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Why Has it Taken So Long for an Update to Vacation With the Boss??? (July 22, 2014)

First off, I want to say THANK YOU to all my readers who have fallen in love with this story as much as I have.

For those that have messaged me, yelled at me and beat me with the proverbial "get to it bat", and bother to check for the status of this story on this page, I'm sorry, but you will be waiting some more. Why?

As I have stated in my most recent post, I am not "back". I recently graduated with my BA and am now moving forward with my new career. I truly love writing this story, but my real life comes first. Again, I have no plans to give up on this story, but please do not expect this story to be done any time soon. I have been writing it for going on 4 years (I think) and it may be another couple years before its done. For those that have stuck with me all this time, you are amazing fans, and I love you for it. For those that don't want to stick around, I don't blame you. :)

For those that have threatened to un-favorite this story because of the slow updates - I'm sorry you feel that way, but threatening me wont make me post a chapter just so you wont leave. For those that are understanding of my reasons - Thank you.

Thank you so much for all of your encouragement. Dokuga is an amazing community, one that I am proud to be apart of, and hope to contribute more to, whether that be through writing, reading, or donating when I can.







Thank you for the Nomination!!! :)

Q & A for Vacation With the Boss

So I've been getting alot of questions in regards to Chapter 11 - Marking from Dokuga and FF. I dont usually like to give away stuff, as it will eventually be found out in future chapters. But, for the sake of several people's sanity, I will delve a bit into what happened

  • Did Kagome really mark Sesshomaru?

A: No. Granted I know since this is my fiction I could make a 'marking' custom anything I want, but I'm a believer in the most commonly accepted 'marking' in the fandom. There must be blood drawn. That doesn't mean it wasn't significant in Sesshomaru's mind. It was the meaning behind the act that got to him. I mean, come on. He may not be the hardcore Lord Sesshomaru from the past, but how many women do you think in his many, many years of living he has actually let bite him? I'll give you a hint - the number is no longer zero.

  • Will Sesshomaru tell Kagome what she almost/kind of did?

A: Uh, No. He has absolutely NO intention of EVER telling her what she did... he told me so himself... he seemed very adamant about it. I am currently placing bets, but don't let him know... I kind of like my head where it is. ;)

  • Why does he seem to be handling it so well?

A: Well, there are a few reasons. One - If you are still confused if Sesshomaru 'feels' something for his 'assistant' after all the hints throughout the story, go back and reread it. He obviously is struggling to admit things to himself and it will be a while before any sort of conscious acknowledgment happens. Second, he has been working with Kagome, building a working relationship and trust for many years now - trust is very important to the both of them, and there are still secrets to be shared. He's not going to melt her into a puddle of goo like he would if he had just met her. Last, the very last sentence in Chapter 11 kind of says it all.

  • How come they haven't just jumped each other yet?

A: One, I love torturing Sesshomaru too much. Two, they've both only very recently even hazarded looking at having feelings other than a close working relationship. I hate stories where they are jumping each other by chapter 2. Three, TENSION!!!! Tension is a wonderful thing, and personally, having them end up together too soon would be disappointing. Four, I want the story to actually have a plot and not just 'Oh, hey! You really ARE a girl.. and I'm a guy... so why haven't we done it yet'? Sorry, that just isnt my style. Lastly, I LOVE TORTURING SESSHOMARU TOO MUCH!!! :)

  • Why isn't the whole story set on the island?

A: There is this small thing called reality.  This may be fan-fiction, but it's no Disney movie (as much as I love them).  There is tons more to come, so yes, the scenery will change, there may be a bit of reverting back to old habits a bit (as expected), and there will be MUCH more torture to come in Sesshomaru's future... his mother is looking forward to this... immensely.

  • Why is the story being updated so slowly? 25 July 2015

A: As I have stated before, as much as I love to write and as excited as I am to see what happens next in the story as you are, my real life comes first. The gist of it is that I am currently transitioning to a new career. In order to change careers and be successful, I had to get my BS in my new career field and I recently graduated (Summa cum Laude!) I am not very young anymore, so this is kind of like my last "big" chance to get a long-term career going. My number one priority right now is building my career up, which so far has entailed looonnng hours and lots of brain power. This doesn't leave much in the way of motivation for writing right now.


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Naraku's curse changed the world forever. An unlikely pair holds the answer. Can a woman learn what hope is again and can a cold taiyoukai learn to love? Originally written on FF. Full summary inside. Any review is welcome. COMPLETE!
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Kagome has been working for her demanding boss for 5 years, and is in desperate need of a vacation. Sesshomaru doesn't realize how dependent on his assistant he really is until she's gone. Now, he can't get any work done. Well, he'll just have to change that, even if he has to take a vacation... *WARNING: Humor and mayhem abound. No daiyoukai were injured during the making of this story...much*
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Aimee Blue

Created On: 01/24/2013 10:27:10

Hey! I've drawn your name in the Dokuga raffle for fanfics! Is there anything you'd specifically like me to write for you? Drop me a line!
Feedback from Ladyfifi: Hi Aimee! I have to say I was a little confused at first. I haven't been to active of late on Dokuga and wasn't aware there was a raffle for the people who donated. I have to say that it is really awesome of you guys to volunteer your time and writing skills for it. I haven't really thought of anything specific that I would like you to write, but if you have a few ideas you want to throw my way, I would love to take a look at them

P.S. Loved your story, Himitsu by the way!


Created On: 09/15/2012 03:56:47

No problem at all. I don't often review (I'm a bad reader ^^ but I felt that this time I should, just to encourage you. I know the feeling, I have kept my readers waiting on several occasions. But still I have never wanted to push or force myself into writing, I do not want to give a rushed chapter to people who have been waiting for it so long. That's one of the rules I live by as a writer, so I just wanted you to know that I understand.
I know well the relief and encouragement such thoughtful reviews have on us!

It is a great story, and worth waiting and you taking your time on it.


Created On: 07/18/2012 08:19:57

Thanks for reviewing While You Still Think You Know Everything.
The scene was inspired by a similar scene from the John Wayne movie, Hondo. It was his way of teaching a boy to swim. I love Mcclitock. Mr. GW McClintock always managed to get his hat on the roof. That movie has actually inspired another plot bunny that's been nipping at me.
Feedback from Ladyfifi: Those darn plot bunnies are the devil!!! But I could most definitely see Mclintock giving ideas for a story.

Lady Lyris

Created On: 05/13/2012 22:34:08

Why have I not found such a wonderful author such as you until now? I just read your story Bring Me to Life, and it was so beautifully written that I could actually feel the emotions going on between the two. Also, I cried at the end of the story. I usually don't do that and it was kind of embarrassing. But anyway, you are such a great author and I would love to read more of your works.
Feedback from Ladyfifi: Thanks for letting me know you liked Bring Me to Life! It's nice to know that story is still read by the readers here I would dearly love to write another story and I do have another story (Vacation with the Boss) posted on this site. Unfortunately, I have been in a massive writter's stump for quite some time. Life just does that sometimes. But I DO have several other stories of similar 'intense/moodiness' like Bring Me to Life that I have started, and hopefully in the future I will be inspired to finish and share them. Again thank you very much for taking the time to write.


Created On: 02/17/2011 17:20:40

Thank you very much for your review of "And In The End." I'm not very good or comfortable at writing yet, so it means alot for you to take the time to let me know what you think. Thanks again!
Feedback from Ladyfifi: You are very welcome! For a new online poster/writer, your style is refreshing in the sense that it doesn't remind me of a young teen texting in short phrases. And, as my style leans toward descriptive scenes as well, I (of course) enjoy your story. Keep it up!


Created On: 01/28/2011 01:07:13

Thanks for reviewing Fang's Master and lol oops. I'll go correct that now. Thanks for pointing it out .
Feedback from Ladyfifi: No worries We all do it. Thanks for the story! I enjoy reading it!


Created On: 11/07/2010 17:24:45

Thanks for the review
Like I said...this story was basically made to torture Sesshomaru
I am glad you are liking the story so far, and about Inuyasha...I dont know what will happen to him for sure...something must happen for sessh/kag to get together @_@

Thanks again!


Created On: 06/29/2010 23:01:46

Thank you for reviewing Happily Ever After, Ladyfifi. I am glad you're enjoying it so far, and I definitely hope you will continue to enjoy the future chapters! I will be posting chapter 10 in approximately an hour, and I sure hope I won't disappoint with that new chapter.


Created On: 05/06/2010 07:26:00

Thank you for reviewing Rewriting History and glad you are enjoying the story so far. I'm a huge fan of Kagome going back further in times, but when I noticed they all seemed to have her meeting a younger Sesshoumaru, which of course makes sense considering the pairing, I decided I wanted to do things differently. I'm glad to see my little odd ball idea is being so well received .

Aurora Antheia Raine

Created On: 05/05/2010 23:10:10

Thank you for reviewing 1,000 Paper Cranes and also for all your suggestions on how to get my muse going again.

I don't have a "sound board," but I usually find my inspiration through music. That's why when I write, I must have music in the background. It's strange and I don't get why it works, but it does and I won't complain. lol.

I'm afraid that if I try to develop my story after I watch some movies based around my story lines, I will subconsciously adopt some concepts into said story. I hate doing that because I always try to be original. Even if it doesn't work out to be that way, I still try. lol. Like when I first started writing 1,000 Paper Cranes, like, four years ago, there wasn't a single story I knew of where Sesshoumaru's company was a music company. Now, I think I've read several of them myself and goodness knows how many are out there I don't even know about.

The third one is an idea I hadn't thought of before, so I think that may actually help me out a lot.

Lastly, I do write out an outline of sorts. The problem isn't figuring out what to do next, but how to get from my outlined Plan A to outlined Plan B. How to transition one major twist or factor into another. Filler chapters, I guess you could say.

But still, really, thank you for taking the time to review. =] I really do appreciate it.
Feedback from Ladyfifi: I completely understand. Everybody has something that works for them. Yeah "transitions" were always the things that made me shudder in high school. The teacher always grouched about mine, lol. Anyhow, good luck with the story.

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