoukai instincts in LAL... Honestly I'm kinda annoyed by how possessiveness is always portrayed as oh so romantic in fics. Often in Sesshoumaru's case, it can get quite excessive as well. Getting angry over other men as much as touching Kagome -- even when it'd be just a close male friend like Shippo and not a romantic rival? I mean maybe it sounds romantic in a fictional story, but if that was a real life scenario... It's unhealthy and personally I wouldn't put up with shit like that from my partner!

I'm down for Sesshoumaru being protective of his mate, but I'd rather portray his feelings for Kagome through him making peace with the fact that she has history with Inuyasha, than through him getting all angry and jealous over his deceased half-brother.

Love should be about mutual trust, respect and acceptance, and I don't feel possessiveness goes well together with any of those.
Feedback from Didie: Hmmm... okay.. So you won't go the 'common way' of inuyoukai instinct, of course it made us, your avid readers, breath of fresh air! I love your idea about how relationship should do or don't (and that's my ideal too), actually the reaction I suggested wasn't something that blatantly jealous.. Just a 'zing' in his heart, not clenched jaw or clenched hands, or reddening eyes or something like that.. and he didn't react to that 'zing' either... Well..I just too wrapped in the other stories plot and 'desperate' at how you'll make him act differently compared to human men.. I'm sorry -_-;.. I hope your another avid readers won't protest with his attitude, (I saw the other reviews and there was someone who 'protest' that Sesshoumaru was being too sweet or something like that) whatever it is, so far I always satisfied with his attitude towards Kagome... and imagining how much sweeter he is after he realise that he loves her.. kyaaaa! Can't waiiiit!

Ganbatte, Chie-san!


Created On: 04/17/2016 05:35:39

Thank you once again for your sweet reviews!

I'm glad you liked Miscellany's latest addition! ^^ Your story about your father's reaction made me laugh. (And if it makes you feel any better, I've been alone for the past seven odd years as well. -shrug-)

Yes - Shikon & Miko is done now. Whew! I have actually started a new story now I've got one story out of the way - though sadly it's for Harry Potter, not SessKag. ^^;
But still, I'm glad you enjoyed this story and thank you for your well wishes! I highly doubt Youkai Yume would even be aware of this story, but the fanart was something else! Hehe.

Though speaking of fanart, LordMaru, for whom I wrote Shikon & Miko, mentioned she will draw something for the story so there is that to look forward to!

Glad to hear you enjoyed LAL's latest chapter! :3 I wanted to dash any hopes of Kagome being pregnant (you weren't the only one wishing for that but the time wasn't quite right for that yet) but the scene worked very nicely on all accounts, I'm rather proud of it. Not only the bonding it enabled between Sesshoumaru and Kagome but also Kagome's reminiscence of her old hurts.
You're right, slow and sure is the way I like it, and so it shall be!
Feedback from Didie: Thanks to you too for always give my review's feedback! Hahaha.. I'm glad that you found my father's reaction amusing.. even now he is still hesitant if I mentioned about wedding.. althought I already an old maid...

Aaaww... I saddened with Shikon and The Miko came to an end and hoping you'll write another SessKag story.. But, well... if this means that you'll update Life After Loss and Miscellany faster, what more can I hope? *Chihuahua's eyes*

Wow! I can't wait LordMaru-san fanart too! Her fanart is something else too!

Yes, I do hope she'll get her happiness (including babies) slowly but surely and it the right time, too.. Hmm.. I hope in the future chapter you'll potray Sesshoumaru's feeling more.. Hmm.. not that you lack at it.. but... what can I say? It's about their mating bond and he is personally as Inuyoukai.. Well..I don't know how you'll potray Inuyoukai instict, from almost all of fanfiction that I have read, Inuyokai always potrayed of a possesive being, more so for their mates.. So, if you'll potray him the same, then it must be obvious that he feels 'something' everytime Kagome mentioned Inuyasha even he was already dead.. Well...if not then maybe he wasn't have feelings for Kagome's yet (but I doubt that).. Well.. it just my suggestion, you can consider it if it fits your story, but if it isn't then no hard feelings!

See you again in your stories's future chapter!


Created On: 03/23/2016 17:43:45

Yup, you saw the twist in Shikon & Miko coming from miiiles away, well done! Unfortunately there are no babies present in the epilogue, it is not set far enough in time to allow that... but there might be the slightest allusion to baby-making included. ;D

I'm so glad you enjoyed LAL's update so much. For now I will continue to slowly but sure deepen Sesshoumaru's and Kagome's relationship. Also, at the moment the next chapter is half-way done so there's that. ^^

I'm also happy to see your reviews for Miscellany!

Sorry that my reply again is long over-due. Again, I haven't quite been able to figure out how to respond. I always want to offer something more substantial in return than a simple thank you, but there are times when I really struggle for words, writer or not!

I hope you're doing well!
Feedback from Didie: No babies no worries!! I have a firm faith that you'll write the best ending and epilogue for your stories..! You'll give us the glimpse of the baby-making? Ow..ow..ow... wonderfully beautiful bonus!! *kya kya kyaaa!!*

Well, the time-span for epilogue is depend of the author, of course! There was a generous author that made 500 years time-span epilogue.. Of course it was enjoyable, but whatever it is, all the choices always have two sides of coin. If you choose the short time-span it's like the continuation of the last chapter.. We the readers must imagine the after -after the epilogue- especially if Kagome comes to have Sesshoumaru's almost forever life-span.. But if the author prefer the very long time-span, then the readers must imagine the story in-between, how when why where.. hahahaha...

Life After Loss!! Can't waiiiiiiit! *cheering you, hope it boost your imagination, inspiration and spirit to write!*

Ah, don't worry... Just reply me if you really have time and really have something to say! Oh yes, I apologize I accidentally posted my review 3 times in Miscellany.. I didn't know why it became like that.. *sweatdrop*

Good luck to continuing all your stories...and maybe starting your new story..? After one of your story comes to an end...? Well who knows? Hehehe..

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