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cindy (Chapter 100) - Tue 28 Jan 2014

i love tis whole thing

satuross (Chapter 77) - Sun 29 Sep 2013

WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT but he is technically only 10 years old!!!!

satuross (Chapter 66) - Sun 29 Sep 2013


satuross (Chapter 39) - Sun 29 Sep 2013

oh god i love your writings T_T'''' this is so good!

satuross (Chapter 26) - Sun 29 Sep 2013

wow. are you japanese? haha. i have no idea about these riddles

satuross (Chapter 16) - Sun 29 Sep 2013
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what is with dokuga? either way, ssmart move kagome. but i bet its too easy to know its you haha

beachvilla (Chapter 100) - Thu 26 Sep 2013

I have read this story several times. It is amazing. Thank you!

kimchi759 (Chapter 100) - Thu 01 Aug 2013
The birthday kisses...! Pardon me while I squeal. One thing that I cannot click "Favorite" wihtout saying: thank you for the amazing way you portrayed Inuyasha. Most Sesskag's end up making him into an arse or whiny brat or something equally horrible, but you made him into a respectable grown man. And somehow, you kept Sesshoumaru just as elevated and powerful without diminishing the importance of other figures and giving them spotlight time too. I've said this before, but Hisoka? LOOVE. So much love for the cat. I noticed Kikyo was conveniently left out, but it really didn't matter in the end. I do have to say I was kiinda hoping to see Kouga....but a minor disappointment in the face of the pure awesomeness this fic turned out to be!

kimchi759 (Chapter 99) - Thu 01 Aug 2013
Ahhhh! Getting an urge to pick up a pencil and draw the image of baby Sesshoumaru with grown man Sesshoumaru declaring the rote. Buut too afraid I won't do it justice. Asdfghjkkl. Loved this chapter.

kimchi759 (Chapter 97) - Thu 01 Aug 2013
Oh. My. Good. Lord. Sweet. Baby. Jesus. I was suffocating myself trying to my laughter at a minimum. 500 years later and he still wears a fundoushi. Myyy aabbbbs.....ow.

kimchi759 (Chapter 90) - Thu 01 Aug 2013
I am way too attached to Hisoka. I wish you could create a separate story based on him! <:)

kimchi759 (Chapter 77) - Thu 01 Aug 2013
?....please wait a second while I finish banging my head against this wall. Ugh. I understand he's a child and I understand he's nobility and I understand it's Sesshoumaru of all characters and all that, but my feminist inclinations are throwing a riot over here. Getting marked and claimed like an object? Meh. Leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

kimchi759 (Chapter 9) - Thu 01 Aug 2013
Despite knowing that by the end he is a full grown man-er, youkai, it still doesn't feel right pairing a seven/eight year old with a seventeen year I'm going to try my best to imagine him as a hundred year old. Even though that image comes out wrong too....hahaha. c: The good thing is, your writing and Hisoka's too true aphorisms make the borderline pedophilia totally worth it. :)

Victoria (Chapter 100) - Thu 25 Apr 2013

This was absolutely amazing.

it always kept me wondering and on my toes. you are a fantastic writer and i can not wait to read the other stories you have. keep up the good work!

Hannah (Chapter 100) - Wed 10 Apr 2013

I loved this story you did an amazing job with the twisting timelines. Most stories I have read where Kagome goes back farther in time are simple and leave a lot of questions unanswered, but you did an awesome job keeping up with everything and explaining what was going on. Thank you so much for writing this.

YangSjie (Chapter 76) - Wed 16 Jan 2013

Oh dear, what will happen now? I wonder what Sesshoumaru needed to know?

YangSjie (Chapter 75) - Wed 16 Jan 2013

Sneaky dragons. Why would you want to kill such a sweet little Sesshoumaru? Then again, he does go on to surpass his sire.. Now what will our Inu no Taishou have to say?

YangSjie (Chapter 74) - Wed 16 Jan 2013

So much going is going to happen, must read on to find out!

YangSjie (Chapter 73) - Wed 16 Jan 2013

Kagome is certainly in trouble now! Ah, Sesshoumaru is such a brave little boy <3

YangSjie (Chapter 72) - Wed 16 Jan 2013

Cats are such bright beings, aren't they? Now quickly onward!

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