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07/03/2011 19:56:21Re:Sesshoumaru seduces Kagome due to a betSearching for a Fic...13366
07/03/2011 21:17:51Re:Sesshoumaru seduces Kagome due to a betSearching for a Fic...13366
07/05/2011 20:49:16Re:I really want to find this fic, plz helpSearching for a Fic...886
11/20/2011 21:44:00Re:Searching for a fic.....Searching for a Fic...2121
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05/18/2014 19:08:29Re:Fat Kagome-ficSearching for a Fic...1723

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Actually, Ever the Lotus isn't finished. There will be an epilogue to follow. But I'm glad you enjoyed the story.


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