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Hey howdy hey!

Name: lady_myth

Age: 20

Sign: Do not Enter

Weight: You ask one more time and I'll shove your teeth down your throat.

Favorite Saying: Normal is a Myth.

Hates: Bio Boxes

Hey, ya'll,

Glad to finally be official on this site. Plan to write a couple of stories, and see where we'll go from there.


You guys rock! Thanks so much for the reviews. You're keeping me pumped! Today, I spent the better part of my morning listening to my ipod and writing up future scenes for ZOO 155. Wait until you see what I came up with! But we're talking several chapters into the future here. Anyway, Chapter 5 may take a week or more to create, what with essays, presentations, and exams happening. I also intend it to be longer than my previous chapters, which I apologize for their briefness.

For your benefit, you can always send me a message on Single Spark, or email at my given email address! I love to chat, and any ideas or insights are welcome! If any of you are artists, I could use some help with a couple costume designs (hint, hint). I can draw, but have little patience.

Also, anyone interested in helping me decide on a website or blog or something? It'll be easier to keep track of who wants to know about updates and such.

What do you think?


HEY! I am moving to since we all know that A Single Spark is no more! WAH!!!!!! Anyway, I have the same username, and ZOO 155 is all up to date. If there is another site (other than that you think is better suited than let me know! I really don't like the layout of Dokuga, but whatever. Email me and let me know!!!!

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[Complete Chapter 5 up!] Sesshoumaru has decided to conquer one of the major issues concerning his future empire when his young ward begins a startling change. With a lot on his mind, Sesshoumaru seeks out the only person who he can think of that will aid him....and not ruin his reputation.
Rating: NC-17 - Universe: Canon - Status: Incomplete - Genre: Action/Adventure
Updated: 06-26-08 - Chapters: 6 - Reviews 71 - Words 13,231
*UPDATE* Set in modern day the great Tago Taisho is shocked to find that his heirs are in mortal danger with the development of a new weapon. The Taiyoukai has no choice but to seek out bodyguards for his sons. But what happens when those guards are three vivacious women with Attitude? Is Tago just some crafty old pervert? Check it Out!
Rating: NC-17 - Universe: Alternate - Status: Incomplete - Genre: Action/Adventure
Updated: 01-11-08 - Chapters: 6 - Reviews 30 - Words 14,854

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