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You write I reward Karma!
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This thread is a place to post all challenges. All challenges on this site need to be SessKag. If you have any questions contact a moderator.
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TOPIC: You write I reward Karma!
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You write I reward Karma! 1 Year, 5 Months ago Karma: 10
I'm going to go back and check the rules of the site again but I think this is legal. Lol

So I have an idea for a story that I'd really like to to see written but I def don't have the time to write it. I figured I'd give Karma to anyone who made an attempt. Now this story isn't for the faint of heart. I want character depth, romantic complexity, mature themes, great lemons (lots of lemons), but a great build up prior to the lemon! I am on the market to read a masterpiece! Anyone who is able to successfully complete this will be loved by me forever (not that that means much) and receive a butt load of Karma!

Here's the plot bunny... We can name the challenge Unheralded Ardor[i]

Post-canon... Kagome and Inu are married... they have a kid... maybe two... Kagome begins to grow and has desires for more than the simple life Inuyasha has provided. Inuyasha, true to his character, is oblivious. He continues as though things are normal, still hunting rouge demons for a living... but eventually their numbers start to dwindle as the defeat of Naraku has lessened the presence of enemies. With fewer villages to protect and lack of regular work, money becomes an issue.

Character death occurs... could be a kid.. could be Inuyasha... whatever it is leads to some turmoil that leads Kag and Inu to split after their already rocky relationship. Interestingly enough Kagome is relieved more than saddened and is left to raise her child(ren) alone.

Pack rules or dynamics or whatever made up ancient rule you want to say, dictate that the next of kin is responsible for caring for the deceased (or abandoned) relative's wife and must create offspring in the name of said relative.(That last part would only work if Inuyasha dies, but him being alive would create some extremely interesting dynamics that I'd be more than willing to explore)

Thrown into another strange situation... but concerned for the well being of her children and having no skill that is valuable in what ever era they end up in (we'll assume education isn't particularly valued so her wit and intuitiveness can't be utilized to their full potential) she's at a loss.

So she willingly goes with Sess... he doesn't explain him having to sire children with her (if Inu is dead) nor does he explain his obligation to her and her child's well being. Needless to say, like any other highly respectable Dokugian Romance he slowly but surely... yet reluctantly becomes intrigued by her. He brings her into the fold after finding value in her intellect.

Kagome sees a genuine interaction with her child and Sesshoumaru and this helps to gain her trust. They develop a friendship and eventually an awkward 'situationship' that blossoms into a mature romance of two adults valuing one another.. listening and compromising... with lots of sex... and an exploration into the trials and errors of this odd couple.

I think this would be cool to read... It can be any genre... there could be a war going on... some strategizing occurring... maybe even focus on the complexities of transitioning into the modern era. Integration of new technology... survival of the youkai race... Kagome being one step ahead and able to help Sess create several multi billion dollar enterprises... details are for whoever decides to take on the challenge!
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Re:You write I reward Karma! 4 Months ago Karma: 4
Hey there,

I really see potential in this. I like this plot bunny. However, does it have to explicitly contain lemons?
What I mean is, can the sex be implied but not necessarily written in details?

Also, is there a specific chapter/oneshot series length... word count... etc?
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Re:You write I reward Karma! 3 Months, 4 Weeks ago Karma: 61
No idea where, but I could have sworn I've already read a story like this. Might be I'm just mixing up a few stories but I'll look around and see if it was one.
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Re:You write I reward Karma! 3 Months, 4 Weeks ago Karma: 16
I am EXTREMELY interested.
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