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Hellooo everyone!

I'm a girl from the beautiful city of Vancouver, BC. With beautiful sunshine hitting us once every little while, seeing sun makes me productive and happy. =)

I've just started writing seriously for the past two years or so.

I play badminton competitively so I get a chance to travel to different places around the world

Traveling and vivid dreams at night give me my inspiration.

I am also a complete sucker for romances and my favourite pairing of all time is Sesshoumaru and Kagome.

Fangirls unite! ANYWAYS, I hope you enjoy my stories. ;)


Why do I write?

Ever had this burning idea in your mind that wouldn't let you sleep, eat or do anything else properly without writing it down? Well, I have. I also have the weirdest, most cracked up and complicated dreams anyone could have and so you guys get to read it here =)

I write for my sanity but reviews won't hurt! So please feed me reviews ;)

Favourite Anime!

I have been a fangirl of Inuyasha ever since it came out about 12 years ago and stuck to it until The Final Act came out earlier this year.
Other animes that I rank among my favourites are Sailor Moon, Ranma 1/2 and Kuroshitsuji

Despite being a huge fan of the three listed above, I do not think I will be producing fanfiction for any of those wonderful worlds.

I am currently working on two stories for Inuyasha:

The Flourishing of the Sakura under an English Sun - Currently in progress - updates every Saturday

The Assassin's Moon - Currently in progress - updates every Tuesday


My account on FFN is midnight.darkztar

Come look me up!




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WHEEE!  this is my first time being nominated for an award. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO NOMINATED ME! <3



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Kagome Higurashi was the darling of the ton until she was ruined by her cousin's scandal. Fleeing to the country, she did not intend to return. Now a mature woman, she returns to London for her best friend's wedding. All eyes will be watching her.
Rating: MA  -  Universe: Alternate  -  Status: Incomplete  -  Category: Chapter Stories  -  Created: 14 Jun 2010  -  Updated: 04 Sep 2010
Genre: Humor, Romance  -  Chapters: 21  -  Reviews: 56  -  Words: 69,968  -  Reads: 41,148
The massacre of Kagome's entire family could be laid at the door of the House of Inutashio. Now a grown woman, she vows to avenge the deaths of her loved ones.
Rating: MA  -  Universe: Alternate  -  Status: Incomplete  -  Category: Chapter Stories  -  Created: 14 Jun 2010  -  Updated: 01 Sep 2010
Genre: Action, Romance  -  Chapters: 20  -  Reviews: 61  -  Words: 62,900  -  Reads: 23,331

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r0o's Kami of the Hunt, Colored
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r0o's Kami of Punishment, Colored
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Created On: 07/23/2010 02:35:22

Ooooh, tournament. Good luck!

I still didn't get to replying...I've been really lazy lately. I'll try to do it this weekend. If I don't, you're allowed to cyber slap me or something. I'm really glad you like my reviews, though! I try to make them worth reading.


Created On: 07/19/2010 04:27:29

I'm so sorry I haven't gotten back to you in ages! I'll try to catch up on reading ASAP and then give you the full reply when I make the time. I wish I could tell you I was doing something important all the time I was gone, but I really wasn't. Friend drama. Argh. I won't get into that, though. Sorry again!
Feedback from midnight_darkztar: haha. no worries. i'm in LA for a tournament right now so i cant really reply your beautifully long post right now Xd no worries!!


Created On: 07/06/2010 01:55:39

Gosh, how long has it been? So sorry! >.I still feel terrible. Lately I haven’t been going much on Dokuga at all...except yesterday when I posted something, but I only posted and that’s all I did. I need to catch up on all my online stuff. I’ve either been tired, going out or playing sims. That’s about all the excuse I have...

Anyway, Sesshoumaru literally is a sexy beast. Too funny XD
He does spend pretty much the whole manga trying to surpass his father, doesn’t he? Maybe he feels that way BECAUSE he’s more feminine looking? I mean Inupapa looks more warrior and less geisha, but Sesshoumaru is somehow hotter in my opinion...well, duh, or I wouldn’t be part of Dokuga. LOL.

I’m like that too, even if I take the languages because I didn’t master Korean or Japanese at all so I don’t always hear the correct things. Sometimes I even mishear the English phrases DX.
I think that’s where I’m at with subtitles. It’s so automatic it’s not even like reading. Just comprehending. Knowing some parts of the language also helps because you understand some implications of things that can’t be translated without like...lots of footnotes during the show. I really like knowing a character’s voice. It makes them seem more real. If you disassociate the fact that you probably heard that voice elsewhere in a different anime, that is.

I heard Reborn is good but I never tried reading it myself yet. Sometime maybe. Don’t feel like getting into another one. The last anime I watched besides the Final Act for InuYasha was 07 Ghost, which I really liked. Lots of hot men in there...so I totally know what you mean. Chapter limbo, huh? I know what you mean. Sometimes, when I really like a series and I was only exposed to the anime, I try reading the manga after. The first big chunk is pretty much the same with some alterations so I feel like nothing really happens until I get to the parts that are not in the anime, so I think the feeling might be the same. Really bad idea to read a manga right after the anime though...too repetitive and it takes forever until you reach the new stuff that makes it worth it...

Some character bashing is okay...and some are more skillful at it than others. But I don’t totally dissuade stories that have character bashing. I’ve read many really really good stories that have a lot of bashing but I don’t get too into that because the rest of the story is good, or sometimes making the character stupid is important to the plot. But thanks for the warning ^_^

I really TRY not to read a story unless it’s done, but I can’t help but start them even if they aren’t. there are many that are on permanent hiatus or are discontinued or just being updated really slow and it drives me mad. But sometimes, I think an incomplete story is worth the read even if it’ll never be finished. But that doesn’t mean I like it. Funny you mention Kuroshtsuji because that was the next anime I was planning on watching. And my favorite J-Rock band is singing one of the theme songs for the next season. I forgot if it’s the opening or ending. I think it’s the opening, though because it’s more upbeat.

Eye candy makes the world a better place. LOL. You crack me up. You sound like one of my friends. She sounds exactly like that.

I’m majoring in Asian Studies. How about you? I don’t remember if I asked you that yet or not...or if you wrote it in your profile or something...but yeah. My classes for this coming semester are looking pretty good. I just really gotta start studying my Japanese or I’m going to keel over and die in that class. My teacher is one I had before and I know he’s strict but good so I have to be on it. Which I’m definitely not right now...

You sound like me when it comes to shopping. I just bought a whole bunch of clothes which I probably don’t need, especially since I’m working on getting in shape so they might not even last that long assuming I can stay on track because they’ll be too big...i’m a big sucker for sales. Those retail people know how to draw me in, damn it.

I think my dogs wonder why I apologize profusely as well. I think they get over it way faster than I do. I think my dogs might lose weight simply because they’re not really eating that much. They really don’t like the food. I don’t feed them treats. At all. So I have no idea how they got fat in the first place

Too drunk on the dark side, huh? Interesting. I don’t think I’m very good at playing God yet, which may be one of the reasons I write so slow. Maybe I’ll get better when I do...or maybe I just never will. I think my playing God gets drained when I play sims...XD

Lady of the Mist
Created On: 07/03/2010 14:25:43

OMG! I you are on here, I found your story on FF.net and you are a fellow Canadian! I like you even more! I'm going to add you as a friend if that is alright.
Feedback from midnight_darkztar: and thats more than fine! i only use dokuga to post up chapters/reply messages so i'm still a little fuzzy with the friend tab thing works XD


Created On: 06/28/2010 02:48:21
Edited By Ruriame On: 06/28/2010 02:48:34

Sorry for the late reply. I was busier than I expected this weekend. Well, maybe busy isn’t the right word. It’s mostly that I was tired. It must be catching up with me.

Hair flip was totally awesome. LOL. It was interesting to see because I remember practically drooling over Sesshoumaru when he made his first appearance. I had heard things about InuYasha characters before I’d watched everything and many people fangirled over Sesshoumaru. So I was like, who is this guy and why does everyone love him so much. I got my answer pretty fast.

I know about DBSK. They never really caught my attention, but then again, I admit that I have been pretty biased against them, though. Japanese songs are like that too, though. Japanese English phrase here and then Japanese again and maybe one English word...I got used to it. Sometimes I comprehend whole sentences without remembering what was in English and what wasn’t. Like how when I watch a lot of Japanese or Korean shows with subtitles and I get so used to it that it doesn’t even feel like I’m watching with subtitles anymore.

You kept bugging your friend to keep track of the episodes? Funny XD. Kikyou was less bitchy in the manga? Interesting. I keep telling myself that I should read the manga, but I keep stalling because I actually wanted to try reading it in Japanese...which is why it’s being put off even more. I wanted to buy the whole series in Japanese because the manga is way cheaper in the original Japanese and even cheaper if it’s used, but yeah...obviously that hasn’t happened yet...I think I liked Kagura in my own way as well. There are stories that have character bashing and I’m not usually too into that, but some people CAN pull it off, I suppose. It has just never been my type of thing to read.

If I ever feel really inspired, I think I may join the guild. It’s a nice idea because there are many people starving for reviews that just don’t get any. Goes to show how nice this fanom is, particularly Dokuga. It feels like everyone looks out for each other, even in small ways.

The hot people thing works sometimes, but it never has a lasting effect, unfortunately. Only short-term goals. Long-term ones, not so much because I feel stupid and shallow and ridiculous after a while. I think you get the picture.

I was SO HAPPY when I got that class. Some of the classes I need for my major are only offered in the Fall semester so that makes it a pain in the ass to sign up for classes sometimes. I also have a lot of general requirements I didn’t get rid of yet, so I have to work on those as well...

I want to go to a park, but it doesn’t work because I can’t let them off leash because I don’t think they’ll come back. They’re not very well-trained dogs. I love them and they’re cute, but they’re really not trained. And that’s totally my fault. I DO need to go shopping. But I need to learn more control. I never intend to buy things when I go to the mall, excluding food, but I always ending up spending the most. It’s terrible. I think I’m a closet shopaholic.

Dogpancake is definitely traumatizing. Especially since there were a few occasions in the past when I stepped on my dogs’ feet or something. I have bad balance, you see and sometimes I think they forget that...but I still feel bad. My poor puppies who are actually not puppies anymore but I still call them that anyway...they’re actually 5-6lbs overweight. The vet just told us so. Now they gotta go on a diet. They’re not going to like that...

Authors do play God. But at least most of the ones I’ve been exposed to as good at it.

300 notifications? Holy crap.


Created On: 06/25/2010 02:40:56

I was listening to the languages, I really was, but I was cracking up over how he flipped his hair before he started walking since it was the same scene every single time. And I like how the Japanese was last because it was the BEST!

I like the way sounds come out in Japanese. Korean comes out really smooth in songs for some reason, although I think the pronunciation is harder when speaking. I like the way Japanese and Korean people say English words too and how it’s become part of their vocab. It makes sense to me now that I have a general knowledge of how the languages work. It makes it easier to understand their accents when people from those countries try to speak English as well.

My favorite episodes...that’s a hard one. Sesshoumaru episodes are a given, like the one in the newer season that follows the manga where he goes to the Underworld to get Rin back. One thing I remember is that the part with the guy who made these peaches shaped like human heads was FREAKY. And they had TWO episodes for that one. The first episode of InuYasha I ever saw was the one where Kikyou first gets the shinidamachu and has that moment with InuYasha when he can’t see Kagome tied to the tree. I like the one where Kagura dies not because I hated her, because I didn’t, but because you see another side of Sesshoumaru. There are really a lot of episodes I liked. I feel like I have to watch the whole series again just to take notes on all the ones that I REALLY liked. There were some episodes that I wasn’t too fond of, but yeah...

I have a hard time when people ask me for reviews because I want to be honest first, but I don’t want to hurt their feelings...especially if they go out of their way and ask me. It’s a hard thing to balance. I wanted to join the Dokuga Reviewer’s Guild where people would go and review stories that have little to no reviews on them, but I found I probably wouldn’t be good because I have a hard time finding good things to say about stories if I find that they really aren’t that great. And then I feel like a horrible person because my stories aren’t that great either...

I have been trying to use that incentive. I love Korean and Japanese traditional culture as well as modern pop culture, but it hasn’t been motivating me lately. The reasons almost feel shallow sometimes. But I listen to my Korean and Japanese music when I exercise.

I actually have been checking back on the registration site every so often because some people drop classes I wanted, etc. I actually just picked up a class today that I’ve been stalking for a month or so. Success! I got in too!

This weekend I’m not doing anything with friends, but the next two weekends I am. So I do get some breaks, but the breaks aren’t exceptionally long. I live in a city place, so outdoors is kind of difficult. Unless it’s the beach, which I don’t really go to. I need to buy swimwear the next time I go shopping...

It IS hard to have two dogs. We originally were going to have one, but she was such a weeny that we felt bad leaving her alone and decided to get another one to keep her company. I don’t think it was the best idea in the world, but I’m not attached to my dogs and don’t even want to think about what it would be like if we didn’t have my boy dog as well. I think they’re both over 30lbs. Big dogs must be fun too. My dogs are in between big and small. All the dogs in my neighborhood are small, so they seem big when I run into the other dogs. Not wanting a dog pancake is a legitimate fear. I have actually heard it happen before...

Trashy isn’t a nice word...I like all kinda of books. I think I prefer a little bit of everything, though. All the stories need a romance in it, but I like constructed worlds because sometimes they are really fascinating. I agree with FB and forums. I check FB every to make sure I DON’T get flooded.

Is it just me, or are our wall comments getting longer? I feel like my profile got more views simply because we do this pretty much every day. Haha.


Created On: 06/24/2010 03:29:54
Edited By Ruriame On: 06/24/2010 03:30:12

I occasionally try to torment myself by trying to watch some clips of English dubbing just to see how long I can tolerate it. David Kaye wasn’t too bad as Sesshoumaru. Still prefer the original Japanese voice, though. I find it sexier XD, which of course is good when concerning Sesshoumaru. I’ll try look into again. When I feel like rewatching some parts of InuYasha. I might, though, because I think re-watching parts, if not the whole series would definitely help with details when trying to write canon stories. I’ve always been more of a fan of canon, but there are some stories that I read AU, but they have to be able to draw me in (like your stories ). I admit that I’m biased when it comes to that. I’ve been trying more AU stories, though, because I’ve been reading a lot of good ones lately.

I really don’t mind. Especially since I know it bothers you, so telling you little errors could only help you. I hesitate to tell some people other times because I feel like they may be somewhat offended or maybe they don’t want to call those things to attention and are too lazy to fix it or something...

I really like Japanese and Korean. It has become a life goal to be fluent in both so that I would be able to live in both countries for at least a while. “have knowledge of” sounds like a useful phrase. I should find a way to use it.

I registered for my courses. I have to really early. I think I registered in early May. It’s a pain to have to try and plan your schedule when the semester still isn’t over yet in my opinion, but we have to do it anyway. I am pretty busy, at least in the sense that I feel like I’m doing something every day, even though I’m basically doing the same things every day. The weekends aren’t even really much of a break sadly.

I have two dogs. They’re mixed in breed but they’re from the same litter. I think they’re about two years old. The girl is definitely a princess sometimes (she sleeps on pillows like an extra bed!) and the boy really needs to learn how to stop licking me, but they’re adorable. And white and fluffy and somewhat cuddly. They totally think they’re human. They steal my bed and sometimes take up more space on it than I do. it isn’t right! They’re so much smaller than I am! LOL.

I think the chair is the best idea. But moving it with you could be problematic...although I don’t suppose you’d be intending to move much when you’re on the computer. I know I don’t.

Comparing it to physical attraction is actually an interesting thing to do. because everyone has different tastes and sometimes have inexplicable reasons behind it. I like forums when I keep up with them and know the people and know what’s going on, but it’s very time consuming and I really don’t have the time for it even though many people on Dokuga are just wonderful.

Oooh, sounds fun. And ike a lot of work. Don’t get too confused now! You still have other stories to finish! Haha =P


Created On: 06/24/2010 03:10:49

AM: Yeah, he would deserve it. And Kagome would be just the one to do it. Haha!

TFOTS: Mama Higurashi was so ladylike. I could just imagine her looking disdainfully around the room and then ordering the servants in a nice but stern fashion and then gracefully walking away like it was nothing. It was a very funny image XD


Created On: 06/24/2010 02:29:44

I agree with you, completely. I admit that I’m spoiled with original Japanese language and English subtitles. I can’t watch English dubbing AT ALL. But Sesshoumaru’s voice actors in the Japanese is actually one of my favorite ones. I hadn’t realized until I looked it up that he voiced several other characters from different animes that I really liked. I never really thought about comparing the Final Act with the original series. Now I feel like I should. Especially since Sesshoumaru doesn’t seem to have gotten hotter in your opinion.

I’ll look out for typos for sure! I’ll try to let you know. You never really have anything that stands out, so I may miss them, but if I ever see any I’ll tell you. Especially since you asked so nicely . I do speak/write/read any other languages. That is, if you count learning languages as being able to do all of the above. I’m taking two languages in school right now, Japanese and Korean. How about you?

I work at an on-campus job at my university. It’s office work. Very busy right now, though. I really want to study my languages, but I’m really too exhausted when I get home because I walk my dogs, work out and then eat dinner. The rest of the evening I check Dokuga and kinda float around before showering and sleeping. You’re lucky about the Wifi. Ours is SUPER SLOW. It’s ridiculous to try to get anything done.

Haha. I bet they would. How were you planning on making it stick on your head, anyway? It’s kind of difficult, right? Tape wouldn’t work so well. A hair clip? That would get it all scrunched up...

That’s good, I’m glad I’m not imagining things. Haha. What I like about reading is that it’s your own experience for everyone. The story is completely the author’s genius, but how people interpret it and how it affects them is entirely up to the person. People can assign meanings based on their own experiences, which I think is great although somewhat confusing sometimes when you try and compare notes just for the purpose of discussing it (like on forums).

Good luck with that third piece! I’ll look forward to it when it comes out


Created On: 06/22/2010 02:02:15

Yeah, the storyline in the manga is always better and usually the artwork is too, but the animes are better for watching the action and making it come alive (and I might actually like the animation style a little more than the original manga style. Just a teeny bit. They look younger in the manga than they do in the anime). I love watching anime because they usually choose really good voice actors, as well. I was so happy that I didn’t have to wait long for all the episodes of the Final Act. I felt kinda spoiled, actually.

English is SO complicated. I’m kinda glad I learned it first because learning it as a second language has to be really hard. Sometimes I know rules and I have no idea why they are the way they are. I don’t think I ever formally went through grammar except in English classes in middle school and high school. Usually it involved more complex things like how to write poetry or thinking about genre, not as much full on composition writing. Typos bother me moderately a lot. It mostly depends on my mood and if it’s a pet peeve. I have a few grammar pet peeves that will bother me no matter what. When I’m in a bad mood, every single error I see bothers me. If I’m in a decent mood, I stare at typos I can spot for a while and then usually shrug and more on.

I’m on summer break too. But I’m working full-time at my student job during the summer so I’m only really free at night and on weekends. I checked Dokuga so often when school was in session. I doubt that’ll be changing any time soon, especially when the semester starts again.

If you drive, you get the most say in everything, right? XD

Maybe you should. No one ever really pops in my room so I have nothing to worry about.

I actually noticed that, about the day/night toggle you did, but I thought I was reading too much into it. I tend to do that sometimes, putting meaning into things that aren’t really there...

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