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Can I write about this?...
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TOPIC: Can I write about this?...
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Re:Can I write about this?... 8 Years ago Karma: 25
It is against Dokuga's rules to hold a fanfiction for review ransom, but it is also against the forum rules to post any threads that are bashing or are resembling rants. Even if it's a rant against something that everyone seemingly dislikes as well. We just like to keep the forums real positive 'round here. So please be careful from a fellow poster.

I agree with this topic's point on both sides- review ransoming is cruel to the people who admire your writing. Writing a review that just says "thus sux0rs lol" without critique is just as cruel. But Dokuga is exceptionally amazing when it comes to keeping people safe from this stuff. If you see it, report it and action will be taken as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, the internet will never be nice...ever. But at the very least Dokuga will, so take pride in this beautiful site and what it offers. Try to focus on the good and definitely report the bad.

For reference, here is a link to the forbidden rant thread that describes the rule.
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Can I write about this?... 8 Years ago Karma: 1
I've been in going in and out of the fanfiction world in general for the last eight or so years. There's something that has always caught my attention and I don't know if I could write about this here--I'll take my chances with the administrators, and please my apologies if it's something forbidden.

Could authors please stop "threatening" readers/audience that they will stop writing their stories if they don't receive reviews? Is it just me who gets annoyed at all those "If I don't get more reviews then I won't write anymore!"?

Call me old school or old fashioned, but I was taught that when you produce something--in this case write--you do it because you want to. You want to express an idea, share it with others, improve and be better. Yes, useful and good reviews are wonderful, but if you're going to be plastered in front of your computer expecting immediate accolades and praises, please mature a bit then.

It may sound harsh, but if people and/or audience want to say something, they will. Don't force it out because it's both hypocrite and egotistic. How can you get an honest answer when you're basically forcing it out of people?

From the other side of the table, if you're a reviewer, how can help your author to become better by just saying, it's horrible, it's bad? If one doesn't like a story, one should point out the faults one could find, make suggestions if possible, or simply, stop reading. Yes, as a reviewer, one could also just give an honest opinion. After all, reviews are that, opinions.

Fanfiction is for fun. It's something to enjoy. But in order to make it such, we as readers and authors should also create the environment for it.

My two cents and whether it makes sense or not, depends on every person's opinion. But at least is out of my chest because honestly, it's discouraging to see how something creatively stimulating is slowly becoming unappealing.
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Re:Can I write about this?... 8 Years ago Karma: 9
Actually it's in Dokuga's rules (just go to the link marked RULES at the bottom of the page) under Reviews:

Demands: Review demands (i.e. holding chapters hostage for reviews) are not allowed. Saying that you need reviews in order to post the next chapter is viewed as a demand. Threatening to discontinue writing a story because one did not receive the expected number of reviews is also considered a demand. Stating that a certain number of reviews is necessary for story continuance is a demand. Violators will be notified of the violation and given seven (7) days to remove the demand, or face deletion of the story where the demand is posted.

So if someone is threatening to pull their story if no one reviews or the like, it goes against Dokuga practices specifically.

At least, if I understand your question correctly. These rules obviously don't apply to other sites.
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Re:Can I write about this?... 8 Years ago Karma: 29
1CarinoInu and Fox are absolutely correct. Review demands are strictly forbidden. However, its not against the rules to encourage readers to review. A simple "please review!" "reviews inspire/motivate me!" or "what did you think?" are examples of what is acceptable. In no was can a writer demand reviews, threaten to delete or postpone updates, state a update schedule based on achieving a certain number of reviews.

If you EVER notice this, IMMEDIATELY contact an Admin (me, or sugar0o.) I'm currently working on fanfiction administration with the help of a couple of dokuga rockstars. However, sometimes things slip through the cracks and we miss one. Send me a PM with a LINK to the violation (make sure you indicate what chapter/s) and I'll act on it ASAP.
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