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Captured and Trapped by sweetest angel

Where am I ?

Captured and Trapped.

Hello everyone !

This story will be in two part with in part one 'Captured and trapped'. If when I will finish the first part you don't like it then, I don't know, may be I will not do a second one. They can be totally independent so don't worry ! But actually, I like the second one really more but I can't do it without the first one before ! The things that would happen in the second part depends of some events of the part 1. So...

Hope you will enjoy it !

I wanted to thank Theresa or " beagoodboysess ", for her help and beta work on this chapter. Thanks a lot!

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Chapter 1 : where am I ?


A raven-haired young woman layed there, on the cold ground. She woke up and groaned pitifully. Slowly, she opened her eyes. Everything was dark and for a moment, she couldn't see a thing. The young miko from the future tried to move and managed to remove herself from the soil. She, with some difficulties and a few tentative efforts,sat up. Where was she?


All her muscles were sore asif she had run a Marathon just a few minutes ago or something. Which she was sure, she hadn't.

She really hadno idea of what hadhappened to her or how she ended up in this poor physical condition. Nope, no idea. Kagome tried to clear her foggy mind. She hurt everywhere and had no idea where she was.

When her eyes were a little more focused and had adjusted to the dim light in there, wherever'there' was, she tried to identify this unknown point. How was she supposed to do that? She sighed. I am in some very deep shit and winced at her own thought. It seemed that she was around the foul-mouthed hanyou a little too much, and he was starting to rub off on her.Hm. Figures.If her mother or grandfather could hear her at the moment. She shivered. Better not think about it. Her mother was really sweet and kind hearted but she had an aberration for swearing. Which was funny since she love InuYasha. That must be the ears. Yes, definitely the ears.

She took a look at herself. She could see that she had some cuts here and there but nothing life-threatening. Thanks Kami. She must have been out cold for some time because when she passed her slighty shaking hands over the injuries she had on her legs, the blood was dry. However, what really made Kagome anxious was her head. Yeah, her head hurt like hell. As if a truck passed over her, at least a couple of times. Plus, she had a headache which could easily pin an elephant on his knees. All in all, it wasn't her day.

Delicately, she passed one hand through her hair and came in contact with something that felt like a bump- where she was hurting the most. She winced in pain. But there was something else. It was little sticky and moist. She brought her fingers in front of her to examine them. The 'sticky thing' was nothing else than...blood. Great. Just great. Now, she knew someone must have knocked her out and hit her. Pretty hard, she should add, if her throbbing head was any evidence. And, that someone must have put her there. Hm. Nice analysis Sherlock. Geez, she was even mocking herself, no need for InuYasha to do that it seemed. No, not at all. She sighed. But she couldn't just sit there and wait for the young hanyou to come free her. A new determination arose in her. She would show him that she was not that hopeless. Hm. Yes, she would do just that.

Even if her head hurt like hell just sitting. She felt light-head. She tried to figure out where she was. She could see a door. So she was in a cell. Ok. She looked around puzzled. But the wall didn't look like it was built but more like it was dug directly into the stone. Plus, there wasn't any other light except for the few torches on the wall, no window. At least, they were kind enough to put some light inside here... Yeah, right. Everyone believes that.

So, her cell was in a cave. Ok. But that didn't really help her situation! She sighed, again. A noise suddenly came from behind her and she froze. May be, she wasn't alone in her cell after all... What if this person wasn't a friendly fellow prisoner ? At this moment, she almost hit herself for her own stupidity. If this other person were 'hostile'; one, she should have inspected her cell as soon she woke up and two, he or she would have already attacked her. Ok, get a grip Kagome, the only way to know is to turn around and see for your self. Quite easy, right? Right. She tried desperately to reassure herself. Hm. A pitiful job, if you want my opinion.

So why aren't you moving ? A little voice in the back of her head mocked. She groaned and slowly started to turn around.

At first, she couldn't see exactly what was there. And she heard the sound again, like before. That sounded chains! Yes, the other person in the cell with her must be chained. But why was this person chained, and she wasn't ? Did they think that I'm so helpless that it wasn't even worth chaining me to prevent me from attacking the people who were currently keeping me in a moist and smelly cell ? Did they have a little conversation with her hanyou friend?! Just for thinking so lowly of her, she should purify them to Hell, and she would do that really slowly and painfully. They let me be almost free as if they thought I wasn't any more threatening than a little bunny ! Stop a second and rewind.

Wait a second, where did this 'bunny' thing came from ?!

Maybe it was due to the cave-burrow-cell thing? That must be it... That or I'm going insane or the bump on my head was worse than I had first thought. Hm. And why am I angry at not being chained like some animal ?? I should be grateful. Then, she heard the sound of moving chains again.

She looked more attentively and got back on her feet, with some difficulty because legs were shaking. But after two attempts, she succeeded. Good thing InuYasha wasn't there to see her now. She could hear him already. How pathetic and weak she was, and all ...Yeah, it was a good thing he wasn't here and now there was just the hope that he would be in the near future to get her out of this mess.

When she was more or less steady on her feet, she took some slow steps forward. Now, she could see a little more clearly and saw something silver. Her first thought : InuYasha ! However, she stopped herself when she saw white too. She gulped. No, the Kami couldn't be that cruel! This must be a really bad joke! No, I can't be alone in a cell with...Then the chained man, or youkai in this case, raised his head, and she came face to face with deep golden eyes. She "eep"-ed and fell on her butt in surprise.

Yeah, no doubt now. She was alone, in a cell, almost in the dark, alone, (she did say that already, right ?) with the most deadly and powerful youkai walking in Japan. Yep, she was doomed. Totally screwed. She tried to reassure herself with the fact that he was chained...Yeah, right. As if that was enough to calm her! She was as good as dead. That's why they hadn't chained her: because, not if, but WHEN he releases himself, that would not have been funny enough if he killed her when she was chained too. Way too easy. Not that that would have changed anything in the matter, mind you. It would end in the same way : Her. Being. Dead.

But still, it was at least the principle. Sigh.

Not wanting to stay on her butt all day in front of the ' killing perfection', she got up on her legs. A sentence was repeated time and time again in her mind : I'm not a coward, I'm not a coward...

Yep, try to convince yourself...If you can, chicken, said a little voice in the back of her head. Do you know what I am talking about? This little annoying voice in the back of your head that always seems to mock you when you are in up to your neck in shit but can never raise a finger to help you? Yeah, you see now, exactly that voice. But Kagome suffocated it.

So, slowly and as silently possible, she walked closer to him. She was crazy. Yep, definitely crazy, but she could clearly see his flowing blood, a lot of blood. Even if her little inner voice whispered to her to remember the proverb who said that an injured animal is really dangerous, and he could attack her. She didn't listen to it. What is this voice, anyway ? No answer. Hm. They must have hit her even more violently than she had thought. Maybe she was becoming insane! Too late for that. She almost chuckled at her own teasing. Yep, absolutely crazy. Hope it is not permanent. But she composed herself quickly. It wasn't the time to play around.

She turned her attention back to the chained youkai in front of her. Things were bothering her while she looked at the fallen angel. Besides the fact that someone succeeded in capturing the demon Lord of the West, what she thought was impossible, since he was the most powerful demon alive she knew something wasn't right, something had caught her eye. And that was his own eyes. They were as golden-honey as ever, as cold as ever too, but something was definitely not right. Then, it clicked in her poor troubled and injured mind. They aren't moving! He was staring right in front of him. Not really looking at her, not even blinking, as if... As if he couldn't see her!


End of the chapter 1

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