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Hi my name is Ankita singh... I'm 23 yrs old n live in India..

I LOVE ANIME that is why i pursued animation

I'm a hardcore OTAKU . The main reason being Sesshomaru-sama & Kagome...

My favorite pass time is reading fan-fiction actually not pass time i leave everything else to just read fan-fictions... DOKUGA (best site that I happened to come across other than single spark) I love you the most for providing such awesome authors and artists this kind of platform... YAY I'm a happy reader I'm in HEAVEN !!! SUGOIIIIIIII

I use to read inuyasha and kago pairing fanfics and some times crossovers but for the past 9 years have devoted all my time to sessho n kag only only only and i think this will be a forever thing bcoz  now i don't want to read anything that doesn't include sessho n kago in it.

Apart from that my other hobbies are drawing (wish i could draw that good) , watching anime obviously and K-Pop I'm a hardcore EXO fan EXO-L, then Korean Drama's, Japanese -drama mostly live action movies and series of anime or anime remakes and animated movies doesn't matter if its 3d or 2d ghibli movies my favourites....


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Created On: 10/13/2014 16:58:44

I'm glad you enjoyed A Very Sesshoumaru Pregnancy! It was just a short funny story, but it went well, I think. And I'm so proud of myself for finishing this one, Ever the Lotus, and Nefarious all in one night. And in fact in about six hours time, lol!



Created On: 10/12/2014 14:58:08

Okay, so Sesshoumaru waited for one year for Kagome to return. Only one year. So Rin is still a child.

Feedback from Ankita: ^_^ thank you for clearing up the doubt

Sesshomaru's Secret Admirer

Created On: 10/07/2014 05:46:29

*sheepish grin*
Totally understand!
Feedback from Ankita: T_T YA WELL I HOPE U UPDATE SOON

Sesshomaru's Secret Admirer

Created On: 09/29/2014 22:14:18

Thank you for your review on "The Hime Tradition".
I love the question mark you placed after commenting Kagome's final words. And the fact that you pointed it out made me super duper happy! I truly appreciate the time you took to read the story this far. Hope you enjoy the future chapters as well!
Feedback from Ankita: ^_^ i m just toooo tooo much in love with this fic


Created On: 08/28/2014 13:55:48

Thank you for your review, I'm happy to hear you liked the chapter.

Sorry it took me so long to update, I lost my will to write for a bit. I promise not to give up on the story, though!
Feedback from Ankita: ? saddd T_T but it happens sometimes i just HOPE YOU FEEL MOTIVATED AND UPDATE SOON ... we'll always be waiting patiently ^_^

Moonlight Silk

Created On: 07/11/2014 13:44:32

Thanks for the review. One more chapter to go and maybe an epilogue as well.
Feedback from Ankita: ^_^ after such a longgg time I felt relief

Sesshomaru's Secret Admirer

Created On: 06/28/2014 14:44:42

I am glad that you really read another story of mine! What an honor! And I dont mind no reviews...I just wanted to know what you thought at the end Yes, the few chapters where Sesshomaru was sad...was a bit hard to write too. I am glad the Kingdom Walls was interesting enough to read through it all in one day! Thank you!

Sesshomaru's Secret Admirer

Created On: 06/27/2014 06:46:13

*smiles* Your review on "The Hime Tradition" warmed my heart, dear reader. I am so glad I could portray Kagomes beautiful heart as well as you have pointed out. I always adored Kagome and knew she could be the only one to melt Sesshomaru's heart.
I also love how you pointed out my portrayal of Sesshomarus character. I am glad I didnt go off on his character so I was happy to read your review. I must say... I am very in love with the two it is a great achievement for me to hear that you can notice my love for these two characters. Your review is highly appreciated and cherished. You have both encouraged me and recharged me to work harder in my writing. Many thanks, dear reader!
Feedback from Ankita: It is I who should be thankful ^_^ I was really overwhelmed by your story you might not believe it but I was in tears finally someone understands them n wid their words truly conveying it I have liked many ppl's portrayal but none touched my heart as urs did ... Thank you I m happy tht my words encouraged you please keep up the good work

Moonlight Silk

Created On: 04/28/2014 16:29:22

I wish that I could tell you that a happy chapter would soon be forthcoming but I cannot. You asked why he didn't tell them that he had a mate, but he did. None of that mattered, all the emperor and his co-advisers wants is a way to keep Sesshomaru tethered to them so that they can have a strong say in the politics of the west. The only way to do that is to marry the princess to the lord. Sessh sons are not of marrying age so that is not a plausible solution, and Kagome would not allow that to happen. It is a power struggle and Sessh found a way to trick them so that they sign over the kingdom to the princess. She is a woman and cannot rule so she has to pass it to her husband. It is the only way that he can guarantee success in saving his species. He would be in a position to change the laws when the time comes. I hope that helps. Thanks for the review.


Created On: 04/18/2014 10:47:28

Hi there. No worries about the timing, you still got to read to the ending right? I kind of wish I wrote more too. The other day, I realized that there were a few scenes I could have included in the story: the first vacation, the first time Sesshomaru misplaces Kagome's possessions, the first time Sesshomaru misuses household cleaners (like air fresheners- most men I know spray way too much of it) and things like that. I'm glad you liked the extra chapter- I just wanted to cover all my bases just in case. Hopefully, you'll enjoy reading my other stories as well now that this one is done

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