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06/13/2012 14:19:53Re:Searching for a fic and need help.Searching for a Fic...1158
06/13/2012 11:11:05Searching for a fic and need help.Searching for a Fic...1158


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Knight of Disorder

Created On: 08/24/2012 16:16:37

Thank you for the review on His Will. I'm glad you liked it.

As a note, when you give feedback on a wall post... the person isn't notified. Just a thought to give you, I noticed that some time ago. Well any who.


Created On: 05/14/2012 11:13:30

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the first two parts of the Fuyu trilogy. They were my first attempts at writing Sess/Kag.

Feedback from Wickedone43: OMG, I didn't know this type of communication was available here. I concentrate so much on reading I pay little attention to anything else.
My apologies for not responding to this earlier.

Angelic Memories

Created On: 03/02/2010 16:13:49

YAY!!!! I am signing your wall first.
Thanks so much for the review. I am really happy that you enjoyed Numbing the Pain. This is actually one of the first reviews replies I have written in a long time, so I am even more excited than usual . Anyway, thanks again, I really appreciate the time you took to remark this story!!
Feedback from Wickedone43: Oh wow! I never looked here before until now. I am so sorry I did not respond earlier. I just now discovered this feature.
Please continue to write. You give readers like me a sense of purpose by writing. Yeah, that sounds like I have a life right?

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