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Hello DOKUGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Im Zyren Mercury. Im 23 and a senior in college. Some of you may have noticed its been sometime since any of my fanfics have been updated and im working on rectifying that so please bear with me.

When i first stumbled upon the Sesshomaru Kagome pairing i was already a fan of the anime and the pairing seemed rather odd but it wasnt long before i fell in love with it and began my own fiction. I sincerely hope that those of you who read my fics enjoy them as much as i enjoy writing them. And please review, there truly is no feeling greater than seeing the reviews of those who have taken then time out of your busy lives to read my work and tell me what you think of them.


Love Zyren





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"I like chocolate milk"-Cheese

I'm silly and random, and if i stay up too late its likely to get worse, hence the silliness in chat at 1am lol. love you guys!

I have three fics total.

In The Shadows of Hate - this is the one im working on the most diligently now, its my baby and i love it. Its here on Dokuga as well as FF.net.

Youkai Recovery- was the first fic i ever wrote, and i effectively wrote myself into a corner and havent worked on it for 2 freaking years! BUT- lately its been stirring in my brain, so i think it might be ready for a comeback soon. It can be found on FF.net.

Midnight Snack - the second fic i ever started. It actually began as a oneshot lemon, and the first chapter can be read as such but it did end up evolving into a story of its on. Kinda wrote myself into a corner on this one too. i mean i know exactly how its going to end, its just getting it there that seems to be a problem. It can be found on ASS.


Reviews are really nice and truly are a source of motivation, so please rate and review! Let me know what you like and dont like, detailed opinions are always welcome.


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Zyren has 2 stories

**2010 3rd Quarter Dokuga Awards-3rd Place for Best Action/Adventure** There was something about her that brought out his need to force her into submission. But every rose has its thorn and she has plenty. The darkness would soon come to light as her past is unveiled and as he forces his way into her very soul he would come to know her through the shadows of her hate. ***NEW CHAPTER UP***
Rating: MA  -  Universe: Canon  -  Status: Incomplete  -  Category: Chapter Stories  -  Created: 20 Aug 2008  -  Updated: 15 May 2015
Genre: Action, Angst, Dark, Drama, Erotica, Romance  -  Chapters: 37  -  Reviews: 201  -  Words: 87,428  -  Reads: 159,687
Who knew that Kagome liked to watch? Who could imagine the wonderful trouble it will get her in? What a naughty naughty miko. Originally done for r0o's 1st 2011 Grand GutterMarble Challenge but continued for my own smutty fun.
Rating: MA  -  Universe: Alternate  -  Status: Incomplete  -  Category: Chapter Stories  -  Created: 27 May 2011  -  Updated: 11 Apr 2014
Genre: Erotica, Humor, Kink  -  Chapters: 6  -  Reviews: 84  -  Words: 15,489  -  Reads: 47,622


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Lone saiyan woman

Created On: 06/18/2017 12:49:30

Thank you so much for your review on sugar frosted kisses. It's quite nice that people have been waiting for an update despite my laziness and absent muse. I hope I don't disappoint.


Created On: 07/30/2016 03:44:45

Thank you for your in depth review of Cold.
Some answers and discussion. This might get a little long, so sorry!

The idea of Cold came from my brain and a bit of boredom of writing fanfics in the same setting over and over. I was craving something different. The whole movie thing, I didn't really find it strange for Kagome. The dude is injured, didn't attack during the night and was home and nothing was stolen when she came back from work so I didn't think it was out of place. She has her precautions in place, she's able to defend herself so I felt she didn't have to be that weary, besides, she's been living in a rough neighborhood for a while, I can relate to that, it toughens you up over time.

Now on Sesshomaru's part, his computer system is a lot different, it was mentioned in the earlier chapter that Kagome's system was "standard". Sesshomaru's system is no where near standard, he has no reason to fear being hacked. Now the enemies that are tracking him have no clue where he is right now. It's a big planet. They're not going to make the connection that Kagome gathering medical supplies = Sesshomaru. They don't know where he is, but that doesn't mean Sesshomaru's people don't know where they are, which is why three of them were caught, not by Sesshomaru, but his men.

Of course more cannon characters will be sliding through! I'm designing them in my head so it might be a chapter or two before they show up.

Anyway, thank you for the review and the discussion/explanation, whatever this was lol! Hope you enjoy the next chapter!!!

See you soon!


Created On: 07/24/2016 21:17:49

Thank you for the review of Cold! Hope you continue to enjoy~

Crimson Rose

Created On: 06/22/2016 00:08:13

Hi! I'm a huge fan of Three's Company and all it's great smut. Please update soon! I can't wait to see what else happens.

Kaguya's Chaos

Created On: 04/30/2016 15:05:14

Thank you for reading and reviewing! To answer your question, Inu no Taisho came to see her in person and at the time she was still undecided. After talking to her mom she came to her own conclusion. However that doesn't mean Sesshomaru won't have to work for it.
Thanks again and I hope you continue to enjoy.


Created On: 10/24/2015 00:41:47


Thank you so much for reading and reviewing on Liberation! I'm so glad you liked it, sorry if I didn't warn you about the emotions! Also, congrats on making it to your senior year ( if I'm not embarrassingly late on that)



Created On: 09/07/2015 21:03:26


Thanks for your review and that error catch! I will fix it tonight. I hope you enjoy the story as it's posted!



A table away
Created On: 04/15/2015 14:32:59

I would like to thank you for your review! To answer your first question, kagome perceives what she wants to. She thinks that Sesshoumaru isn't going to leave his wife. She thinks that running away and cutting ties with him will solve her issues in the subject. Sadly though what one thinks based on emotion is more times then not, not the case. As for your second question, patience deary. Tis not fun to jump the gun :3.


Created On: 07/14/2014 14:08:08

As I've said before, Kagome only came to the Sengoku Jidai through the well with the power from the Shikon no Tama. There is no Jewel in this new world. Also since it's set while Inu no Tashio is still alive, that means that Kagome is not in this world even if she was able to travel to the past.
Thank you for reading and reviewing Two Worlds!


Created On: 07/10/2014 13:34:17

Thank you for reviewing on 'Two Worlds'. Like superly, brilliantly happy you love my fiction! Hope you enjoy the ride!

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