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Faith_Coventry (Chapter 16) - Wed 18 Mar 2009
Oh wait.. that was chapter 16... oops. It is midnight my time and I have been awake since 5am. lol. But once again.. I love this story. Especially since for the most part you have kept the characters close to their true personalities. I love when I see that! ~Faith~

Faith_Coventry (Chapter 16) - Wed 18 Mar 2009
Oh how I hate cliff hangers! I am so looking forward to chapter 16. I have been following this one for a while now and was so glad to see it had been updated when I got my computer up and running after it decided to take a 2 month vacation on me! Thankies so much and looking forward to the next addition! ~Faith~

stars (Chapter 16) - Fri 13 Mar 2009
please updata this story I really like it.

sunset in love (Chapter 15) - Sat 28 Feb 2009

when she said "The problem is that he doesn't know any miko that will volunteer for his 'experiment', none alive, that is", does it in a way confirming that Naraku has been working with Kikyo to THAT extend? oh, my... is Kikyo the one providing the enchantment to ensure they would be kept trapped there? right now i sure hope Inuyasha would see the error, HIS GRAVE ERROR that allowed Kag be captured by Naraku, oh please, just don't make Kag suffers too much ok... btw, i really enjoy this fic and really hope to see an update soon... and thanks for the update...

GreyEcho (Chapter 15) - Sat 28 Feb 2009
Yay! >D New chapter! I think the whole sleep comfort thing is cute. :P Gah ! I can't wait till they figure a way out. :_; Poor Kagome.

MontiK (Chapter 15) - Fri 27 Feb 2009

I love your story so much! I like how you're drawing it out and its all about their time captured, alot of stories start that way but hey escape within a few chapters. Your characterization of Sesshoumaru is amazing. Can't wait to see more!


LC Rose (Chapter 15) - Fri 27 Feb 2009
I absolutely adored this chapter! You have such a great way of writing Sesshoumaru. It is always a joy to read how you have his thought processes and actions detailed. And poor Kagome... I loved the line where he told her not to yell at him, too! Tickled by Sesshoumaru fancy...

GreyEcho (Chapter 14) - Sat 07 Feb 2009
Awwwwww~! So cute!

snowbird (Chapter 14) - Fri 06 Feb 2009
I normally review on AFF but my computer has a virus so I'm on someone else's. Sesshoumaru is behaving just as I imagine he would and slowly unbending towards her. I like it best when his emotions are slow to form for her. It's more natural for his personality. I'm glad he feels responsible even though there was nothing he could do. But it will help him to unbend around her more readily as evidenced already. I just hope he doesn't put her out of his lap before she awakens. I think it will do her some good mentally to know that he of all people would do that for her. I'm eager for him to know the reason for her torture which you said would take place in the next chapter. I hope that sometime in the near future chapters that you have a plan to give his arm back. I hate that part of the anime. I never thought that he deserved to have that happen to him.

GreyEcho (Chapter 13) - Sun 25 Jan 2009
aww. i really liked this chapter. very sweet in a way.

sunset in love (Chapter 13) - Wed 21 Jan 2009
yay, glad you update, been waiting for it... but what would happen next? how will they escape from the prison, please update soon

slycats (Chapter 13) - Wed 21 Jan 2009
I'm glad to see this story updated. It is one of my favs. Well worth the wait - great chapter.

knifethrower (Chapter 13) - Wed 21 Jan 2009

Another great chapter!  I loved it!  Sess is starting to thaw out, just a little...

Sesshou's Nubia (Chapter 12) - Thu 01 Jan 2009
Hey this is great I read the version you had on Spark and it was goo but this is even better. Let Kagome show that she is alpha

GreyEcho (Chapter 12) - Wed 31 Dec 2008
Gah poor Kagome! Glade you updated I love your story! Can't wait for the next one, and to she if he helps her out or not. and now with Kikyou there hurting her soul. T_T Wow life sucks for Kagome.

knifethrower (Chapter 12) - Wed 31 Dec 2008

Poor Kagome!  I know it has to be Kikyo looking in on them in the cell.  The things Kikyo has done to Kagome, that Inuyasha was always so willing to overlook, are the biggest reason I'm a Sess/Kagome fan.  I'm so glad you updated, I love this story.

Elenna (Chapter 11) - Mon 01 Dec 2008
Please update soon...I really like how this story is developing!

Yukino Sohma (Chapter 11) - Sun 30 Nov 2008

Oh wow. This is really getting interesting. It's a new twist to Naraku's mind. If he thinks that Kagome will really be willing to let him touch her he's seriously demented. I like how Kagome is learning to slowly control her powers and even in this time of need she still can't totally control it. Its more realistic that way unlike some other fics where she suddenlly kicks eveyone's ass w/ her awe inspiring powers.  I like this plot but there were some grammer mistakes that kinda dampened the enjoyment of the fic. I look forward to ur next chapter.

Arigato87 (Chapter 11) - Sat 29 Nov 2008
I like this story:) just wanted you to know that:D

Sesshoumarus Girl (Chapter 10) - Wed 26 Nov 2008
Poor Kagome how is she going to get out of this!? YOU HAVE TO UPDATE SOON I LOVE YOUR STORY PLEASEEEE!! Hope you have a Happy Thankgiving

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