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loveless (Chapter 19) - Thu 27 Aug 2009
Finally! Another chapter. Naraku's plan failed again. He will never be able to break her. When will Sesshomaru and Kagome excape? Please update soon.

sunset in love (Chapter 19) - Thu 27 Aug 2009
oh, how i truly missed this fic... please update soon... Pretty please...

Alpine (Chapter 19) - Thu 27 Aug 2009
Love it... I sincerely hope we don't have to wait as long for another update... Thanks for the great read Hugs ^_^

stars (Chapter 19) - Thu 27 Aug 2009
please updata sooner

Sesshoumarus Girl (Chapter 18) - Sun 09 Aug 2009
Inuyasha is a baka, but it does not mater because Sesshoumaru can save Kagome hell I think he can save her in more than one way too!!! As for chapter 18 it was great I loved it your story just gets better and better!! Ho and Please Please Please Please Please Pleaseeeeee UPDATE ASAP!!!!

babyfairy (Chapter 18) - Thu 02 Jul 2009
ok i love this story. what does ja ne mean. and awesome. and last but not least please update soon. i almost died waiting for this awesome chappy. lol thanks

stars (Chapter 18) - Thu 02 Jul 2009
thanks for the updata but please updata sooner next time

miki (Chapter 18) - Wed 01 Jul 2009
still as good as ever but i really really hope for a happy ending between kagome et shessomaru ( inuyasha i don't care, if he is so stupid as to follow kikyo like that,too bad for him)

Sesshoumarus Girl (Chapter 1) - Fri 26 Jun 2009

InuLover (Chapter 17) - Tue 02 Jun 2009

It's been almost 2 months since the last update!! :(  Are you going to finish this fic, or keep us wondering??

Plz, plz, plz...update soon!!  I really hate unfinished stories.....



katie (Chapter 17) - Fri 08 May 2009
wow i like it please keep going

Sesshoumarus Girl (Chapter 17) - Wed 06 May 2009
I LOVE YOUR STORY IT IS AWESOME but I have a question is Sesshoumaru and Kagome going to go there separate ways when they get out, or would they have already grown close enough that they will want to travel together? And I was hoping that maybe kagome could some time find a way to give Sesshoumaru his arm back like sometime before they get out of there cell so we could all see Narakus and the ugly youkai reactshon and I was hoping that kagome could also find a way to get ride of her scars. What ever you do I think that as long as you continue to try your best everyone will love it! And PLEASEEE UPDATE SOON!!

GreyEcho (Chapter 17) - Tue 21 Apr 2009
GAH! And you left it there! With that line! ;_; So horrible.... XD I can't wait. No I know what you near about the escape being hard. gah! I'm excited though!

babyfairy (Chapter 17) - Sat 18 Apr 2009
Awesome story so far, but i have just one qyestion. WHY WHY WHY!!!!!!!!! DID YOu HAVE TO CUT IT OFF AT THE DANGGUM FREAKING GOOD PART!!!!!!!! OMG!!!! PLEASE UPDATE SOON!!!!!!

knifethrower (Chapter 17) - Fri 17 Apr 2009
The best chapter yet! Sess is becoming more caring, Kagome is telling him about her realtionship with her group, and they have come up with a way for Sess to escape. Once he's out, all hell will definitely break loose! Great job, I'm loving it!

sunset in love (Chapter 17) - Thu 16 Apr 2009
i really loved this fic, for few weeks i have been away on outstation that i missed chap 16, now having read both 16 and 17, i can't get enough of them. Perhaps you would update soon? it's really discouraging to have kag tortured as such, it was definitely horrifying, and i can't wait to have them out of the horrible prison, Inuyasha should be ashamed of himself, at least in this fic, welcoming a corpse while forsaking the living one, literally and figuratively! please let them escape soon, i can't bear to have kag tortured further, hell, i wouldn't be able to live it down! And when you do, please ensure that inuyasha will have the pleasure of knowing just how much tortures he had inadvertently subjected kag to, really, how much pleasure will he have by knowing that kikyou has been responsible...

Ayako Rin (Chapter 17) - Thu 16 Apr 2009

NOOOOOOOOOOOO cliffhanger!!! waaaaaaaa!!!!! Write more sooooooon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tiana+Love (Chapter 17) - Thu 16 Apr 2009

Noooooo cliffies are mean!!! Update soon please? Pretty please?? With sugar and marshmallows and candy and whip cream and cherries and sprinkles and nuts on top?????????????

BlessedEpiphany (Chapter 17) - Thu 16 Apr 2009
Ah, how slowly ice melts. I am really enjoying this story despite the extensive torture. I am anxious to see where the torture leads and what kind of scars it leaves on the two. This was another wonderful chap., well worth the wait but please update soon.

GreyEcho (Chapter 16) - Sun 05 Apr 2009
>.< ow...( to the last part.) and...Aw..he tried to calm her down. And the hug scene was amusing. Too stunned to do anything. :P

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