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I Heart Dokuga
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TOPIC: I Heart Dokuga
No longer writing
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I Heart Dokuga 1 Year, 1 Month ago Karma: 14
I got into writing fanfiction because of Dokuga. The community here is so safe and welcoming to new writers and artists. Y’all don’t judge on out there ideas, you’re supportive and offer to edit for each other. This is a wonderful community of fans. Recently I ventured into other fandoms and found nothing but heartache. I won’t go into details, but the things that were said and done by both those fandoms and their creators made me want to give up all writing and fandoms completely. I might find my way back here again, but the point of this post is to praise the goodness and safety of this website. This is a fandom gem which doesn’t exist anywhere else.
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Re:I Heart Dokuga 1 Year, 1 Month ago Karma: 4
*hugs* The anonymity of the Internet can bring out the worst in people. Sometimes people don’t know how to give constructive criticism. And sometimes people just enjoy venting their insecurities/pettiness out on other people when they can’t/won’t in real life. I’m sorry you’ve had such negative experiences - but please don’t let the trolls get you down! Remember the good and helpful folks like the ones you’ve met on this site, and if you wish to write again, I sincerely hope you will!! <3
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Re:I Heart Dokuga 1 Year, 1 Month ago Karma: 36
I hear you! I fell in love with InuYasha nearly fifteen years ago when it premiered on Adult Swim (back when it was good and had a lot of amazing anime). I fell away from it, but in the past couple years I revisited my obsession and I'm so glad I did. I had kind of fallen out of my previous fandom due to my former best friend not being able to tolerate my depression that had been caused by my sister moving away and not speaking to me for nearly a year. InuYasha was such a pick-me-up. I bought every issue of the manga and read every bit of it, but I truly believed it to be a dead fandom because of the age. I was SO happy to discover that it's a fandom that's alive and thriving.

But more importantly, I really fell into the Sesskag ship harder than ever and I really wondered if I was alone. I was thrilled to learn that there was an entire community dedicated to my rare pair! This is such a safe and supportive community and, though I don't interact much, personally (I'm very shy, guys. Sorry if I seem stand-offish), I adore everyone here and the massive amounts of love I feel. I have seen so many people get so defensive about their ships and people can be so cruel. It's so safe here where everyone agrees to enjoy what they want to enjoy. Though there are occasions where I see hate for certain ships and/or characters, I mostly see a lot of acceptance for just about anything. And as it should be! A ship isn't hurting anyone, so don't rain on a shipper's parade just because you don't agree! I love that it's so rare to see that kind of attitude, here!

Anyway, yes! I love you, Dokuga!
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Re:I Heart Dokuga 1 Year, 1 Month ago Karma: 25
I like it because I am a very shy person in reality outside the Internet and the anonymity of the Internet is a grateful person who helps me step by step to reach out to strangers and develop relationships with them. Of course anonymity is the biggest strength of the Internet and the terrible shortcoming.

We're connected to a lot of Internet users through a huge network, and we can interact with them at any time or cut them off if we feel uncomfortable. But the fact that we are able to interact with so many people does not only have the advantage of being able to expand. It also poses the risk of an unwanted war with a group of unidentified trolls who attack and slander us without justification.

I curse anonymity when people I like(I love this amazing community and its members ) are attacked by such trolls. They are monsters who try to pass on their own problems and feelings of inferiority to innocent people. Some people urge their(trolls) victims to think about the terrible past of the trolls and the anxiety they experienced at the time.

Yeah, obviously they are pitiful. It's bad for anyone to deny it. But unless we have contributed to their misery, why should we understand them and forgive them for the sins they have already committed? This applies to fan activities as well.

All fans have the right to cheer for what they like and post their creations and claims on the Internet space. It's a constructive action to make the same fan group happy and expand and develop the group. Sometimes there are trolls that attack certain fandoms and their people because they don't suit their personal taste. They are losers. They don't stop wasting time meaninglessly, despite living a limited time just like us....How stupid.

And a ship may be a happiness and life for a fandom member, but in essence, a ship is just a ship. As Avi said earlier, a ship isn't hurting anyone. Ships exist for a harmonious pair and their fandom. It doesn't hurt others. It is not the ship itself but some of the trolls of some ships that do that ridiculous thing. It's an evil deed that can cause severe damage to other members of the ship and to the ship itself. If the user thinks they are mature, the community should not be trawling even in communities where no trolling ban is specified.

The fandom of this ship is very small in my country. I know there are some people in my country who love this ship, but most of them just love it. That enabled me to find Dokuga. If my favorite ship was popular in Korea, I wouldn't have thought of finding a foreign community.

Every moment I visit this community, I get the sense of alienation that domestic fandom loved and listened to in love with a small ship and the fatigue that I get from dealing with other fandom trolls. In fact, I spend all my free time in this community during the day. All members of the community are kind and their fan creations are beautiful. When I can't remember the title of my favorite ship's fan fiction, no one could help me sooner than the members. Nothing makes me as happy these days as many fan creations in the community, seriously.

I want you to be as happy using Dokuga as I was. I loved the ship even when I didn't know it, but it made me love the ship even more. Now I am not only a ship addict but also a fan of all the members. Come and feel the sense of belonging and affection as a member at any time. <3<3<3
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Re:I Heart Dokuga 1 Year, 1 Month ago Karma: 123
I'm so sorry you've had negative experiences in other fandoms.

I hope that you can find your way back to writing again one day!
If you want to give up writing because for whatever reason it's just not good for you anymore and you don't enjoy it any longer then that's the right decision to make! But if you're giving up something you used to enjoy because of other people that's a real shame.

I've said it before but it's still true - Dokuga feels like home to me; it's not just a fansite, it's an entire community and that is so amazing.

I've been in this fandom for a long time now and although for most of that I haven't interacted with other people all that much, I've made some very good friends along the way. This fandom was so great and supportive from the start when I first began to publish a weird little fic written in broken English back before Dokuga even existed.
It is very much thanks to the readers and reviewers and supporters I've had since the very beginning that I am still here today, writing more things this time thankfully with much better English.

SessKag fandom is just full of such warm, amazing, lovely and wonderfully weird people, not to even mention all of the super talented creators gifting us with beautiful fanwork time and time again. And I'm so grateful that we all have Dokuga to call our home.
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