Bring Me To Life by Ladyfifi

A Battlefield


No longer is her name Kagome; no longer is she the innocent. The past had made sure of that. Though Naraku was defeated in physical form, he assured the survival of his damned soul by dealing one final, devastating blow. Now she is cursed. She cannot die of age, but she does not live. Feared by all yet never known. She is compelled to bring death and risks all to save life. For every year she saves even one soul she loses a small piece of her own. When the final piece is lost, she will fall and the world will be cast in darkness. Only one who is willing to make the ultimate sacrifice can save her, and she has long since stopped believing that anyone could love someone as damned as her.

Bound by his honor, Sesshomaru sets out to determine if he will fullfill his ward's final request.  He does not know that his choice will forever change the world... and himself.

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha or it's characters. This is a work of fiction.

Somewhere near the border of the Western Lands

The wind howled and brought with it a biting cold as it swept through the valley, now soaked in blood. A hooded figure stood quietly at the edge of the cliff overlooking the massacre, her eyes moving impassively over the fallen from above. The tortured moans of the dying drifted to her ears. But she had long ago stopped hearing. There was no room in her for pity, no room for thought. Just doing, existing.

Her hand grasped the hilt of a long, thin sword secured at her waist, slowly pulling it from its silver and red sheath. The darkened sky did nothing to dim the shine from it's lethal edge. No. If anything the red sword seemed to glow in the gloom. A prickling sensation ran up her arm, warning her that he had arrived. This was going to hurt she thought with dark amusement as she surveyed the numerous souls trapped on the field. She watched as a black shadow made it's way to the fallen. It radiated nothing but pure evil.

For a moment she thought about walking away, of leaving those on the battlefield to their fate. But to do so would mean no soul there would ever exist again. But she was so tired, and time was running out. So much of herself was lost that only memories reminded her what it was to truly care.

And it was those memories that she once again called to her, giving her the will to save those below. Lucky bastards, she though fleetingly as she leaped into the air.


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