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We are: Naq! And Lyra!

We procrastinate, love books, and throw pictures of beautiful men at each other and the world! Naq feasts on darkish chocolate...Lyra feasts on darker chocolate...and through the combined influence of chocolate, wine, and the occasional strawberry, we are brought down upon Dokuga from the heavens with a mighty smut-cudgel of doom!

Nothing will ever be the same again!

This account is for the purposes of joining our mighty trolling powers in the production of powerful pieces of prose, pieces so powerful that singly we could not have contemplated their fury and might!

Mostly, the might is constructed of horrible, evil, terrible, fantastic things.

The rest is pure nightmare.

Read and enjoy...if you dare! (And don't forget the eye-bleach.)

N.B.: Our lovely she-devils sona was provided by AlexanderPaupoff, a dear friend of mine who pulled through for us at the very last minute!


Who Lyra is:

From the mouth of Lyra...or rather my fingers, since typing with my lips would be hard: Ahoy! Arg, mateys, and other piratey stuff! With the power of braintwin, Naq, I come forth with all sorts of interesting stuff...and pray that none of it scars anyone for life :D

Find me at - Lyra.


Who naqaashi is:

Greetings, my fellows! I'd wave with my fingers too, but since I use only the middle finger of each hand to type with, I'd only end up flipping you all a collective pair of birds! You may already know me, and now the time has come to dread me, for with the coattails of my braintwin Lyra, I bring to you the things that lurk at the edges of your worst fantasies. And I pray...that you never recover from it. :3

Find me at - naqaashi.

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Created On: 03/03/2012 18:57:21

Hiii!! I can't wait to see what evilness abounds!!


Created On: 03/03/2012 18:56:31


Velvet Sometimes

Under your Skirts
Created On: 03/03/2012 18:55:33

MUWAHAHAHAHAHA! I got you first!!
Feedback from Siamese Twins: Yus! YOU DID! ::we dance on you::

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