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Hello hello...I have decided to sign up to Dokuga after lurking around here for some time. I am known as KyuubiPandoraChan (KPC) in FF.Net and Deviantart.

What can I say, I adored this couple. They are perfect together.




I'm a typical fangirl from Malaysia who enjoy good entertainments and a good nap. Obsessed with characters with overly long hair or silver as a matter of fact. XD I'm a Biochemist currently pursuing a master degree in science. Thus, I won't be able to update anything currently but I do wish I can find the time to finish with all of my fanfic as I love to contribute to this lovely community who adores this couple.

Love to draw for the fun of having your own opinion on a piece of paper that project a certain image in your head to be viewed by yourself in the near future.

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Hobbies : Drawing, Writing fanfiction, sleep...

-Chrono Crusade
-Final Fantasy VII
-Final Fantasy IX
-Final Fantasy X
-Kingdom Hearts 
-Ranma 1/2
-Fruit Basket
-Detective Conan
-Fairy Tails
-Rave: Groove Adventure
-Spirited Away
-Princess Mononoke
-The Cat's Return

Really wanted to be stinking rich. Really wanted to sleep now...

Peace out...


...Contact me, chat with me. I love to meet new friend...


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Welcome! Welcome...There's so much space for me to write stuff here and I'm still wondering what I should put here. XD It's a challenge to pimp this page.

Well for the mean time, I have only write one story so far for Dokuga. Hope I can have more time to do more stories or better yet, finish the story I'm currently doing.




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When Kagome thought she had put her memories in the feudal era behind her, she stumbled upon a sword which was the only link to the past that she had left behind and when said sword brought someone unexpected to her, what will Kagome do?
Rating: T  -  Universe: Canon  -  Status: Incomplete  -  Category: Chapter Stories  -  Created: 07 Mar 2010  -  Updated: 11 Jul 2010
Genre: Drama, Friendship, Romance  -  Chapters: 4  -  Reviews: 15  -  Words: 4,504  -  Reads: 4,975
Human and demons have been fighting in a war for 100 hundred of years until a miko learnt that demon are not the savages they viewed them to be. Feelings developed between the two beings as they tried to bring their two world together. [Inspired by Pocahontas]
Rating: T  -  Universe: Alternate  -  Status: Incomplete  -  Category: Chapter Stories  -  Created: 21 Apr 2010  -  Updated: 21 Apr 2010
Genre: Action, Drama, Romance  -  Chapters: 1  -  Reviews: 2  -  Words: 1,179  -  Reads: 1,782
After meeting for the first time in modern time, Kagome couldn't help but make a statement on Sesshoumaru's fashion choice. [Based on Janey-Jane new fanart]
Rating: K  -  Universe: Alternate  -  Status: Complete  -  Category: Oneshots  -  Created: 24 Apr 2010  -  Updated: 24 Apr 2010
Genre: Humor  -  Chapters: 1  -  Reviews: 8  -  Words: 950  -  Reads: 7,345
[WARNING: Female!Sesshoumaru and Male!Kagome story] Sesshoumaru was to find a mate in order to secure their land but will this human proof to be more than just a pretend mate to Sesshoumaru and be something more.
Rating: MA  -  Universe: Alternate  -  Status: Incomplete  -  Category: Chapter Stories  -  Created: 15 May 2010  -  Updated: 23 Feb 2012
Genre: Drama, Erotica, Romance  -  Chapters: 7  -  Reviews: 18  -  Words: 7,672  -  Reads: 10,749
Her scents still lingered heavily in their wardrobe. As he sat inside of it, memories of her began to play out in his minds like it was just yesterday when they first met.
Rating: MA  -  Universe: Alternate  -  Status: Complete  -  Category: Oneshots  -  Created: 15 May 2010  -  Updated: 15 May 2010
Genre: Angst, Romance, Tragedy  -  Chapters: 1  -  Reviews: 1  -  Words: 3,107  -  Reads: 3,297


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Name Entry

Created On: 07/24/2012 08:51:51

Thank you for reviewing The Void: Journey to Redemption and glad you are enjoying the story. You don't have to worry, all of my stories will eventually be complete. I don't leave any unfinished .

Freya Ishtar

Created On: 09/23/2010 09:05:14
Edited By Freya Ishtar On: 09/23/2010 09:06:03

Lol- I know, I'm sorry. I meant what I'd said, I'd wanted to work on the update last week, but my kids had only just started school last week, so the free time I should have had when they were in class was completely destroyed by orientations and appointments. And then I wanted to work on it earlier this week, but my husband decided to take two sick days and he's a complete computer hog so I got nothing done. *sigh* Okay- back to working on the next chapter.


Created On: 08/17/2010 11:00:34

It's okay dearie! Work hard School's definitely more important.

I'm doing great, busy with my job hunt and updating stories here on Dokuga...and yup, the person in the picture is me! It's a studio shot for my cousin's makeup portfolio.


Created On: 08/12/2010 05:34:19

Hi there!! Thank you for the kind review on 'Shanghai'! I can't help but be reminded of Chow Yun Fat when I write the story, and I am glad you're liking it so far.

You made me go LOL at the 'furball' description!! I never knew Animax aired Inuyasha in Chinese and Singapore, Animax airs everything in English, which is good because everybody can watch it, though I don't like watching Anime in the English dubbed version. It's like watching Hong Kong drama in Chinese...they take away a lot of the touches of ground culture in the show when they do that. So I'd rather watch the Cantonese version with Chinese subtitles, like how I watch anime in Japanese or Chinese. Some jokes can never be translated fully into English, especially when they use idiomatic sayings. It's not that it's a bad thing, just that it's different.

Yeah, the idea of mixing many good stories to create a great one is a good idea! That'd be amazing to read, and I am wishing someone could take it up. It's pretty interesting to have Kagome meet the descendants of Miroku and Sango!! I can totally imagine a lecherous little boy going around groping XD


Created On: 08/10/2010 12:35:04

Hi there! Yes, I've definitely enjoyed Malacca and their delicacies tremendously. In fact, my dad is so in love with the place; he is intending to go again. You should totally go there sometime! Awww sugar cane juice goes with everything! My guilty pleasure is sugar cane juice with satay for supper. It screams calories, but who cares, really??

A Famosa is definitely worth a visit too! And the culture there is really rich and precious.

LOL I'd LOVE to see Sesshoumaru dance to Bonamana!! Imagine him wearing tight, shiny stage pants! Gosh, he'd look soooooo delicious, really! He can sing 'Sorry Sorry' forever and I'll be a very happy girl. LOL did you find the cantonese version online? I'd like to hear him speak in canto!!

Speaking of SNSD, YES! LOL I always sing 'Oh, oh oh! Oppareul Saranghae~' and the 'Run devil devil run run~' Kpop is just so awesome!!

Chinese songs are definitely good, and I really like Jacky Cheung. Even Jackie Chan is an amazing singer - he has a few classic songs which I always listen to for inspiration.

LOL my dear you're not spouting rubbish! I actually think you have amazing ideas for plots that are refreshing and different from what we usually see here on the site. It'd be great if you could write them out actually! I for one, would definitely enjoy it very very much. The idea of Spirited Away in a Sesshoumaru/Kagome version would be great! Besides, the imagery and secondary characters would be great fun to work with. The Buyo part sounds a bit like Alice in Wonderland and that's adorable!


Created On: 08/09/2010 06:06:24

I am back home in Singapore!! XD XD XD

Malacca has been AMAZING as always; the food, the people, the sights...I've had such a fantastic time! Nyonya kueh is wonderful...I had soooo many types of kueh, and I am having a hard time remembering what is what! I definitely enjoyed kueh salat and ang ku kueh.
You know, I even visited some of the old art galleries where I bought some lovely replicated postcards from the 1930s. I ate sooooo much; it is almost impossible to list them all!

I got to try the chicken rice balls, and also Lok Lok (is that how it is spelled?) where you put sticks of food into the satay gravy to cook!

Ooooh I love bulgogi as well! The marinate which the Koreans use for their meats is very flavorsome! OMG Dokuga used to make me go crazy fangirling, and now it makes me hungry to no end. What’s gonna happen to my diet is beyond me, honestly. I think the cheongsam dream might never come true! XD

Bonamana is awesome, isn’t it?? I cannot stop listening to it, and now that you’ve said it, I tried imagining Sesshoumaru singing the song and dancing to it like Super Junior does…LOL!!! OMG that’s absolutely crazy!! I haven’t heard the mesh of the Bonamana and Jonghyun’s voice yet, but oh well, anything with SuJu and Jonghyun’s gotta be good! Do you like SNSD? I will definitely check Love You to Death by KCM feat Soul Dive!! It’s going to be good, I bet! I fully agree with what you mean about those songs inspiring writing…everytime I hear a song, I picture scenes in my mind and write them into fics. Actually a lot of stories I write are inspired by songs, and most of my works are inspired by Chinese songs from the 90’s.

I think your story idea sounds lovely!! You should give it a try, my dear! I mean, it will be so cute seeing little Kagome interacting with little Sesshoumaru…I can imagine how haughty he is trying to be but yet curious and adorable at the same time. LOL. This is soooo cute~ Puppy love is the best, really! There are no complexities that come with older characters! XD I’d love to see it one day!

Sesshoumaru should always be gentlemanly…I cannot imagine him being a cheap, scheming man. It’s just too wrong.

Speaking of Natsume yuujinchou, nope I haven’t watched it. What exactly is it about? Youkai can be good as well, I always believe that!!


Created On: 08/07/2010 05:03:47

This is a short HELLO!!message from Melaka!! XD I am right here in Malaysia at the moment, and already overdosing on cendol AND chicken rice balls! Even the coconuts taste better here awesomeness!!


Created On: 08/05/2010 11:34:36

Awww that’s such a shame! It’s a pity when good food practically dies out along with the cook I used to have this old neighbor who is a true-blue Nonya from Malacca, and she made the BEST CNY goodies ever. I haven’t eaten shrimp rolls that could rival hers since she passed away, and it is such a shame. But anyway, you’ve totally gotten me craving for fried intestines! AND…I am going to Malacca on Saturday!! WOOHOO!! XD Happiness~

I understand what you said about the Koreans…it’s really tough to try to set a business up in a foreign land. And it is even tougher considering how they were trying to introduce a different form of food culture into a land which is unfamiliar with theirs. But then again, Korean food is sooooo good! I think kimchi goes very well with white rice. Thinking about bibimbap makes me hungry tooooo~ OMG there goes my diet, seriously. And I am going to Malacca. I am going to eat and eat and eat.

HAHAHAHA HIGH FIVE FOR BONAMANA!! I like Super Junior songs too, from ‘Sorry Sorry’ to ‘Bonamana’ XD But my favorite band is still SHINee…do you know them? I adore them, especially Jonghyun if you know who he is. OMG I cannot stop listening to their latest song Lucifer. It’s like, playing non-stop HAHA.

And yupp, Peony Lantern is supposed to be a Liu Jai story…you know ‘Mu Dan Deng Long’? I don’t know if the name would make sense to you in Chinese, though =)

Oh gosh, that sounds like an absolutely fantastic fanfic idea! To illustrate his history…wow. Yupp, mainland is China, so I figured there were bound to be people who believe Sesshoumaru is from the mainland indeed, considering his clothing. It will definitely be a very charming story if you decide to write it

I agree with you on the idea of a romance between a demon and a human…often in Western literature, the demon is portrayed as cruel, bloodthirsty and usually very, very lusty. LOL. Not that I dislike it, honestly. I do, to some extent, because it makes things rather interesting to read. But then again, in Asian culture, especially the folklore, the portrayal of demons is a little different. Usually, they are magical beings who attained a certain level of power after many years of cultivation and practice. Gentlemanly Sesshoumaru does fit the description, doesn’t he? I like the idea of him being a morally-upright individual! XD


Created On: 08/04/2010 12:49:41

Oh geez I still love cheesecake, so I guess it's best to not know how that slice of yummy sin came about eh?

OOOOOH fried intestine porridge!! I've had that, definitely!! It's...OUT OF THE WORLD. Who cares about grease and cholesterol when you can have that, seriously!! I'd die happy LOL. OMG you make kimchi?? That's really cool. I love kimchi and like eating it with plain rice porridge, but I have no idea how to go about making it. I have to agree with the variety of food in Malaysia...gosh, and the amazing prices too! I always go crazy with the Japanese food because it is dollar for dollar with Singapore. Like, the same thing in Singapore is SGD12 and it is still RM12 in Malaysia. I should move across the causeway, seriously.

Speaking of kimchi, my mind drifts to Korea. I love Korean food and culture, but unfortunately, do not understand the language. LOL. Do you listen to Korean pop music by any chance?

Yupp, Takahashi Rumiko definitely likes Chinese-influenced stuff! Especially in Ranma 1/2...Jusenkyo, Tianjin Chestnut martial arts, Shampoo and Cologne...LOL everything was Chinese! And the panda too. I read from Taiwan and Japan wiki that Sesshoumaru's costume was apparently inspired by mainland Chinese clothing! Since his armor is not the usual Japanese samurai armor.

I can just imagine Liu Jai series done Sess/Kag style! Maybe I might do one someday It really depends on the story, and there are SOOOOOO many to choose from. There was only one fanfic which I wrote based off a Liu Jai story, and it is here on Dokuga under the name The Peony Lantern 2010. But then again, it is in modern setting, so it feels abit different. I am sure you can do a good job if you ever decide to write one! Have faith in yourself, my dear! Your English is perfectly fine

Are you serious?? OMG that must have been one epic project!!! But I love that story, and I've watched all three productions based off it - the movie made in 1987, the drama made in 2003 and the cartoon made in 1997! XD It'd actually make a very very good Sess/Kag story!


Created On: 08/03/2010 08:22:25

I fully agree!! After I learned how to make kueh lapis from my neighbor, I NEVER made it or ate it again. Can you believe it?? I think it has to do with the amount of grease and sugar that actually go into it. Trust me, it's A LOT.

OMG you make me want to fly to Malaysia immediately!! I love our local cuisine, and I am glad you understand the Cantonese that I'm typing!! Pei dan jok is AMAZING. I overdosed on it in HongKong. I think it is very good that you can speak Cantonese! Chinese is not THAT important anyway...I barely use it in Singapore. Most people speak English anyway

JUSENKYO!!! *cackles* Takahashi Rumiko is a genius, you've gotta give it to her! Yes, Sesshoumaru does look as if he could come from somewhere in China. Maybe Shaolin. OKAY that was a joke HAHA. More like...Wudang Mountain or maybe some really old martial arts school. I totally know what you mean by Liu Jai!! It's the series of ghost stories, right? I'd die of happiness and excitement if anyone chooses to do a Sesshoumaru/Kagome adaptation of it. All the stories in there are so hauntingly beautiful and scary. I have no idea which particular Liu Jai story you're referring to you know the name? Do you know Qian Nu You Hun? It's the name in Chinese...I don't know what it is in Cantonese though. It's about a poor scholar guy who falls in love with a very beautiful female ghost. This is the link:

All the best for your exams!! I hope you ace everything!!

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