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Quiet Whisper (Chapter 22) - Mon 19 Apr 2010

wow this is a crazy story! Poor Kagome, that has to be so hard for her, and for everyone else to. I really hope Inuyasha gets his ass beat for being such an idiot, and I hope Sango and Miroku can work things out... and Sango seriously needs to get her head out of that hole she stuck it in. As for Kikyou and Naraku... well I hope you torture them... slowly. Anywho awesome story and I can't wait for the next update!

Hairann (Chapter 1) - Mon 15 Mar 2010

Congratulations Captured and Trapped has won third place for best darkfic in the Dokuga 4th quarter awards. You can pick up your awesomely made banner, complements of the lovely Priestess Skye, at Congrats again and keep up the amazing work :).

stars (Chapter 22) - Mon 08 Feb 2010

please updata soon

maribel mota (Chapter 22) - Mon 08 Feb 2010

ok at some point i like your story but it's getting bore with to much torture, i hope you know that is 22 chapter with the same patten so it's time to change that or i going to withdraw your story and i don't want to do that, so i hope you have me in consideration. 

GreyEcho (Chapter 22) - Mon 08 Feb 2010

O_O Poor Kagome.  Yay for help...maybe. and who saw him? Gah. Can't wait to see what happens! >.<

snowbird (Chapter 22) - Sun 07 Feb 2010

How much more are you going to inflict on her?  It doesn't seem like she can take much more without dying.  I hope it wasn't someone loyal to Naraku that saw the young boy.  I just want them to escape back to Sesshoumaru's home where they can begin healing, especially Kagome.  Not only will she have mental scars but many, many physical scars.  It sounds like Sesshoumaru would be very protective over her as she healed.

miki (Chapter 22) - Sun 07 Feb 2010

your story is wonderful so keep it going ^^ even if i hope that their torment will be over soon

GreyEcho (Chapter 21) - Thu 21 Jan 2010

haha! Miroku got to see a play boy. :P

I think Miroku's and Kagome's friendship is cute.

love you so much (Chapter 21) - Thu 21 Jan 2010

oh miroku is just hilarious! you did that part well!


so glad that you wrote another chappy!

 pls continue with more soon!!! :)

Night (Chapter 20) - Wed 20 Jan 2010

thank u for this chapter, i waonder what will happen next, getting more angsty..... will there be romance between sesshomaru and kagome? i know he is protective of her, but will they love each other? i hope u update soon.:)

monk-miko (Chapter 21) - Wed 20 Jan 2010

This is getting great.  Sango really did hurt Miroku by believing Kikyo.  It was smart of him to change his course after he left Kikyo and Inuyasha behind.  I can't wait to see what happens next in the story.  I wonder if he will figure out how Kikyo is tainted so bad with Naraku's aura.  Though I do wonder if Naraku at least thought about attacking Sesshoumaru's palace since he is not there.  Though he does seem to be more focused on Kagome then on the palace.  I can't wait to find out what is happening with Sesshoumaru and Kagome in the Northern palace with Naraku.  I hope to see another chapter very soon cause I do not think I can wait a long time to find out what will happen next.  Your doing a great job on this story as well.  Hope to see another chapter up very soon cause I really want to know what will happen next.  Keep up the great work. 

monk-miko (Chapter 20) - Sat 09 Jan 2010

I hope you update very soon.  This is getting very good.  I want to know what happens next after Kagome's torture.  Ohhh, this is a great story.  Please update soon cause I don't know how long I can wait for the next chapter to come.  It just keeps getting better and better.  Hope to see another update soon from you and great job on the story.

loveless (Chapter 20) - Fri 08 Jan 2010

Finally another update. I didnt like that Kagome was tortured like that, but it was a very well put together chapter. You always make each chapter mind-capturing. I wonder when Sesshomaru and Kagome escapes. Please update soon. Your faithful reader loveless.

Alpine (Chapter 20) - Fri 08 Jan 2010

Thanks so much for an update... I can only imagine how hard it is to write torture, but your right, it needs to be there to understand a little behind the deviant. This is a great chapter and hope that you are now better and are able to keep updates.. No matter how long though, I will await a new chapter, (hopefully with a little Sesshy in it) on pins and needles

Alpine ^_^

LM Bluejay (Chapter 20) - Fri 08 Jan 2010

It's about time you updated this! I was beginning to lose hope...great job btw, and can't wait for the next chap. ^_^

stars (Chapter 20) - Fri 08 Jan 2010

please updata

babyfairy (Chapter 20) - Fri 08 Jan 2010

yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay you finally reviewed!!!!!!! omg it was a very good chappy too. but just one thing, please please please please please please please please!!!!!!!!!! update sooner lol. thanks

babyfairy (Chapter 19) - Sat 29 Aug 2009
omfg that bastard lolz. anyway great chapter but please update sooner lolz

GreyEcho (Chapter 19) - Thu 27 Aug 2009
Nice! I can't wait to see what happens next. >.< I was so happy to see the update, it made my day er...night.

Miss.Undo (Chapter 19) - Thu 27 Aug 2009
Oh snap please update as soon as you can't I really love thing story! ")

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