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BloodyHellsAngel- Thu 17 Jul 2008
I love this story so far. Its great!

(btw, you're never going to get indents. On sites like this, it's impossible.)

Kagome-Chan- Sun 06 Jul 2008
I LUVED This Last Chapter!! I Like How Kagome Has Her Feudal Era Cloths Specaily Made! (HA!!!!) Please Update As Soon As U Can!!!! Thanks!!


danny- Thu 26 Jun 2008
another cool chapter keep up the good work and some questions if kagome has a bag of gold wouldnt that arouse some people and make them greedy and like try to find out where she got it form
second now is how will sesshoumaru take care of that problem in the story with the mix youkai and Kagome in to it

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*squee* I loved that chapter! Poignant and dramamtic but not overly so. It was just right.

Please, please update!

water block- Thu 26 Jun 2008
Oh! This fourth chapter is my favorite so far! Kagome's reaction to everything is great.

"“Are you saying that you would’ve stopped it anyway?!”

Sesshoumaru turned his head to gaze down at the infuriated girl. He let a smirk tip the corner of his lip up.

Utter indignation filled her eyes, and her clenched fists, bespoke of her wish to do him harm. He found this extremely amusing.

“You…you…are such a guy!”"

---Loved that line


“Inuyasha? Are you alive?”



Oh Kagome.

Love this story! Please update!

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I'm really enjoying this story, I hope you don't abandon it.

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water block- Wed 25 Jun 2008
I like this. It's well written from what I've read, interesting and pretty original.

One question; is the language Kagome's been training herself in English? Or is it a different language that we'll find out about later on?

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I hate you for leaving a teaser but i love you 4 it being so great! Now im going to be checking evry hour 2 c if you've updated

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You have the makings of an excellant story, just don't give up please

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Absolutely amazing, I love how Inuyasha caused the proverbial defenestration of both their metaphorical hearts. It was avery intense chapter, I'm looking forward to more.

Arcana Mortalitas- Mon 23 Jun 2008
Absolutely amazing, I love how Inuyasha caused the proverbial defenestration of both their metaphorical hearts. It was avery intense chapter, I'm looking forward to more.

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even if its the rough was niiiiiiiiiice...very much so...i hope u update soon

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Hope all is well,

Chloe Danielle- Sun 04 May 2008
This is a great story!!! I laughed so many times!!! I cannot wait until the next chapter.
Hope all is well,

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i love this first chapter it was great. going to read the rest right now

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Sesshomaru is a devious dog, isn't he.

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Alesyira- Thu 24 Apr 2008
I'm looking forward to ch.4. This has been a good story, so far. ;) Keep up the good work!

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hugs and puppies

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Hmmm.. Sesshou, I think, should pull a total Sesshoumaru, show up, pluck Kagome up out from the middle of the gang and explain (stoically) about what he needs her to do. Kagome won't be able to refuse because she's Kagome, then will talk a lot and give Sesshou a headache. To relieve himself of the headache, Sesshoumaru will return to his imported alcohol. That's the scenario I see, at least.
I like this fic, update soon please!

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Nice, and it does seem as though it is going in a different way, so good for you!


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Please update soon!!
keep the good work!!

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lady_myth- Tue 22 Jan 2008
Yes, I'm writing my own "review".....more like a comment ya'll....but in case for the whole--what's with the I/K thing?!--it's called plot people! I'm trying to make it seem as realistic as possible in this imaginary world we write about!

I've said my piece.

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iloveprettysilverhair- Tue 22 Jan 2008
First of all, even though we know this is a sess/kag fic, I LOVED the way you played out Kagome and Inuyasha's kiss. It was totally how I would picture them kissing for the 'first' time.

Now that that's done, maybe the gang gets into a battle and just as Inuyasha's about to slay the demon, Sesshoumaru does it first because he doesn't want his time wasted waiting or something?

Thank you for the shameless plug ^_^ I'm honored that you enjoy my stories enough to tell other people about them.

iloveprettysilverhair- Mon 21 Jan 2008
I definitely like it! I have seen the storyline used before, but they've all been handled differently so it's all good! I can't wait until the next chapter: the title, by the way, is really cute! (not sure if that's the best way to describe it, but I like it!)

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I'm hooked. I know this isn't a new idea - Rin's period, I mean - but it's very interesting how you tell the story. I think you should continue this. I know I would keep reading it. ^^

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I really like this please keep going with it.
you write well. one day i will strive to write more than lemons.

I do like the flow and the breaks you've used to separate the story

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Amusing! I wonder if Sesshoumaru will be interested in Kagome's books, and maybe he can teach her a thing or two of his own! haha, can't wait to see what happens.

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Well I definately liked it. I hope you continue to write it and update soon :) I have actually never read this plotline to get the two together which is weird because it would seem almost obvious after reading it. any way kuddos to you!

swasdiva- Tue 15 Jan 2008
The cataclysm of Rin's Period has been done before, but not quite with your wit and style. I wouldn't dream of throwing this fic away! Just because an idea isn't new that doesn't mean you can't make it fresh...and it looks like Kagome's just the girl to help out with freshness, isn't she? Your writing is whimsical, lyrical and well-paced, plus, you tease us with little hints of things without fully explaining them, which engages the reader. For instance, I have a guess as to what the amber liquid is lounging on Sesshoumaru's desk, but before I proclaim his destiny to reincarnate as a frat boy, perhaps twenty some-odd years after Miroku discovers Woodstock, I'll keep reading to see what you have up your sleeve. It's a great beginning, and I can't wait to read more!

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