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Mmm. I'm Velvet. Like the red cake. I like Goblin kings and watch action movies for the scantily clad handsome heroes. Also, scatterbrained and forgetful, you have been forewarned.

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Velvet Sometimes


My Fics:

*In Progress*

~A Time to Start: Kagome doesn't realize just how much her life is going to change when she falls further back in time than she anticipated. An Art-Trade with Naomi. A series of drabbles and Oneshots.

~Dreams of a Bluer Sky: Sesshoumaru stumbles upon the miko Kagome... 100 years after she vanished with the jewel. Dokuga awards 4th Quarter 2010 Nominee for Best Drabble – Crazy

~Sacred: After the well closes and the adventure is over, Kagome’s life becomes the image of normal. That is, until it isn’t anymore. There will be a glossary of terms and links at the end of each chapter.


~Amidst the Thunder: A retelling of the Milky Way Sky-Myth. "You are a storm. You are powerful and violent and devastating. A storm should never have fallen in love with a flower."

~Help Wanted: A drabble collection of the life of Kagome Higurashi after she gets an unexpected visitor who seems hell bend on worming his way into her life.

~Tangerine Dreams: She laughed, and it bubbled up from deep within her. Soft and full and bittersweet, like tangerines. A Gift-Fic for Tangerine Dream in celebration. Dokuga awards 4th Quarter 2010 Nominee for Best Drama.

  • The Disease Kagome Has is called Cushing’s and Information on it can be found here: [Link]

~Song from a Secret Garden: "The path to hell is a treacherous one indeed, Kagome, but I have crossed it for your soul many times, and will do so many more. You never really escape me. In life, you sometimes choose another, but I always bring you back to try again." An Gift-Fic for ItsyBitsySpider (SlightlyPsychotic) from MoMo’s Christmas Exchange 2010.

~Gift of Perfection: For Forthright's Christmas Challenge on LiveJournal. Kagome is working as an assistant at an animal shelter when a dog catches her eye and her heart. Dokuga awards 4th Quarter 2010 Nominee for Best Portrayal - Kagome and Nominated for Best Completed

*In the Works*

~Assassins Requiem: After being attacked, A unlikely ally comes to Kagome’s aid.

~Misfortune: Sometimes out greatest misfortunes are blessings in disguise. A twist on the fairy tale: The Ill-Fated Princess.

~Here Be Pirates: A short, humorous, and slightly sexy tale written for Pirate Night in chat. A Collection of Drabbles.

*Gift Art*



  The Hatter Theory
  Siamese Twins
  Bird That Flies At Dawn
  Forsaken Tenshi
  Duchess Of Darkness
  Aurora Antheia Raine
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Name Entry

Created On: 07/11/2013 02:16:32

Hey Velvy. Long time no chitchat. Wanted to drop a hello. I also noticed your fan fics are gone from your profile. Was wondering what happened.

Hope your doing well.

~ Ata

Kagome Yuki Niwa

Created On: 05/09/2011 10:55:55

I don't know you really, but I know of you and I have to share this because it was SO weird. I definitely had a dream where I was in a comic book store and for SOME odd reason or another, I was browsing and found a doujinshi/comic written/drawn by you! It was SO weird. So then I spazzed out and bought it and then scanned the pages in order to show dokuga. It was just straight up odd. I can't even remember the comic but it was in nice scripted letters, "By: Velvet Sometimes". If dreams or meant to be interprested, I'm unsure of what this means. :3
Feedback from Velvet Sometimes: WOW. That's so awesome!!!
I have no idea what its supposed to mean, but that's totally awesome. Thanks for sharing it; you've made my day!


Created On: 04/15/2011 21:38:10

Awww, I heart you. lol


Created On: 04/15/2011 21:20:52

Thanks for the reviews! It totally gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling when authors I like read my story.
Feedback from Velvet Sometimes: PSH. Luna your too modest. And I practically stalk your stories you silly woman. XD


Created On: 04/13/2011 23:36:43

And imagine I will, believe me!

... BTW, every single time I see your profile picture I get the overwhelming urge to take a bite of cupcake. I love red velvet cake, and I'm on a diet, and I'm considering you a tease. lol
Feedback from Velvet Sometimes: I'm glad!
Red Velvet Cake is my favorite too, and it seems to have become a Nick-name of sorts for me around here. XD

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